Zenni Optical Review

How about Zenni Optical? The optical problems of the world need some serious solution for sure and that is only possible with the right kind of research and work in this field.

The protection of the eyes is very important because without the eyes we cannot look for anything in the world and it may seem colorless to us.

Zenni Optical

Zenni Optical

The protection and keeping in mind the overall look of the customer, different services are introduced all over the world.

Zenni is one such name which is working to provide the best kind of optics to the customers since 2003 and committed to excellence by all means.

Zenni Optical was founded by two scientists who had the aim to eradicate the quality issues from the optics world and so far they made huge success by providing the right things to the customers.

They make sure that the customer can get the right pair of optics that too with a low price and look handsome in them.

Zenni Optical was started from San Francisco at that time and now is expanded a lot.

The thinking started by Zenni Optical was favored by some of the tech savvy and that is what derived them even further in the market.

The aim of Zenni Optical

Every company in the world aim for the best quality and high expectations from their customers but there are few who actually attain their aim within a very short span of time.

The good thing is that they believe in service more than earning the profit and that is what makes them the best.

The aim of Zenni Optical from the very start was crystal and clear, they wanted to present the affordable optical solutions to the customers and make sure that they look like million dollar products.

The company did not invest a lot in the start and started at a small scale but they had the right kind of big ideas which helped them grow immensely.

Within a few months of the launch of their product, they were viral all over the place. All the people related to the fashion industry, the moms at home and customers from all over the places found them very economical and the trendy and advance look to the optics gave them huge start.

The right start helped Zenni Optical to develop themselves as an industry leader and they started their online portal as well to assist the customers all over the world.

In short, Zenni Optical can be called the online prescription eyeglasses with the best possible rates for all the customers.

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Principles of Zenni Optical

Some principles were kept in mind while the developers started this project and they have worked according to that from the very start.

The first thing was the affordability; they wanted to make the optics which is easily afforded by all the people over the world.

The quality was the other issue which they worked on from the very start and made sure that the optics is of high quality too.

The user can easily order the optics of their own choice from their support, the interface as made very to ensure the ease for the customers.

All such services mainly rely on the customer support they provide to the users and that is where they outclassed all the competitors by providing the right kind of support to their customers to ensure the quality and reliability of their product.

The experience of shopping with them is totally safe as well and they keep a good check on the quality of the product to make sure that it is not manipulated in any possible way.

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How to start at Zenni Optical?

Due to the easy interface introduced by Zenni Optical, it is very easy to start with them.

The first thing is your ID for sure. After logging in to the account, you need to provide them your pupillary distance which is used by such companies to make your glasses.

In case, you don’t have your pupillary distance, they have a dedicated page which can help you measure the PD to get started with the Zenni Optical.

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The virtual tool of Zenni Optical

Zenni Optical also has a virtual tool for the customers which help them see how they will look in those particular glasses.

Use the virtual tool of Zenni Optical to see the 180 degrees of the glasses on your face. This can help you get the perfect glasses for yourself and look handsome.

The next thing is to browse the right product for you from the wide range of the choices given to the customers.

They have dedicated sections for the women, kinds, men and few other featured pages which can be used to get your perfect optics.

You can use different filters provided by them to ensure that you get the results as per your choices.

The good thing is that all the glasses of Zenni Optical include single vision lens, an anti-scratch coating that too for a free and hard case with the UV protection.

The cleaning cloth is obviously added in the Zenni Optical products. These are some of the things which are just inserted to make sure that the customer doesn’t find any problem after buying the product.

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Prescription at Zenni Optical

The prescription is very important for ordering anything from the Zenni Optical. Make sure you have the right prescription when you order something from the Zenni Optical.

You need to provide them the prescription to complete your order.

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Customer care at Zenni Optical

The customer care is an important thing and they give a lot of value to the customers by providing them support at the right time.

You can call them for different queries at the number given below.

(800) 211-2105

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Production story of Zenni Optical

Every company in the world has a story behind it which inspired it to become something which it is today and that is what happened with the Zenni Optical as well.

The good thing about the production of Zenni Optical is that they are using the up to date manufacturing process to produce the optics.

All the optics are custom made in the production centers of the Zenni Optical using the state of the art materials.

They are delivered to the customers from the factory with great care.

The good thing is there is no involvement of any middle man in between and you can directly order from Zenni Optical.

The prices of Zenni Optical are something liked by the users, they know they can easily trust them for the quality by having the reliability at the same time.

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Order online from Zenni Optical

The good thing is that you don’t need to visit their stores in physical rather get the products from them by ordering right from your home.

They keep in mind the comfort of the user and don’t drag them out to their stores.

People visit their official portal on a daily base and check from the wide range of frames and optics displayed over there and then select on the basis of their own choice.

When the orders are confirmed, they are sent to their factory directly where the work starts on it immediately to make sure that the product is delivered to the customer on time.

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Best manufacturing by Zenni Optical

Zenni Optical makes the best thing by keeping in mind the price tag of the product. They are not working like other traditional companies and using the old ways to manufacture the optics.

They use the modern techniques and own a plan of the optics themselves from where this all is sent to the customers.

They have their own edging labs just for the assistance of the customer. These labs are there to make sure everything sent to the customers is prepared at their own facility.

Nothing is ordered from other manufacturers, these techniques are used by few other online players but the risk of quality is involved in this thing and that is why Zenni Optical choose to manufacture everything at their own facility.

A special quality control team is also present at the factory to ensure that the products are of high quality and can meet the needs of the customers.

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Designs of Zenni Optical

The designs and frame production is another important thing which is covered by Zenni Optical.

The simple sheets of the frames are converted into attractive frames using the right kind of technology. They have lightweight, flexible and fashion-forward material to ensure that every made is of high quality and right design.

The designs are made using CAD software. The frames are not going through a single process, rather they are then sent to the CNC machines for even better-finishing touch.

The good polish of the frames at the end does the rest and make sure that they are having the right kind of shine to attract the optics from a far area.

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Labs of Zenni Optical

The company has its own prescription labs which are equipped with the most advanced technology in the world just for the benefit of the customers.

The machinery supplied to these labs is from Satislosh and Schneider which are the two leaders of the equipment’s when it comes to the lab stuff in the world.

The complete prescription related things are handled by the Rx labs of the Zenni Optical. It also handles all the complete progressive digital surfaces of the optics.

These surfaces are not prepared manually; rather special programs are used to create these digital surfaces.

The hard coating of the optics is also prepared by the Rx labs of the company. It also prepares the anti-reflective coating using the clean and designated rooms to ensure complete hygiene.

The lens tinting at the end is also performed in these rooms.

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Edging labs of Zenni Optical

The edging of the optics is very important and plays an important role in the overall look of the optics. They have their own dedicated edging labs.

The correct surfaces of the optics can only be created using the advance edging labs of the company.

The state of the art machinery used at the facility of Zenni Optical ensures that all the edges are as per the measurements provided by the customer.

They keep in mind the segment height and the pupillary distance of the lens. The final assembly of the product is also done at the edging labs of the Zenni Optical.

They give the right shape to the glasses before the quality check of the products.

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Quality inspection of Zenni Optical

The quality inspection is an important thing and they give due importance to it. Each and every product of the Zenni Optical is tested and inspected before delivering it to the customers.

There are several stages of quality control at the checkpoints of the Zenni Optical. Both the labs of the Zenni Optical check them in different layers to ensure that each and everything is as per the instruction of the customer.

The scoping and the surface generation is also checked in different steps to ensure that the tinting steps and the coating is in the fine condition.

Then there is a final check on the quality of the product which checks all the defects in the product and makes sure that the original order and the final product is the same.

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Shop by face at Zenni Optical

They assist and guide you in the best possible way to make sure that the product is liked by the customer.

Keeping this thing in mind, they introduced a system in which they help you to adjust the optics on your face as per the shape of your face.

Different guides and videos are present online to ensure that all the optics are completely fine over the face of the customers.

This is a really advanced feature and liked by the customers because then they are not worried whether they will look good in the product or not. They have already tested that and as a result, ordered the product from the company.

This virtual reality feature is not available on most of the other retailers one can only adjust glasses when they visit them in person or any other store nearby them.

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Shipping at Zenni Optical

After the manufacturing and the quality checks, the products are now ready for the shipping to the customers. All the customers of Zenni Optical praise the strong quality control system of the company.

The final products are then packed in special cases with very care. A complimentary lens cloth is also added in the case of the product.

At average more than 7,000 pairs are sent out on a daily bases using different mailing services to the customers.

They are currently supplying products to more than 80 countries in the world and the figure is continuously going high.

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Delivery time Zenni Optical

This mostly depends on the mailing services available in your area and at average just 2 weeks is enough to deliver the product all over the world.

You can easily get the product within the 2 months of the ordering of the product.

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Zenni Optical is the right choice for all the people out there who are looking for the right manufacturer for the optics.

Eyes are an important part of the human body and taking care of it is very important.

The good thing about Zenni Optical is that they are not only taking care of the eyes but giving you the right kind of frame to look good in the frame they offer.

They are using a dedicated facility to prepare the orders of the customers, unlike others which buys the order from other manufacturers.

The strong quality check at their products ensures that no defective order is delivered to the customer no matter whatever the problem is.

You can trust them for the quality of the product and they will prepare the order using the right prescription and the sizes given by you at the time of placing the order.

They are the first choice of a lot of people all over the world just because of their strong check on the products and the quality ensured by them.

The customer support is also very effective and makes sure that all the customers are completely satisfied with the products of the company.

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Your say

If you are using the optics, you must know what all is important when it comes to the optics and what all is needed for the safety of the optics.

Do you think they are taking the right steps to ensure the quality and the right kind of optics for the customers?

Have you experienced any of their optics before? If yes how was your experience with them? Do share your views about the order.

If you think some other online company is even better than them when it comes to the production quality and customer satisfaction, do mention them below.

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