Wikibuy Review

The world is quietly shifting from offline shopping to online shopping and people are enjoying this new change.

There are many reasons for the happiness of the people because they can easily get whatever they want right in their home.

We get plenty of options as well while shopping online and that is the most beautiful thing about the option.

Whenever someone is shopping online, they have plenty of options in their mind but everyone is looking for the best and the most reliable option.



We come across the different type of things, some of them are extremely expensive and everyone cannot afford them but at the same time, there are few cheap options which can be used by everyone.

Amazon is the first choice of most of the people out there looking for online shopping because they provide the best service in the world so far.

However today we are not going to talk about Amazon but we are going to talk about WikiBuy.

This is actually an extension for Chrome and iPhone and helps the customers save their time and money at the same time.

We are expecting the extension for Microsoft Edge in the coming days.

What does it do?

We told you right in the beginning that this extension can be very helpful for the people looking to shop online.

For example, you are browsing a product on Amazon; Wikibuy will evaluate all the available sellers and then give you some other options as well which are available on other platforms.

Who don’t love the savings? Wikibuy shows all the coupons and discount vouchers as well to the customers that too of all the websites having that particular product.

After analyzing all the products which it showed you, it will also notify the customers about the perfect product and offers you a guarantee for it.

The complete offer showed by Wikibuy also includes the total price of the product and the date on which it will be delivered to you.

The best part is yet to come, if you select their product, they will show you the active coupons for the product at the time of the checkout.

Now the role of Wikibuy starts if you like the product you can buy it through them and they will make sure that product is delivered to you right on time.

It is different.

Wikibuy is very different from all other websites and retailers in the world.

When you are using Wikibuy you don’t have to ask the seller again and again for the delivery and other discounts because they will make sure that you get the best offer.

One more thing about Wikibuy is that the products bought through Wikibuy have a 100% money guarantee as well. If the product is different from what was shown return it and get a full refund from them.

The risk is not there for the buyer here rather Wikibuy is taking the risk for you because they know they have selected the right product for you.

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Easy to sign-up

The next wise decision by an online shopper would be to become a permanent part of Wikibuy and that can be done by signing up for Wikibuy.

The process is very simple and easy for all the customers.

All you need is to visit the official portal of Wikibuy and click on the link of “Get Wikibuy”.

They will show you a box similar to other sign-up sites which require your email and then you have to create a password for your account with Wikibuy.

Make sure that you also provide your zip code at the time of the registration because that is how Wikibuy is going to determine the delivery charges and the time of the delivery of the product.

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It saves time.

We all know that time is money and the good thing about this extension is that it saves a lot of time for the people who love to shop online.

People not using Wikibuy have to hunt for the best coupons for hours and then select a suitable product for them.

The worst thing is that sometimes they come across the coupons which are already expired, how one feels when they browsed a coupon for hours and it’s already expired.

Wikibuy is here with the best and the most advanced algorithm when it comes to shopping for the people.

See the best coupons and as Wikibuy shows you select the most suitable for your product and buy it, simple.

Wikibuy is the best place for the people who look for discount shopping and want to save their time as well.

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Thriving for excellence

Wikibuy is continually updating the extension and working day and night to make sure that their customers get the best service in the world when it comes to shopping.

If you are already using the extension but the old one do shift yourself to the new one and enjoy all the perks offered by the new advanced extension of Wikibuy.

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Wikibuy got your back

Wikibuy is not limited for a specific gender or age rather they have a diversified network which can easily facilitate people from all walks of life.

In short, we can say that they are standing behind you when it comes to online discount shopping.

The most prominent thing which separates it from the others is that it is completely free for all the customers but still providing the best offers to the customers.

There are a lot of people out there who prefer Wikibuy to get the cheapest products for them.

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Lightning fast

Free and fast as well? Yes, you read right, Wikibuy is free but lightning fast as well. It will show you the best offers and the coupons related to it within a few seconds.

Wikibuy will make sure that the complete process of shopping becomes easier for their customers.

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User reviews

Well, the review about any extension tells a lot about it and most of the people using this extension are in love with it.

The interface of the extension is very simple and easy to understand for all the users.

There are a lot of reviews on the chrome store and the average rating for the extension is 4.5 stars which mean the users are very much satisfied with the extension.

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Wikibuy is a scam?

There are a lot of people spreading rumors about Wikibuy that it is a scam. Wikibuy is not a scam at all. You can see that it also contains an SSL certificate which means your complete information is safe and encrypted by the extension.

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Usage of extension

The usage of the extension is very simple as we mentioned earlier as well.

After installing the extension all you need is to click in the extension and it will show you the best deals out there for that particular product with some coupons and discount vouchers as well.

Another good thing about Wikibuy is that when it finds a coupon for the product you are searching, it automatically inserts that coupon into the given field.

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Advantages of Wikibuy

There are a lot of good things in this extension but we are going to tell you the best and the most important advantages of this extension for the online shoppers.

The interface of the extension is very simple and easy to use for all the users. They don’t have to look for manuals and tutorials to learn the use of this extension.

The working of the extension is so good that it can help you save some money without taking anything from you. The effort in the whole process is also very small and the results are amazing.

You can compare and see all the items when using this extension and get the best price at the end.

There are some competing extensions as well but when we compare it with this one, it helps you find a lot more coupons than those sites.

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Obviously, nothing is perfect in this world and always there is some room of improvement for each and everything.

The first thing on which the developers need to work is that the extension is not available in most of the web browsers when we compare it with its competitors.

They have a price comparing feature in the extension but some users reviewed and said that the price comparison is sometimes wrong in this extension.

They need to make it more accurate for the ease of the users.

Some users also say that when this extension is not having any coupons, it looks more like wastage of time for the people.

They don’t think there is any other use of the extension except for searching the coupon codes.

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Where all it is working?

Currently, this extension is working on the major web browsers but not on all available browsers.

You can use it on the most famous search engines like Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox.

They have an app for the iPhone users and the good thing about that app is that it is using the augmented reality feature.

This feature enables the app to show you the appliances used in the kitchen in augmented reality.

It shows you how those things will fit and work in your home. This is quite a pro feature and people enjoy using this feature of the Wikibuy.

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Attach credit card

You can also attach your credit card with the extension; it will enable you to earn credits from Wikibuy.

These credits are given to those customers who are buying from the locally attached merchandise.

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How to install Wikibuy?

The installation process of the Wikibuy is very simple and clear yet we are going to show you the complete process to make sure that you don’t find any problem at all.

Make sure that you are using the latest version of your browser because it may not support an old version of the browser.

Follow these basic steps and install the Wikibuy extension in your browser.

  • The first thing is that you need to visit
  • Sign up for the extension and click on the button of continue.
  • If you are already using a Google or Facebook account on the same browser, you can sign up using these two as well.
  • Then you need to click on the button which states that Add Wikibuy to Chrome ( In case you are using Google Chrome). You have to use the name of your own browser here for the installation of the extension.
  • If this is not working for you, it means you are using an older version of the browser, kindly update your browser and then try again following the same points.
  • If the extension is adding up into your browser you have to click on the button of allow on the prompted window.
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Provide the information

Provide the required information to the extension and you are all set to use the extension and buy discounted products that too within seconds.

When the extension is installed in the browser and small icon in the green color is visible in the add-ons section of your browser. Check it there and now you can use it with a single click.

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How to Uninstall?

If you are using the extension and don’t like it anymore, you can easily remove it from your browser because this is just an extension.

You don’t need an uninstallation process as well.

Follow the steps and uninstall the extension from your browser.

Visit the extensions of your browser,

Click on the button of add-ons management of your browser,

There you will see Wikibuy, click on the button of uninstall or Remove and you are done.

If there is a window asking for permission click on the button of Yes.

All done, Wikibuy is completely removed from your browser, if you feel like you need it again, you can easily install it once again using the instructions given above.

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Safe to use

Internet users feel very unsafe from the use of the extensions and add-ons because most of them are tracking the personal data of the users as well.

Sometimes there are information’s about the malware in some of the extensions and add-ons which further damages the system.

In this regard, Wikibuy is much safer than all such extensions. However, it is an extension and records some of the data which it uses for the benefit of the user and no other purposes are involved in it.

At the time of the installation of these extensions, the user actually permits the extension to record some specific information about the user and his different activities online.

These records actually help the extension in providing you even better services.

In case you are not ready to provide any type of information to the extension then you need to use another extension of the website to look for the coupons and other product comparisons.

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Important features

Price tracking

The price-tracking features of the extension are amazing and help the customers in deciding which retailer is giving them the best price and discount.

They not only track the price for you but also make sure that the delivery charges including the airfare are calculated for the customers.


They not only show you the price but also give you the option to compare it with all the other retailers. Even if you are searching for a product which is very cheap, try to use Wikibuy and see if it is available somewhere else with an even better price.

Double check

The price comparison is an important and very helping feature for all the customers. However, you need to double check the authenticity of the price comparison.

Check whether the products offered at different sites are same or not. You also need to check the quality of the product and then decide the retailer.

Use Wikibuy credits

Wikibuy credits are another great way to save some money. Use this feature to secure the best discount. If you are using it regularly then click on the credits button and get some extra stuff from Wikibuy.

Use Augmented Reality

If you are using an iPhone or iPad use augmented reality to see how those products will fit into your house and life.

This is a great feature to test the products even before purchasing them.

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You may find many other extensions, website, and application in the same category but when we compare the overall features of all such extensions there is no match of Wikibuy.

Wikibuy provides the most accurate data as compared to the others.

The coupon tracing feature of this extension is also superb and the reason for the popularity of this extension over the others.

The only thing where they need to work is to make sure that it is available in even more browsers so that everyone around the world can use it without any problem.

If you are using this extension do share your experience of using it for shopping?


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