Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate is an online University that helps people learn the art of building an online business. The main focus of the university is to help people build an online affiliate marketing business in which people can sell products of other brands through an affiliate link on their personal online websites and generate a sizeable profit during the process.  However, there are a number of Technical skills that are required in order to create an affiliate marketing business. Some of the skills required include: creating a website, carrying out the Search Engine Optimization of the website, promoting the website and products listed on the website on social media platforms, and generating content that attracts the attention of the customers.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate

Ecommerce and the Internet

With the innovation and advancement in modern technology, and the rise of ecommerce platforms the modes of doing business have changed drastically. Businesses have moved online while the brick and mortar forms of selling products have been on a continuous decline.  Taking benefit of the potential of the internet platform people have started to build online marketplaces in order to sell the product of brands. The companies and businesses themselves have created their personal websites where they sell their products to people all over the world through online means. Similarly, this has also given rise to an affiliate-marketing trend in which people can tie up with businesses on the internet, and sell their products to the visitors of their own websites and in turn generate an affiliate Commission for themselves.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has a huge potential since every business wants to maximize its sales and revenue as much as possible for which they need the collaboration of independent sellers on the internet. The idea of affiliate marketing is similar to those of agents and dealers in offline selling where the dealers and agents can generate sales leads for the company, and take a Commission for themselves.  Most people have been able to create successful affiliate marketing platforms on the Internet. However, not everyone has the same level of Technical skills that are required in order to be successful in this business. This is where the wealthy affiliate comes into play, which provides people the skills and training that is required in order to create a successful every marketing business on the internet. This also involves finding the right product that the audience of the website will be interested in and marketing the product on social media platforms.

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Services Offered by Wealthy Affiliate

There are a number of other services besides education that is offered by the wealthy affiliate. Some of the services include; web development services, hosting and domain. The affiliate business model is based on the internet, which means that the users have to create their own websites. In order to create a website, the users need a domain and hosting services. A number of platforms on the internet provide these services but those services can be expensive and difficult for the users of the wealthy affiliate to follow since they are beginning to learn all these technical skills. Wealthy affiliate enables the customers to be able to create their own websites using all the services offered at one platform. Hence, in this way the users do not only learn how to create a website and start an online business but also get the services offered by the wealthy affiliate in order to implement their projects.

In this article, we will carry out a comprehensive review of the platform with respect to the educational services offered by the platform so that the users can make informed decisions whether they should get the services offered by the affiliate or not. However, first, we will look into the details of all the educational services offered at the platform so that users can find out if their services are relevant to them.

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Educational Services Offered by Wealthy Affiliate

Educational services offered by wealthy affiliate include online training courses on affiliate marketing subjects. The training program is a systematic program in which the students learn the art of online business and technical skills related to it in a comprehensive manner. Courses offered at the site are detail oriented which means that all the expertise that is required by the students in order to create long term and competitive online businesses are taught. The online world progresses quickly and a number of different skills, ideas, and technology innovations are introduced in a short period. The online businesses, which learn the art of keeping up with the new challenges, maintain and expand their business portfolio on the Internet.

However, those businesses, which do not progress and advanced their strategy as per new knowledge always face a serious challenge, and lack behind in the competition. With Wealthy affiliate program, they can learn new skills, techniques, and ideas that are being introduced due to the advancement in technology. They can keep their online platforms up to date so that they will not lose competition that is being waged by new entrants in the market. Thus, by getting the training at wealthy affiliate program the developers can get a competitive advantage over their competitors since they are able to implement the new techniques and ideas earlier than their competitors. Similarly, it is also important to brainstorm ideas and that will be applicable in time to come. In this way, businesses can stay ahead of their competition since they are already thinking about the future by implementing the techniques learned from the online training program offered by the wealthy affiliate.

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Live Training Courses at Wealthy Affiliate

The affiliate education programs are offered every week throughout the year, which means that the total number of 52 live training courses available over a year period. According to the data available at the website of wealthy affiliate, in 2018 a total number of 217,530 students enrolled for the training program offered by a wealthy affiliate and manage to start their first online business. One of the most important expect of starting an affiliate business is that no particular background education is required in order to get started since the skills required for starting an online business can easily be learned by students following the courses offered by affiliate Business platform.

Wealthy affiliate also claims that the industry potential of affiliate marketing now is around 8 billion dollars while the affiliate marketers managed to earn 6 billion dollars in 2018.  However, the Paradigms of online businesses are expanding, which means that the potential of the industry and the profits earned by the people are going to rise as well. Hence, there is lots of space available in the online market for new people to join in and start their own business.

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What Kind of Training Courses does Wealthy Affiliate offer?

There are a number of ways through which the platform helps students learn the skills and concepts involved in the affiliate business. The services that are offered in the education-training program include live courses, live interaction, availability and access to experts in live sessions, and live chat. Wealthy affiliate has created a community-based platform in which students from all over the world can interact with each other and learn the concepts involved in the training in a collective manner. In this way, they are able to answer the questions raised by their fellow learners and improve their learning experience.

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What are the Packages offered by Wealthy Affiliate during the training?

In order to get the services of wealthy affiliate platform, the users have to sign up with the platform by creating an online account. After creating the account, the users get access to do the training programs offered by the platform. Two main packages are available for the students of affiliate marketing. These two packages are named as starter and premium training programs. The starter program is available to the users free of cost, which means that no monthly subscription has to be paid in order to get the services of this program. The premium program is a subscription-based program in which the users have to pay a monthly subscription in order to get all the services that are available to the subscribers of this program. Below we will discuss the details of services that are available to the users of both starter and premium program:

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Premium Program

The signature program of the platform is the premium program in which a number of services are available to the subscribers. This program costly users $49 per month, which means that the customers have to pay recurring payments in order to be able to use all the services that are available. A list of some of the services that are available to the subscribers of the premium platform are as follows:

  1. Subscribers of the premium program get unlimited access to live help from the experts at the wealthy affiliate platform.
  2. The subscribers of the premium platform have the option to send private messages and get help from other users at the platform.
  3. A total number of 50 websites can be created by the subscribers of premium platforms, which is an excellent service since it means that they can create 50 platforms for promoting their business.
  4. Website security package is available to the subscribers of this package, which ensures that the website remains secure and nobody is able to hack into the system. Website security is a major concern these days since hackers attack websites and steal data, which can be a source of great loss for eCommerce platforms.
  5. The premium package provides a website backup service, which is highly useful in case the data of the website is lost and a new website has to be set up.
  6. There is a beginner training course available for the subscribers of this package, which allows the users to learn all the basic techniques involved in this field.
  7. The subscribers this package can set up their own personal affiliate blog using which they can share their ideas and thoughts with their audience.
  8. The subscribers of Pentium package get access to an affiliate boot camp training program, which is a 7 Phase program. The subscribers can attend all the phases of the program.
  9. The subscribers get access to live video training classes, which provide better interaction with trainers. The students can learn the skills more easily as compared to those who do not have access to live classes.
  10. The subscribers of the premium package get access to video walkthroughs, which means that they can learn the skills effectively in a short period of time.
  11. Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important techniques that have to be employed in order to increase the search results of a website. In order to implement the SEO techniques, the website owners have to use keywords in their content that would be most relevant to their potential audience. The premium package provides access to unlimited keyword searches that allow users to create a comprehensive and effective Search Engine Optimization strategy.
  12. Users also get access to training classrooms. There are a number of classrooms available throughout the year. The subscribers of any package get access to 12 training classrooms at a time.
  13. They also get access to the affiliate program of the website, which allows them to earn double of what others may earn.
  14. The subscribers of premium package get access to proper training enabling them able to start their business while they are still in the process of learning. Hence, they will be able to afford the cost of the premium package by money earned during this time.
  15. This package provides 1-on-1 coaching accessibility, which is not available to the subscribers of the starter package.
  16. This package provides access to private owners, which makes it highly convenient for the subscribers to start their own business.
  17. Website support is provided to the subscribers of Premier package throughout the year. This means that they can get access to the customer support of the platform at any time.
  18. Access to website feedback platform is available.
  19. Access to website comment platform is available which allows the users to work in a highly coordinated manner.
  20. These users can get access to website analysis tools, which make it possible to improve the performance of the website and get better results and traffic
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Starter Package

The subscribers of the starter program get access to only limited services. However, it is also a highly useful package that still provides access to important services. A list of services that are available to the subscribers of starter platform are as follows:

  1. The subscribers of the starter package get access to 7 days helps from experts at the affiliate-training platform.
  2. The subscribers of the starter package can create two websites in order to set up their business and start selling affiliate products online.
  3. The subscribers get access to website backup, which allows them to keep their website safe and secure.
  4. Subscribers of this package get access to the beginner-training course, which helps them learn the basic concepts involved in affiliate marketing.
  5. Subscribers get access to affiliate blog, which makes it convenient to share ideas and thoughts with the audience of the blog.
  6. The subscribers get access to 1 out of 7 phases of the athlete Boot Camp training.
  7. The subscribers have access to video walkthroughs, which allow them to learn skills in an effective manner
  8. As discussed above Search Engine Optimization is a modern technique necessary to improve the ranking of the website on search engines. In order to implement an SEO strategy, keywords have to be used in the content of the website. The subscribers of the started package get access to 30 searches of keywords for devising their SEO strategy.
  9. The subscribers of the starter package get access to 2 training classrooms. 12 classrooms are available to the premium subscribers.
  10. The subscribers of the startup program also get access to the affiliate program of wealthy affiliate, though they cannot earn as much as the subscribers of the premium package.
  11. The subscribers of the startup program can also create their own business while they are in the process of learning. In this way, they can start earning money even before their training is complete.
  12. The subscribers of the training program get access to seven days of one-on-one coaching, which helps them learn the useful techniques involved in the affiliate market.
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Reviews From Experts and Customers

Some of the ratings received by Wealthy Affiliate from experts and customers on different platforms on the internet are as follows:

  1. Hustle Life: It has given a rating of 70/100.
  2. Extra Paycheck: It has given the wealthy affiliate a rating of 4.5/5.
  3. Buzz Nitrous: It has given the wealthy affiliate a rating of 5/5.
  4. Trust Pilot: It has given the wealthy affiliate a rating of 6.9/10.
  5. Affiliate Resource: It has given the wealthy affiliate a rating of 10/10.
  6. Home Working Club: It has given the wealthy affiliate a rating of 8/10.
  7. Master My Finance: It has given the wealthy affiliate a rating of 4.5/5.
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If it is a legit platform, which has helped hundreds and thousands of students learn the art of affiliate marketing and start their own online business. We can also see that all the major affiliate-marketing platforms on the internet have given this platform a good rating. Hence, we can conclude that it is a useful platform in the affiliate-training field.

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