Walabot Review

Walabot Review

Walabot is a new platform for all those who are looking for something new in the market.

Even if you are new in the market, they can really help you with all the problems. Especially it is facilitating those who are looking to make a career in this field.

Walabot will inform you in the true sense the importance and the power of the frequency of radio in this modern and advanced world.

Walabot Review

Walabot Review

Walabot is using Windows, Linus and Raspberry Pi 3 for the customers. The good thing about Walabot is that they also have the imaging technology to further facilitate the customers.

Even if you are new in the field of programming this is the best thing you can have right now and unleash a lot of programs using it.

You can actually see beyond the walls using the technology of Walabot.

You can easily track a different kind of objects using the advanced technology of Walabot and the best thing is that it can help you track different objects as well.

There is a lot more than what has explained above for the users of Walabot.

Walabot pack for developers

This is the best seller product of Walabot and is known in the market for its excellent features. This comes with a price tag of $599.99 and has 18 antenna arrays in it.

This package also includes the black shell case of Walabot as well.

There is no risk involved in the complete process because you can buy it and if you think it does not suit you, they provide a 30-day money back guarantee to all the customers.

This is a pack for the developers and is also regarded as the best seller product of the company.

15 antenna array

They are also providing 15 antenna arrays which are now available in the price range of $74.99

The product was originally available in the $149.99 but the discount offer is giving you all the benefits.

As the name of the product suggest it has 15 antenna arrays in it. It has a bare board as well in it.

This product is also available with the money back guarantee. This means you don’t have to worry about the product and you can take the risk without risking the money.

You can check the detail specifications of this product from the official portal of the company.

Walabot Starter Pack

This product is named as Walabot Starter Pack and is one of the most selling products of the company.

It comes with a price range of $119.99 which seems quite good.

This also has 3 antenna arrays in it and also has a bare board in it. Almost all the products of the company are available with the money back guarantee.

It has a lot of technical specifications in it, which you can check from the official portal of Walabot.

Well, the price of the product is given above, but the taxes are also applicable to all these products which are paid above the mentioned prices.

All these products are available in most part of Europe including EU, UK. They are also available in the United States, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

Technical specifications Walabot products

Now let us discuss the technical specifications of the products of the Walabot.

Developer Pack

The developer pack of the Walabot comes with 18 antennas in it and also has the Radar API in it. This pack also includes the Breathing API with the range measurement feature.

It has high 3D resolution and motion detection as well with the API imaging. The black shell case of Walabot is the pro feature of this product and raw signal data is also available in this pack of the Walabot.

Creator Pack of Walabot

The second product of the Walabot comes with 15 antennas in it. This also has breathing API and radar API in it.

This pack of the company does not come with the black shell case and it also does not have the feature of raw signal data.

Imaging, 3D and motion detection is available in this pack of the Walabot and it is quite famous and economical for the creators.

Starter Pack of Walabot

This is the last pack of Walabot which is also known as a starter pack and comes with just 3 antennas in it.

Radar and breathing API is available in this product as well.

Motion detection and range measurement are available in this product as well.

It does not have 3D resolution it and the imaging API is also not supported in it. Beside this raw signal data and the shell case of the Walabot is also not available in this product.

Downloads of Walabot

The download of the Walabot is very simple and easy for all the customers.

Walabot for Windows

You can easily install the product on Windows SDK using the Windows installer.

The sample code and the API tutorial application are also available in the product which you can download from the website of the company.

Walabot for Linux

You can download it using the Linux installer as well. It also includes the API tutorial in the application and the sample code of the product.

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Walabot for Raspberrypi 3

It is easily available for RaspberryPi 3 as well. You can download it using the RaspberryPi3 installer. It also includes an SDK API library and other sample codes in it.

The documentation of API is also available in the download and checks it completely. The examples of different codes are also given at the time of the download.

The complete shape of the hardware and the software is also available at their official website which can be seen anytime by visiting the website.

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Walabot for Universities

Walabot is not limited to these creators and developers all around the world. There are a lot of programmers and labs in the college and universities using the services of Walabot.

These devices can be used for the instructions and research in the laboratories.

You can get in touch with the Walabot team for more information about the usage of the Walabot in colleges and schools.

The company will help you with all kinds of inquiries. Even if you are facing any kind of technical issue in the usage of the service the company is always willing and ready to assist you in the best possible way.

All the inquiries regarding the purchasing and the fulfillment are also answered by the company and they make sure that you are using the product with full potential.

Even after you buy the product the Walabot keeps an eye on the customers and provide them time to time support as well for further growth and speed.

All the new updates are automatically sent to all the users of the service.

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Language supported by Walabot

Most of the people are worried about which all languages are supported by the Walabot, well it supports all the important languages used in the world these days.

You can easily use Walabot with the C++, C# and Python.

Even if you are using any other language, the company can build Wrappers for you around the SO and DDL files for support.

In short, the language is not an issue for the Walabot at all and they will assist you in the best possible way.

You can easily get the SDK of Walabot from their official portal and find the answers of most of your problems from the official portal of the Walabot which answers almost all the queries of the customers.

Walabot Address

You can contact them on their address as well using the warehouse address of the Walabot.

Warehouse address:

Aero Fulfillment Services

6023 Union Centre Blvd

Fairfield, OH 45014


The address can be reached using the mail delivery system.

DIY Wall Scanner by Walabot

This is another amazing product by the company which assists the customers in the best possible way and is used to detect wood and all other kinds of metal studs.

This is very important and can be very helpful for security purpose. It can easily find the cable and electrical wires.

This product is offered by Walabot at a very economical price of $79.99

Abilities of wall scanner of Walabot

It has the ability to look into the metal pipes and the PVC inside the walls of your house. This is the most advanced product of this category and that is why it is liked by people all around the world.

The scanner in the devices has the ability to scan up to 4 inches in the wall which means it can penetrate the walls up to 10 centimeters.

The cutting edge technology is used by the Walabot which enables it to see inside the concrete and the dry walls as well.

It can create maps of all the large wall areas and the then those images are saved and can be used for future analysis of the building. You can see any time in the future that what all is inside the walls of your house.

The snapshots taken are very useful and can be used in the future without having any kind of internet connection.

What all is in Wall Scanner of Walabot?

The device also has a micro USB OTG cable in it and another cable named as C OTG cable. You will be given a protective film and gel-pad with the device and obviously a quick guide as well to start and operate the product at your own.

This wall scanner by Walabot also works with all the android phones as well which are above 6.0

All you need is to use the USB on the go and get all the things done with it. Walabot is making all the things better for their customers and doing all they can to make sure that they get the best out of it.

Walabot works better with Android

If you need the best performance then you need to use the android system with Android 7 or even above. Most of it would be purchased during the last 2 years.

However, there is bad news for all the apple users. Walabot is not supporting iPhone devices right now and this may hurt some of the customers of the company.

The Android users can get the Walabot without any worry because they are providing the 30-day money back guarantee to all of their customers.

This means there is no risk for the customers here. If you think, this is not the right product for you; you can easily return it and get the money back.

Walabot revolutionized the industry

The introduction of the wall scanner by the Walabot is obviously a much needed a revolutionary step in the market which enables us to see inside the dry walls and even in the concrete.

No matter it is a plastic or any kind of the PVC pipe, you can easily see inside it using the wall scanner of the Walabot.

It is very easy to track all kinds of beams, pipes and other metal objects like the metal studs using the wall scanner of the Walabot.

It is designed in such a way that it can even see through the wall insulation as well. Even if you have the wooden beams and the studs, the wall scanner can scan them all and look through them easily and guide you everything about it.

All the electric cables and the wires in the walls are easily detectable using the Walabot wall scanner.

Walabot Review

Walabot Review

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Why Walabot?

Many people ask the question that why they should select Walabot over the other tools in the market? Well, Walabot can provide you all the needed things for the homeowners, plumbers, electricians and the carpenters or anyone else who is interested in this field.

These things are needed especially at times when you are looking to drill or hammer the wall. It is very important to look through the wall before breaking the wall.

The plus thing about this product is that it has received positive words from the media outlets all around the world which increases its value.

Some of the leading media outlets recognized its abilities. The New York Times, FOX and BBC News covered the product and found it really helpful.

Walabot Customer reviews

The product is not new in the market and a lot of people are already using the product. You can see the detailed reviews about the product from the official store of the Walabot.

We checked the reviews about the product and people ranked it 4.5 out of 5 which is a good rating for any product in the world and you should try it for sure.

Working of Walabot?

Well, the usage of the product is the main thing and Walabot made sure that the interface is really easy to use for all the customers.

If you are using an android phone then you can easily see through the wall anytime using the app of the Walabot.

You can easily record the distance between the studs in the walls and all other things around the wall before drilling it or doing anything with the wall.

It is recommended to see through the wall before drilling it because the electric wires can be damaged and cause serious damage, use the Walabot scanner and make the work easy for the plumber.

Different modes of Walabot

Pan Mode

There are different modes in the Walabot and the first one is known as Pan Mode. This will give you a panoramic view of the wall. It will give you all the objects inside the wall.

Pan mode is most useful and is very useful in getting an overview of the wall using the scanner.

Image mode

The second mode of the Walabot is known as image mode. This will give you the clear visual classification of all the pipes and studs in the wall.

This can easily detect all kinds of metal studs, wooden studs, and wires, pipes in the wall and give you the results in the form of an image.

Expert Mode

This is the third and the final mode of the Walabot and is known as an expert mode. This gives a direct view of the wall to the user using the RF signals.

This gives more detail of the wall and shows all the curves in the pipes and wires.

You can clearly see the intersection between the pipes and wires using the expert mode of Walabot.

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The product is very helping to the people who are working in the services industry and giving services like plumbing and wiring.

All you need is to buy a suitable package from the company and make your customers happy by doing the work in a modern and advanced style.

It also saves you from any kind of damage during the work. The product offers enough features and can be really helpful in your work.