Trackr Review

If you are finding it difficult to track your important things, this is the right application for you which allow you to track different things with ease.

They make sure that you never lose anything again. With this motto they are working to provide you efficient services with few clicks.

It has a service named as Pixel which is their primary product which comes with a small size and can help you track anything with minimum effort.

Trackr Review

Trackr Review

This tracker actually uses Bluetooth technology to make sure that you find all the things at once. The small size allows you to find anything no matter what you want to find.

There is not much to do for you as you only have to download the file and it will start working for you at once. The free application will instantly turn your cell phone into a finder which can help you do anything anytime.

All you need is to attach the files with it and get things done at once from this tracker.

The good thing about it is that it can also help you find the things which were previously lost. All you need is to press the pixel and your phone will ring even on the silent mode and you can find it.

Trackr Loud Ringer

The Trackr comes with a loud ringer as well. If your phone is lost, it can surely help you get it back within minutes that too with a single tap.

Get this trackr and you can easily get all the lost stuff within few minutes.

LED lights of trackr

The trackr has got LED lights as well., this device is not limited to the ringing, it also lights up to help you find all the lost things.

Coin sized

The small size also makes it the best choice for all the users. It is the smallest Bluetooth trackr and one can easily keep it in their pocket and use it anywhere they want to.


It comes with a powerful battery. You will get the notification from the trackr when the battery gets low. The battery can be easily replaced as well and you can get a new one.

Trackr Phone finder

All you need is to press your pixel to find the phone and start the ringing. The good thing is that you can find your phone even it is on silent.

View map on trackr

There is a complete map of your area on the application. The map allows you to see your stuff the last time you had. Just tap on the map and you will have everything in your control.

Crown locate on Trackr

You can easily use the global network to locate different things on the network and find them easily. The lost things can be easily found on this network.

They have simple algorithm in which you will receive a notification when another user is passing by the things which you lost and then they can help you recover it easily.

Attach it to anything

You can easily attach this dedicated network to anything and get help from it to recover your lost items. Attach your pixel to anything and get good results from them in return and find all of your lost items.

Trackr is lightweight

The weight of this trackr is just 4 grams which makes it easy for you to carry it anywhere and track your things. This device will never weigh you down no matter what happens.

Physical measurement of Trackr

As mentioned above the physical measurement of the trackr is easily adjusted in the pocket. The diameter of the device is 26.2 mm which becomes 1.03 inches.

The overall thickness of the trackr is 5.6 mm which becomes 0.22 inches. The overall weight which is mentioned above as well is just 4 grams.

The battery of the trackr is easily replaceable and you don’t need to worry even if it stops working. The volume of the trackr is up to 90 dB and that is a really big figure for such a trackr.

The connectivity of the trackr is BLE 4.0 and the Bluetooth range of the trackr is up to 100 feet. If there are obstacles like wall and furniture, that can surely reduce the range of the trackr Bluetooth.

It is easily compatible with the iOS 9 plus and android 4.4 plus as well. They will also give you the updates for it which makes sure that all the latest operating systems also work with it.

What all is included

All the essentials are part of it and there won’t be anything missing from it. There is a key loop of the trackr and that too one per pixel.

It also had 2 sided 3M adhesive in it that too one per pixel which makes it a great thing for everyone who is using it.

The replaceable battery of the trackr is also a good addition to its which makes it valuable even when the battery stops working.

The batteries of the trackr are also installed in each pixel of the trackr and make it easy for you to use it.

You will also get a complete set up guide from them which will assure that you get to know about the working of the trackr.

The process is very easy and you can learn it in few minutes.

Warranty of Trackr

They provide warranty of their product and you can get the refund or the exchange from the company but first you need to send them a request for it.

You can get in touch with them at support@The and then they will ask the reason for the refund or the exchange and if that is accepted, you will get the refund or the exchange from them.

If you send them the order without contacting them first, that will not be accepted and they will reject the refund or the exchange for it. Follow the complete procedure and only then you can get the refund from them.

They have a dedicated form for the return and the exchange which you need to fill. Secondly, the form must be submitted within the next 30 days after receiving the order otherwise you will not get the refund from them.

They won’t provide you the return shipping cost and that would be on you when you are asking for the refund or the exchange.

Warranty is limited

Secondly, the warranty provided by them is limited and that is not for lifetime.

You have to read their detailed terms and conditions before buying the product otherwise the company will not be responsible for it.

They are responsible for the product and if damaged during the shipping, they will pay you in full and give you another product.

Conditions for warranty

The first condition is that you need to notify them through the mail that you want to return the product which you bought.

You have to provide complete information about why the product failed and you need to get the return.

They do examine the product and if there is no damage or the information you provided is incorrect the return will not be accepted.

When warranty is not applicable

There are some conditions under which the warranty is not applicable and you will not get the refund from them. if the products are modified they will not accept the refund from the customers.

The accessories or if the problems occurs during the installation of the product, they will not be responsible for it and not provide you any kind of exchange or return.

Even if you are not using it as per the mentioned guidelines, they will not accept the warranty of the product.

If any products get damaged, they instruct to get it repaired from the authorized service providers otherwise they are not responsible for any type of the damage to the product.

If you get the repairmen from unauthorized dealers then it can affect the performance of the product.

If the products get damaged from the result of any natural disaster, they are not responsible for it.

Return policy

The return policy of the company is termed completely satisfactory and is satisfying the customers all over the world.

However, the return must be in the original condition. Some of the products does not fall in this category and you can read about them from the official website of the company.

If some product is resold by some dealer which is not authorized then you will not get anything from the company as the refund of the product so make sure that you are following all the guidelines of the company.

How to set up trackr

The process to set up the trackr is very easy and you can do it in few minutes. Follow the instructions given here and you will get over all the hurdles which you may face in any other case.

The first step is obviously to download the trackr application from the Google Play or the Apple store. It is available with the tag name of TrackR – Lost Item Tracker

The next thing is to pair the device and then it will start working for you. You have to pair it up with the phone or the tablet and then it is ready to start working with you.

This is as simple as pairing some device with other device and share information with each other but in this case you will track your things.

How is the performance?

This is the best finder in the market with some good features to help you find all of lost items. You can move a lot far from the device and it will remain in your range.

Some of the users do complain that the product is not consistent but that is something where the company is still working.

Some are worried about the connectivity as well that it does not pair when they move 50 feet away but these things are not faced by all the users.

The reviews are mixed but yet there are a lot of customers who are looking for this device and want it to work for them.

Another problem faced by many people is that the trackr start creating problems in pairing once you move out of its range. The reconnection takes a lot of time.

The reconnection becomes a problem and sometimes then you need to get on the top of the device to reestablish the connection with the device.

It also gives you different notifications once you are moving away from it and that is something really good for it.

Geo fencing feature of TrackR

This great feature of the device which will notify you when you are getting away from the device and it will give you information about the keys.

The alert of the geo fencing does not work all the time but it does work when you are in need of it. the alarm will alert you within the 7 seconds when the connection is lost.

There are few cases in which you will not receive any kind of notifications at all. Late or early you will get a notification from them that is must.

The alert pitch is quite hard which make sure that you get the alert for sure and no one can ignore it. Even if you are in a public park, you will get the noise and alert yourself.

Some comments suggest that the users heard the alert even when it was buried under a lot of laundry so that is a good thing about it.

Battery replacement

The battery as explained above is replaceable and you have to replace it once in a year. In case you are using the key tracker often you will replace the battery more than once so that depends upon the usage of the tracker.

It is very easy to swap the battery so you won’t find any problem at all while swapping the battery and the process is also mentioned in the user guide which comes with the trackr.

Crowd finding

They also have a crowd finding feature in it that allows you to find it anywhere. The lost devices can be found by other members of the trackr.

This only happens when the other users comes into the range. This adoption feature of the company is very viable and allows you to adopt any device which is in its range.

Colors of trackr

There are different colors in it, although colors do not matter and you need to have good features. Even then some people are conscious about the colors as well so they have introduced different colors as well.

It comes in the colors of red, silver, blue and rose gold. You can choose your favorite color from them.

If you go for the advance version of the trackr then you will get some more colors in it. the additional colors are green, aqua, white, pink and red.

Choose any color from them and start tracking your things at once.


The application is really good for all those who are looking to find their lost items no matter where they are.

The upgrade of the application in 2016 allowed all the users to easily connect with the trackr when they come in the range and that have totally changed everything for the users.

It made it easy for you to find all of your misplaced objects if they are paired with your trackr. All you need is to set up the trackr on your smartphone and it will start working for you anywhere in the world.

The price of the trackr is relatively low but it is competing with some of the other expensive trackers in the market and provides you the same features in low price.

If you are looking for a non-replaceable battery in the tracker, this is not for you because the battery can be easily swapped in it and changed as well whenever needed.

It is indeed an acceptable alternative but you may find some performance issues at time. Overall it is a good application for all those who often lose their small items and needs to track them.

Your say

Do you often forget different things and need to remember them instantly? If yes then you must have used some device or the trackr for it.

How did you find it and did it really work for you or not. Do you think that the features of this trackr are good enough to attract anyone who forgets their important items?

If you are going to use it than what else you think should be added in it to make it even more interesting and good for the users.

Give us your suggestions and do tell us about any other trackr which you have used and works on the same basis so that we can share information about it with our readers.

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