Total AV Review

Antivirus is very important for everyone these days because of a lot of cybercrimes out there. There are many antiviruses in the market but the focus should be on the one which provides the best offers to the customers.

We did research and found out that Total AV is perfect software for all the people out there. It can help you stay secure in many ways while you are browsing online.

The good thing about this antivirus is that it is not limited to you only, rather this one is a complete package for the whole family.

Total AV

Total AV

You can use it yourself and install it in all the other computers used in the house and stay safe from all the hackers and malware.

The application provided by this software makes sure that your browsing is kept secret from the advertisers and even the governments which are trying to spy you.

This software is very easy to use and can be used on the Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android as well.

It is working with all the major systems in the world shows the durability and the trust of the people in it.

Block malicious malware with Total AV

There is no perfect time for you to use this antivirus it is readily available for all the customers.

You can benefit from this antivirus and get all the pro-security features that too with just a single application. Isn’t it great for all those who are worried about their security while browsing online?

So what are you waiting for, get yourself protected now with the real-time antivirus of Total AV?

It will block all type of malicious malware which is trying to access your computer or mobile in any way.

Avail this golden chance and do something for the security of your data and the system.

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Browse safely with Total AV

Get the best in the market with this amazing antivirus and block all the malicious malware and the phishing URLs.

If you are worried about some URLs which are showing harmful or other dangerous content, this antivirus will make sure that they don’t get into your browser.

All you need is to create a customized setting for your browser and then browse anything safely without fear of sponsored or other such links in your browser.

Total AV will make sure that you get the best protection in all the possible ways. Unwanted links are permanently blocked from your browser to get the antivirus and bring peace in your life.

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Redefining virus protection

You may have used other malware protection software’s and they do provide protection for sure.

However, Total AV is changing the trends in the market and taking it to the very next level in protecting the customer from every type of problem in the online world.

They named it extensive virus protection for all the users and they introduced some of the best tools available in the market just for the protection of their important users.

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Identity protection with Total AV

Total AV also provides identity protection to all customers.

This is more helpful to those who are involved in the e-commerce business or other money-related activities online.

They will make sure that you are fully protected from all kind of problems that too at every cost and what else can we expect from an antivirus these days.

They guarantee complete protection and support from the ransomware as well which is the biggest concern of the people working on the internet and making transactions.

A special feature is included in the complete package which is named as anti-ransom ware and can help you stay protected while shopping or doing other money-related tasks online.

Hackers these days are using some of the very advanced techniques to counter the security of many websites but with the addition of this awesome anti-ransomware technique, they cannot even get near your resources.

You can feel safe and work as much as per your needs and leave the rest on Total AV.

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Your protection, the priority of Total AV

Total AV is very much focusing on the needs of the customers and their single motto is the protection of their users from all type of problems which they are facing online.

Total AV believes that cybersecurity should be provided to each and every individual using the internet and as this need is not provided by all the government so they are here to assist you in it.

Many benefits are available to the customers but the premium members are given even more priority and they are open to using some of the very best tools of the company.

Premium members of the software are also provided real-time protection by the company.

The real-time protection is a very pro feature given by Total AV to its customers. It makes sure that you are far away from all kinds of threats no matter they are to your data or your money online.

It also keeps all the viruses away from your computer. Even if there is any kind of virus in the system it will tackle it and make sure that it never disturbs your flow of work.

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Total AV now comes with improved features

Total AV is constantly working to make it even better and ensure the safety of their very precious users.

In this regard, they are making changes in their system every now and then and doing all they can to improve it.

Total AV now comes with very new features and a new look as well. These things are ensuring that the users remain attractive towards the product and well aware of the fact that the company is working for them all the time.

This new version is appreciated by the market and the best thing is that it includes all the major features in it.

It also comes with the very special add-ons in it which are providing all the needed care to the customers while they are busy in their online and offline work.

Even if you still need some more enhancement in the security updates and other features you can easily request them and they can provide you custom additional enhancements as per your own requirements.

These are some of the best things which you can get from anyone in this world.

It is working day and night for your security and will make sure that you get the best from them every time.

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Total AV checks spam websites

If you think bad about any website online, no need to go through it and have an unpleasant experience, just tell us and we will make sure that it is made completely safe for you.

If we think that it is not safe we won’t let you enter that website at all. We will check that website in detail and see whether it is as per your needs or not.

This special feature is enabled in the system with the help of a very special extension provided by Total AV. It detects all the phishing URLs which are designed to steal money and other data from your computer and website.

The protection of your personal data and all other assets is the foremost priority of this software and they are very best in doing their tasks.

All you need is to install the extension on your browser and we will do the rest for you. The good thing about this extension is that it is also available for all the free members as well so what are you waiting for, try it before someone steals your important data and other assets using fake links.

In simple words, we can say with full authority that Total AV comes with a full package which is providing the much-needed security to the customers.

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Total AV real-time antivirus

You may get antivirus from any other provider as well but the good thing about this one is that it is providing real-time protection to the customers.

These real-time scans will help your system do its best and stay ahead of all types of threats present online.

The system will automatically scan the system and eliminate all the threats from it.

It also makes sure that all new threats are countered because of the continuous updates.

It can easily protect your system against all types of adware, spyware, Trojans, viruses and ransom wares.

This is the best package for you looking at the current needs of the market and the threats present in it.

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Total AV schedules automatic scans

Total AV will schedule automatic scans for your system which will make sure that all types of threats are countered successfully.

You don’t need to add some specific date in the calendar. It is designed in such a way that all the threats are automatically countered due to the scans.

All you need is to select the type of the scan and then leave the rest on them and they will schedule it for you without any hassle.

These things show the commitment of Total AV for your protection.

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No more spam URL with Total AV

Total AV blocks all kinds of spam and phishing URLs on your browser with the help of its advanced extensions.

They are continuously researching and detecting the spam URLs available online and inserting it in their database which is connected to your extension.

This extension will automatically block such links and makes sure that your data and money remains safe.

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VPN of Total AV

Total AV also provides you safe browsing with the help of its VPN services.

If you want to browse anonymously that is not an issue at all if you are using the service of Total AV.

It will provide you with a private network connection and make sure that your address remains hidden while you are browsing online.

This offer is compatible with desktop and your mobile devices as well.

So grab this software and use its latest features to counter all the threats present online.

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Total AV firewall

Privacy of the user is very important and that is why we provide remote firewalls to the users to make sure that they can work without any interruption.

Your private data remains in your safe hands with the use of the advanced features of this software.

It won’t allow any third party to access your data or any other information which can harm you in any possible way.

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Total AV improves performance

Some other providers will provide you the right kind of security but they might decrease the overall speed and performance of your system.

Total AV will work at its best and still make sure that the performance of the system is not altered rather it makes sure that the performance is also enhanced.

They can also point out to the programs and the errors in the system which are decreasing the performance of your system thus make sure that you get the best out of the system.

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Total AV have one objective

Total AV provide a lot of applications to the customers for their security but all of them have a single objective and that is to make sure that you remain safe.

No matter which device you are using they will make sure that your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop remains protected from all kinds of threats.

They will cover you with the help of their resources. In short with the use of Total AV, you remain protected at your work and home as well.

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Total AV works on all devices

Another good thing about Total AV is that it is readily available on all the major networks thus you don’t need to worry about the compatibility issues at all.

It will keep all of your devices secure with the help of its advanced software.

You can download the free trial of their products from their official website for Apple, Windows, Android devices and iPhone as well.

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Total AV for MAC

Total AV works fine with the Apple devices as well. it will make sure that your system works in the best possible way with the mac.

Mac already comes with a very simple design and is often known in the market for their speed; Total AV will not only increase the speed but also work to provide you security as well.

Even if your apple devices are having vulnerabilities it will tackle them easily.

Your MAC and MacBook will remain safe from all the threats and the viruses which may damage it if you are using Total AV.

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Total AV for Windows

It works on the Windows as well no matter you are using a laptop or a desktop.

The installation process is very simple and the windows version comes with a lot of advanced features.

It will increase the performance of your window device.

The continuous advancement in the software made sure that it comes stronger than ever and the new features are a treat for all the window users.

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Total AV iOS application

Total AV also provides an iOS application to all the apple users which they can download from their iPhone and iPad.

It will help you in boosting the overall performance of the system and enable secure browsing as well. The VPN feature is also enabled in the app and it makes sure that you browse anonymously anywhere in the world.

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Total AV for android

Total AV provides an application for their Android users as well. It provides a complete spectrum to the users for their Android devices.

After successful installation, they will get complete antivirus protection for their device and the performance of the device will also increase.

The application also contains an advanced feature named as smartphone optimizer which frees the space and improves its performance.

You can also protect all the important apps with a very special pin with the help of this application. It will also give you the services of a VPN and provide all the anonymous browsing to you.

This gives you more safety if you are using public WiFi.

In short, it defends you in front of all the hackers present online.

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Total AV comes with some of the very best and the advanced features one can think of these days. It consists of all the important applications which are needed for the safety of the user these days.

Some of the protection is provided to the customers for free but if you need even more security then you need to use the premium version of the Total AV.

Total AV has positive reviews from the market as well and can give you the right kind of protection that too without affecting the performance of your system.

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Looking at the features and the perks of Total AV would you use it? If not then what else do you expect from an antivirus in this modern world which is full of threats?

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