The Shack movie review

The movies are a good form of the entertainment and they have some critical lessons as well in them which we need to keep in mind to make sure that we are getting the information about everything happening around us.

The Shack is one such movie which was liked by the audience for the story is presented to them and made sure that the audience enjoys the beautiful action in the movie.

Let us start by informing you about the story of the movie and how it developed the story to convey the whole idea to the audience.

the shack movie review

the shack movie review

Philips is shown as a normal person in the movie who is married as well. Philips has three children as well and belongs to a middle-class family and lives in the respective area.

He is very devoted towards his wife and children and considered a caring dad for his children and the good thing about him is that he regularly visits the church as well and can be called a religious person to some extent.

The next thing in the movie happens is that they show the confusion between his relation to God and his wife as well and these two relations are compared by the author of the movie.

Relation with God

His wife is much more religious than him and they have some special relationship with each other and that thing is not explained by Philips in the movie and is only termed as something very special which cannot be named by him.

The relation is so advance that she uses the word Papa for God instead of addressing him as God. There are many instances in the movie when she is talking to the God like some old friend, this shows that they have a very special kind of relationship with each other which makes the story special right from the start of the movie.

Mack on the other hand somewhat different from these two and his relation with the god is different and he doesn’t give it that much importance and has his own philosophy. Similarly, Willie who is his best friend is also a follower of the Christ who follows all the instructions given to them and make sure that they are not committing any sin at all under any circumstances.

According to them, Mack is not a regular and normal person and the movie actually says about him that he got a lot of baggage.

Harsh memories of Mack

There are some harsh memories which Mack has about his past when his drunk father would abuse and beat his mother. He still remembers that once in his childhood when he went to the pastor just to inform him about the atrocities of his father on her mother.

When his father was informed that his son went to the pastor against him, he tied him to the tree and whipped him brutally and left him alone in a stormy night afterward.

These all problems are there for sure but still, he is working and finding the solution to these problems but the tragedy which happens to him during the adult life is even more painful.

Mack is going for camping with his kids and there during the camping, Philips children had some life-threatening accidents as well. When Mack was trying to rescue them something happens which changes his life, his younger daughter is abducted and her dress is found by the authorities who are bloodstained.

The bad part is that they never found her again and this was something which became the reason for grieve for the rest of the life.

The turning point

During a winter later Mack discovers a letter in his mailbox but he finds no tracks around the mailbox which is quite strange. The message inside the envelope is stranger still and invited him to top the hill where the sign was “Papa.”

Mack wonders about the tragedy and he is trying to pin it on the Willie but other friends deny the involvement. Willie, on the other hand, is ready to go to the cabin with his friend.

In short, they used the four-wheel drive as well to pass the drifts. In the end, Willie shows up faithfully with all the things needed.

However, Mack has other ideas about the whole thing, he went to the Shack alone to solve all the mystery and find out the mystery and find out the faith as well once and for the last time.

Movies positive elements

The movie is actually about the redemption of the one man. There are different phases in their life which include spiritual, relational and familial as well.

There are a lot of tragedies in his life however; none of it affected the relationship with the tragedies of life. He finally reaches the shack as well.

The pain and retreat which Mack faced after the death of Missy is something which defined his character. He had to deal with the pain himself and but his wife remains strong during all this phase.

His wife says that he should not forget that they love each other. They should remember that they have to stand with each other in their difficult times. They have to help themselves in difficult times no matter how hard the situation may get.

Mack goes to the shack to encounter the God where he finds out that Missy’s sisters feel that she is responsible for everything that happened to her. Mack and Kate started now mourns together for what is happening to them and Mack tells here that she is not responsible for what has happened to her sister.

Spiritual aspect

The shack is experiencing the winter but the summer comes. The snow is also gone and the flowers are blooming everywhere and the birds are also singing in that area which is making a complete spiritual environment and the supernatural setting of the movie shows the all the things are calling the name of Mack in the movie.

The cabin in which the events are happening is also of great importance and is tidy and fresh. The warm and cozy weather and the environment help the story to move further.

There is the encounter of Mack with the Trinity as well with the help of the human form. God appears in front of them in the face of a black woman who is aged as well.

The direct communication between them shows that the whole scenario is because of the problems which the Mack faced due to the problems of his past life and that of the present life as well.

He needs a lot of things in life to make sure that he could fight all the things and make sure that everything can be bearded in all the situations. They are comparing Jesus as well and his look has been like the Young Jewish men trying to smile despite all the problems in life.

The role of the Holy Spirit

He is also using the carpentry skills as well to make sure that all the important healings are part of Mack’s life.

The Holy Spirit also appears in the whole system making it even easier for all of them.

The spiritual journey of Mack is quite interesting and fantastical as well which goes through a lot of things and in the end the grief of Jack is still there and he has different doubts and the shaken faith as well with his rage over the religion as well.

The representation of the Trinity with a female character may increase the doubts of few people but that is not a big issue and things like this can be used in the movies for the metaphorical part of the story.

There are commandments which says that the image of God cannot be made anywhere in the world but that still needs a lot of things in it.

The God, when communicated with the Mack, tells him that he was going fine all his life and had a lot of troubles but remained strong no matter what the problem is but then comes a problem where he lost his strength and that was when he lost his daughter.

How Mack is stuck in life

God thinks that the intent is to make sure that the Mack is still unstuck in this position. The questions of the faith are very important which needs to be addressed.

There are different questions in the mind of Mack which God needs to address and make sure that the answers are in the hand of the people.

He wanted to ask How God can think of evil to his people and why his daughter paid the price for something which she never did in her life.

He further asks whether God rescue his people in the difficult times or not and that he should rescue them in the difficult times no matter what the problem is.

There are many evildoers in this world and they should get the punishment of every kind to make sure that the world once again becomes a peaceful place for all the people living in it.

There are different questions in his mind regarding the judgment of the people over those who are trying to wrong him by bringing a lot of things in their life which should not be there in the first place.

Tragedies of life

There are many tragedies in the world and who is actually behind those tragedies is something very important and needs to be addressed at once.

There are times when someone commits a crime, is he forgotten at once and there are different phases which are used to forgive that person with the passage of time.

There are different occasions when God points out to different things and make sure that he remembers how he moved further in his life step by step to help him know about his colors.

The trinity takes him to a colorful garden where there are flowers of different colors and then informs her that it is actually you and this is how colorful your life is actually and you just need to have faith in yourself under all circumstances.

Then there are other examples for him which makes him think of all the happiness which is still present in his life. He needs to address those things as well and make sure that all the things are moving in the right direction.

The way forward for Mack

The Trinity shows him that Missy is still alive and enjoying the life in different parts of the world that too without any issues at all. Trinity shows him that Missy is found in a heavenly place where Jesus dwells.

This is an important realization and gives him the power to move forward and think of all the other things in life.

This shows that there are many things in the life waiting for him and he needs to do a lot of things including forgiveness as well.

Later Mack is asked to forgive the one who killed her daughter and that is really important for him. A Bible is also presented to him who shows that the books show the truth of life and he needs to realize these important things of his life and move forward.

There are a lot of theological things in the novel which needs to be addressed and is really important as well. There are a few steps which are regarded as wrong in the movie.

The two parts of God

They showed the love and affection of the God at different places in the novel but that is not enough for him and that is why they need to do a lot of things in life to make sure that things are moving in the right direction.

They missed the other aspects of the Gods nature which suggests the transcendence and that the god is completely different from all the other creations of this world.

Mack also asks the god that how the sins of the people are forgiven and then gods tells him that the sin itself is also a punishment for him which needs no other punishment.

If the humans are not having a relationship with the god, their life becomes very difficult and they have to go through a lot of things on the Day of Judgment and answer all the things on that day.

The film is dealing with only one aspect of the god which is love and the other aspects are completely ignored by the movie like the wrath and realities of life.

The idea of hell

There is a place in the movie when Mack says that he wants the killer of his daughter in the hell but when he encounters the god there is no sign of the hell or no talk about the hell. They only talked to forgive the killer for what he did.

There are few other mistakes in the movie and one of them is that when Mack informs the Papa that he never abandoned Jesus even when he went through all this trauma.

This statement is totally against the actual command in the book which states that all the sins of the men are taken by Jesus.

Questions of Missy

There is a famous story which the Mack used to tell her little daughter about the great spirit of the God that how an Indian princess saved her people by jumping off the cliff.

The Missy had a strange question in return and she says that the death of Jesus is really heroic to which then Mack replies that it is in the book and must be true at all costs.

At the same time, there are other questions asked by her daughter in which she also says that is god mean or when he does all these things to his men.


The movie is indeed a treat to watch and covers a lot of aspect in it. It includes the difficulties which one faces in life and all the other things.

There is a spiritual touch as well in which they had an encounter with the god himself which makes it really interesting.

The complete situation which Mack faces after the death of her daughter shows that what all could be done to make it even better.

There are different questions from the side of the Mack to God which are very interesting and make the movie and a little more interesting.

The love between the husband and wife also shows which informs us that how they stand with each other in difficult times.

They are trying to put the blame on each other but actually, these things are part of life and faced by everyone once in their life.

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