Steam Controller Review

How about Steam Controller? There are a lot of things to do in this modern life and people have different desires when it comes to their leisure time.

Gaming is one of the most important things which are adopted by many people these days. It can pass your time and give you the much-needed entertainment at the same time.

Steam Controller

Steam Controller

The gaming, on the other hand, is bringing new innovative tools to add more value to all those games.

The steam controller is one such thing which is used in the modern world by the gamers to get full control of their game at all times.

The good thing about the steam controller is that it gives the fine command over your favorite games and makes sure that you are able to pay as per your demands and needs.

The steam controller actually allows you to play all of your games on your TV. It is not limited to a single game rather you can choose from a lot of games and then play them using the steam controller.

The next level of game control with Steam Controller

The benefit of the steam controller is that even the games which are designed with a mindset that no controller will be used for them are easily controlled by this steamer and add to the pleasure of the player.

The reliability of any product in the market is dependent on its value and the reviews from the users and so far the steam controller is having a strong hold on these two things.

It has the right kind of support from all the players and the distributors and they are totally happy and enjoying the game with their beautiful invention.

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Features of the Steam controller

Well, the features of the product are something which is keeping it out of the odds. It uses the best quality of the hardware to make sure that the user experiences the best during their games.

You will have the best and the very precise control using this steam controller and have full command over your favorite games.

The good thing about the steam controller is that it supports dual track pods into it.

It has the best kind of the HD haptic feedback as well which can keep you updates all the time. it also uses the dual stage triggers which are another pro thing for all the gamers out there.

The back grip buttons on the steam controller make sure that you have the right grip when playing the long games.

The control and the setting of the game are even better and offer you the customize schemes as well. You can adjust all the controls as per your own wish and make sure that the control is as per your own needs and requirements.

You have the option of having your own mapping with this steam control and you can also create a customized mapping of your own and what else can you expect from a game controller.

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Steam Controller is different

This game controller is not like the other ordinary controllers rather it has the most awesome and the modern features in it which keeps it out from the list of normal gamepads.

The traditional gamepads do not offer the luxury and the control which is offered to all the customers of the steam controller.

The input technology used in this steam controller is of the highest quality and make sure that whatever you do is having the right kind of precision.

It uses the right kind of low-latency as well which helps the users when they are performing using the wireless connection.

In short, this steam controller is designed to make sure that you get the full and powerful experience of the game using the new ways introduced by the steam controller.

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Steam Controller has dual track pods

The track pods of the gamepads play an important role and are of high significance and keeping this mind steam controller introduced dual trackpads for the customers.

The input methods and the precision of the steam controller is something which makes it the best in the market and allows you to play the games even on your PC with complete control.

It is allowing the 1:1 position for the input that to using the virtual controls similar to that of a trackball, steering wheel of the joystick.

The gamers are already familiar with the fact that all these things can be easily used to program any games as per their own demands.

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HD haptics of Steam Controller

The steam controller comes with the HD haptics which ensures that both the sides of the controller are delivering the best and the precise results to the customers no matter whatever the condition is.

They are using very high fidelity vibrations which can be used to control and measure the gamepad that too within microseconds.

You will feel the spin of the virtual trackball after using this gamepad by the steam controller. In short, you will feel everything which you are doing in the game and that just increase the joy during the game.

The smooth controllers will give you the full options and you can set the texture and boundaries for your own self and make sure that they are helping you during the games.

The good thing is that the settings can be customized for each game, helping you to have full command over your controller.

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Dual-stage triggers with Steam Controllers

The digital click that is satisfying with this controller is a pro option for all the gamers out there.

The dual settings make sure that you can use the controller both digital and the analog and make the necessary adjustments as per your own demands and wishes.

You can use both types of inputs at the same time which is even better for all the players.

You can do so many things which just a single controller and have full command and control over all the things which you are using and this is what makes it one of the best choices for each one of us.

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Steam Controller provides ergonomic control

The buttons and all other input methods of the controller are adjusted as per the frequency of the user which gives you comfort during the game.

The required precisions mean that you have complete comfort and control over it that too ergonomic.

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Hardware specifications of Steam Controller

Some of the features of the controller are explained above and let us explain some more to the users and make sure that they enjoy the best out of every function given by the company.

As we mentioned above as well the controller comes with the trackpads and too dual. The HD haptics is also a good thing for the players and can help them a lot during the games and all other stuff.

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Analog stick

The analog stick is good for the players who are more easy with the analog system and are not ready to play using the digital controls of the controller.

It also has dual stage triggers in it which can easily travel and have sensors in it as well which can switch using the tactile switch.

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The gyroscope of the game is another boost for all the players and helps them play the games in a much better way.

This becomes more helping to them especially when they are looking to control the games which are motion controlled and steering is involved in them.

The controls of the game are designed very beautifully by keeping the needs of the gamers in mind and ensure that they gave full controls over the settings of the configuration.

The pad also has the capability of controlling multiplayer battles at the same time and ensure that all such things are done by each and every gamer.

The dual mode is available to all the players, you can opt for the wired mode as well as the wireless mode of the game and play as per your own wish.

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The cable is included in the box of the game and it supports the micro USB and the USB 2.0 which is easily available all over the world so you don’t need to worry about it.

The wireless communication range of the game is very much there in the game, it gives you the range up to 5 meters which is more than enough when we are talking about a game controller.

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If you are using the standard batteries provided by the company it will give you good gaming time and according to most of the users it is giving 80 hours game time to all the users when they are playing the standard games.

The overall life of the battery is dependent upon the usage and some other factors which you can read in the guide give to the customers by the company itself.

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What all is in a box of Steam Controller?

The box of the steam controller contains the complete package to make sure that you don’t look for things here and there are buying the controller from the company.

The box contains the steam controller and the AA batteries as well to ensure the long term gaming for the players.

The wireless dongle is also given to all the users of the players and it is attached in the box. The dongle extension dock is also included in the original box of the company.

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Requirements for using Steam Controller

The requirements of the game are very simple and each one of us can cope with it if we are already in the gaming stuff.

It needs a steam machine or something which is capable of running the big picture mode or what we can call the running steam.

These things are needed to make the right kind of adjustments to the steam controllers and the mapping of the gamepad.

The Mac users should make sure that they are running OS X 10.8 or higher than that to use the steam controller on their systems.

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Steam controller warranty

You don’t have to worry about the product at the time of the buying because the company is providing the warranty to the customers to ensure that they are not scared about the quality of the product.

The valve which is the producer of this hardware product will provide you a warranty for their product which is for a limited time but can be really helpful for all the users.

However, this limited warranty is given to customers who are living in the United States of America and Canada only.

The warranty is also given to the people belonging to other places but they have different terms and conditions for that which you can know by visiting the official portal.

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Pros of steam controller

Some of the benefits of this steam controller as explained by the users are explained below with full details.

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Customization options of steam controller

The customization options of the gamepad are liked by the users and no other gamepad allows them such level of customization when it comes to the gaming.

In short, you can change every aspect of the game as per your own needs and tweak them for the needs of the game for better enjoyment.

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Steam Controller is versatile

The versatility of the controller is also very famous among all the players of the game and they think highly of the customized options of the game.

Literally, you can play any game using this device. This is something not available when it comes to other devices.

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Community configurations in the steam controller

It gives you the option of using the community configurations to ensure the safety of the gamers. You can use any top-voted community with this and get to know everything about any new game as well with the help of this controller.

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Steam Controller is comfortable

The comfort while playing any game is very important and this provides you the right comfort which makes it a good choice for all the users.

It feels very good when you hold it in your hands, and give you the perfect position for the gaming.

As it is using the haptic feedback the touchpad of the controller is very comfortable and one enjoys using the touchpad of the game.

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The accuracy of the Steam controller

The steam controller is fully accurate and that further increases the reliability and value of the controller.

The input of the touchpad is amazing and can give you the best feeling in the world. it can give you the feeling of using a mouse so you don’t need to panic about the usage of the touchpad.

The grip buttons are also available at the end of the controller which further increase your control over the touchpad and gives you the extra options when it comes to the input.

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Cons of the Steam controller

Well, nothing is perfect we all know that there come a few cons with the steam controller which is experienced by some of the users of the steam controller.

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Steam Controller takes time

Steam Controller is good to use for no doubt, but the bad thing is that it takes some time to get used to of it.

You will not get used to of it from the very first day rather it can take time to get fit in your hands.

You need to give enough time at the right time. With the passage of time, you will have full control and ease with the usage of the game.

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Buttons of Steam Controller

The buttons of the steam controller are sometimes very hard to press. You need some time to adjust yourself with the shoulder buttons of the controller.

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Fewer instructions

The instructions given to the players are not enough and sometimes you think that you need more time to understand the working of the steam controller and some other issues related to it.

If you spend time at the start in understanding the working method of the steam controller then you won’t find any issue at all with the usage of the controller.

Sometimes you need to recalibrate some of the buttons, it is not a big deal and only takes about 10 seconds but a controller of this level should not have such issues in it.

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Steam Controller

Binding Video Game
Brand Valve
Color Black
Edition Controller
Manufacturer Valve
Model V000937-00
Part Number V000692-01
Product Group Video Games
Release Date 2015-11-10T00:00:01Z
Price Disclaimer

The steam controller comes with some of the best options and features one can expect from a game controller and that is something keeping it out and loud in the market so far.

The features and the adjust and most of all the versatility of these hardware devices make it one of the best choices for all the users all over the world.

You can trust it for sure and get the most out of it from the very start and outclass your friends in the field of gaming.

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Your say

Well, after reading a lot of this hardware, would you go for it and use it for the gaming or you think it still lacks some important things?

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