Stash Review

Investment in the different business right from the start of professional life is very important and necessary as well.

Those who take care of these things right from the start can reap the benefits in their coming life. There are a lot of networks out there which are helping the youngsters choosing the right kind of investments and facilitating them at the same time in their investment career.



At the start of the investment, there are a lot of things which the newcomers need to learn and adapt with the passage of time.

These networks make sure that the newcomers in this field learn these things and become good investors with the passage of time.

These networks not only provide security but also advise about the usage of these networks.

Security is the main concern of the people these days who are investing using the online portals.

Make sure you choose wisely while starting the online investment career.

What is Stash?

Stash is one such network which simplifies the things for the customers and makes sure that the beginners choose the right thing at the start of their career.

These networks charge loads of fees as well from the customers and stash is good in this aspect as well and charges a low amount to the customers.

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What it actually does?

The idea behind a network like a stash is to make sure that the beginners have an approach towards the investment ideas.

The fee structure of stash is very attractive and it is known for charging less to the clients. The good thing is that you don’t need a large amount to start on this network.

You can always start with $5 on this network and then move forward with the passage of time. The charges for the account with less than $5,000 are just $1. A 0.25% annual fee is also deducted from the accounts with a balance of more than $5,000.

Stash is the right start for all those who want to start from a low and then build their own portfolio.

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Benefits of Stash

The good thing about stash is that it also provides the educational content regarding the investment to the users and an extensive support feature is also available to all the customers.

The account minimum is very low for the stash users and it can really help them get a good portfolio in this field.

Stash provides fractional shares to the customers which are another benefit to all those who are just starting an investment.

Stash provides value-based offerings to the customers when it comes to the investment.

In short, it provides complete support to the customers and makes sure that they are fully facilitated in all the possible ways.

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Disadvantages of Stash

There are some management issues according to some of the users in the Stash which can create problems for the people at times.

The fee on the small accounts is also considered quite high and the user thinks that it needs revision.

The ETF expense ratio is also high as compared to the other networks and that is something which needs to be addressed by the Stash management.

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Aim of Stash

The main aim of the stash is to make sure that investment is approachable to the beginners as well and they can easily start their career in this field.

It actually makes sure that the process of selecting and finding the right kind of investment is made easy for the newcomers.

The target of Stash is to help users with the exchange-traded funds and stocks. In the category of stocks, it prefers individual stocks.

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Theme based knowledge

The funds in the Stash are compiled with the help of themes which are easy to understand for all the customers.

These themes will not only show you the stats but also highlight the goals, values, risk tolerance and all other offers which are currently available for your funds.

The offers are also shown for the individual stocks and then relevant data is also available which can guide you whether to invest in it or not.

Stash will never manage the account of the investor directly rather it will give an ETF portfolio to the customer and guide them in the right direction by showing them the right things.

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Start with less

The beginners sometimes lack funds as well and that is why Stash gives you the option to start an account with as less as $5. The charges of the Stash account are also very less which makes sure that you don’t pay a hefty amount at the start of your investment career.

The good thing is that there are few offers as well for the Stash customers and the fees are waived away for few of them.

Stash also offers a bank account and debit card that too with the feature of cash-back reward. The good thing is that the rewards of that card are available at more than 7,000 merchants in the country.

There are no fees for this account and no minimum requirement which makes it even better for the customers.

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Why choose stash?

Most of the people will ask this question before starting on Stash and this is a valid question for sure.

Stash should be the choice of everyone who is just starting a career in the field of investment. It provides you with basic knowledge about the stocks and how to manage them.

The guidance by Stash on selective investments makes it lucrative for all the customers. It provides different themes to the users while they are using the app which helps them understand their stocks even more.

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Investment guidance by Stash

You can easily start investment online without the help of an online platform as well because there is nothing tricky in it. The good thing about these networks is that they provide you with the much-needed guidance as well during the investment.

While you are doing it offline, there is no such benefit to you but here they will do everything to help you with the investments.

The main aim of the stash is to help the beginners with the money and give them the skill to earn even more money.

Right at the start of the account, they will ask a few questions to the account holders and judge them whether they are ready to take risks or not.

They will determine whether the account holder has the ability to tolerate risk or not. Then moving further it will also provide a complete list of the suggested ETFs to the user and narrow down the options for it.

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Stash gives suggestions

The suggestion given by Stash is compiled after looking at the financial conditions of the user and what all can suit them for the long run.

The good thing about this app is that it knows which all investments are important at the start of the career and will give you only those which are suitable to you and make sure that they play an important role in building your own portfolio.

This feature can be considered a compliment from Stash because it is actually helping the user in getting assets and maintaining them for the long term.

The choice is completely given to the user and they can choose whatever they feel like and then build a portfolio for them in order to excel in this field.

However, the option of Stash coach in the app enables a user to make the wise decision and make sure that they are not in the loss while taking certain decisions.

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Stash provides educational content

It will also provide the much needed educational content to the user and make sure that they are choosing diversified fields in order to excel for a long run in the field.

The good thing about the Stash app is that it also offers individual stocks to the customers and rather gives more emphasis on the individual stocks to make sure that the newcomers are attracted towards it.

There are around 150 individual stocks on the app which include some of the major companies of the world including Apple, Amazon, General Motors, General Electric, and Facebook.

You can easily choose from any of them and get started in the Stash app.

The fractional share features are also available in this app and you can actually buy a share with just 5$ even if the base share price is higher than it, meaning that you don’t have to worry about the minimum price at all.

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Stash on Screen

The on-screen of the stash has some of the very important things for the customer which means they can start right from the start window as well.

The on-screen of the app presents the individual stocks and the ETFs as well to the users. Stash makes it easy for everyone to make investment no matter how much money they have in their pockets.

The main screen of the app will have a minor introduction about what all the investment is and how you can get started with it on this platform.

Visualization in the shape of a bar is also available on the main screen which shows the level of the risk to the users.

There are other tickers as well on the main page of the Stash which gives a view about the low price of the stock and the expense ratio as well as compared to the other stocks.

The main page also has a list of all the major investment holdings and how they are performing in the last few hours.

The statistics from the market can really help you get to the best of your own decision and then start your day in the market.

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Theme based directions in Stash

The good thing about this app is that it makes sure that the user is completely interested in the stocks by providing it the right kind of themes and other such things.

All the investment holdings are displayed in a much better way to ensure that the user has a complete idea about their progress without worrying much about the data and other analytics of the company.

The thematic expressions of the investment holdings make it easier for the user to invest in it and then feel good about it at the same time.

These themes are named missioned driven themes and they can actually give you good in less amount of time.

The data presented in the form of the themes help you in investing with your complete heart.

A special category with the name of I Want is also designed in the Stash app which keeps your goals in it.

The categories you like are kept in those columns and that is why these things are attractive for the users and they can easily understand things which are related to them.

The investment with the idea of themes is not something new and is already practiced in the world by many organizations and thought as a good way to gain new clients for any business in the world.

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Account minimum of Stash

Stash is popular in the world because of the low minimum as well which it provides for the customers. All you need is $5 to start with the Stash investment and that is why people love to work on the Stash app.

This is considered a very reasonable way for the greenest investors and that is why the Stash is popular and had a good name in the market for helping people start a career in the investment.

The option of the fractional shares given by the Stash app helps you start with a minimum value.

Stash gives you the option of individual stocks and the ETFs as well.

You have the option to build the best and the most diversified portfolio on the Stash network.

Stash also has a number of tools which can actually motivate the users and invite them to invest additional money into the network.

This app is really good and it has all the statistics regarding what all you have achieved so far and what all is the potential in your investment portfolio.

It will give you the projection that how much you can earn in the next year, 5 years or even in a decade by investing more into the platform.

It will show you about the returns which you can expect from the platform and your progress in the future years.

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Stash Automated Features

Stash app comes with a lot of automated features as well which can help you automate things in the app and leave very less to be done by you.

For example, the Stash app will round up all of your purchases to the nearest dollar and round them up when they hit the $5.

Another smart feature of the app allows customers to know about different flows of the networks and how they can get some more extra money from it and increase their saving at the end.

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Stash provides custodial accounts

Stash accounts are available for the children as well with the complete guidance of their parents.

This option is available for parents who want to help their children in the field of investment.

In this section, not only the guidance of parents but the app will also help them in the best possible way.

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Stash is the right platform for all those who are just looking to start a career in the online investment field.

Stash can actually help you build a strong portfolio that too under complete surveillance which makes sure that you don’t have to invest on your own and they are there to help you with every step.

They have a lot of features and the best of them is the knowledge to the investors about what they are actually investing in and what all can be the outcomes.

The complete guidance from the Stash can also help you save a lot of money as well. Stash accounts are the best thing for the youngsters and the good thing is that the fee structure of the company is also not bad for all those who are new in this field.

If you think you know nothing about the online investment but still want to pursue a career in it, this is the right platform for all the people.

You can actually learn and invest at the same time in this platform.

Your say

You must have used some other networks for the funds’ management and stock investment, which one do you think is more favorable for the users and why?

Now that you have read about this one, would you choose it for your professional investment and the guidance in it?

If yes what are the good things in it and if no what all you think needs to be improved in this system to make it friendly for the people?

The fee structure of this network is quite cool, do you like it or it is still expensive?


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