SHEIN Review

SHEIN is a world known brand which is working with the help of the e-commerce platform in the world.

The main focus and the prime products of the company are focusing on the fashion of the women but they do cover the men’s fashion as well.

You can get products for children as well and besides that, they have a big range of bags, shoes, accessories and other products for the customers.

SHEIN Review

SHEIN Review

They are working in almost all the markets but their major target is America, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East.

They believe that everyone has the right to enjoy the beauty of fashion in this world and this is something which is driving them further day by day.

The brand is not very old and was founded back in 2008 but it has made a big name in the market within a short span of time.

It is now dealing in more than 220 countries, achieving this milestone with such a small age in the market shows that they have the right potential for leading the world of fashion.

Mission of SHEIN

Their mission is to provide the people with the latest trends available in the market. They are also setting new trends in the market by introducing different styles every now and then.

The best thing about them is that you can get in touch with them for each and every style.

They will have it for you. You can also call them a one-stop shop for almost everything you need these days.

They believe in quality and never compromise when it comes to quality but also make sure that the products are affordable for people all over the world.

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SHEIN is everywhere

You don’t have to look for their store everywhere because now they are shipping their products to more than 220 countries. Their website is also supporting some of the major countries and regions of the world.

It has a warehouse which is globally positioned and making all these shipping to the customers. They believe in quality and service as well by keeping in mind the affordability.

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Product designs of SHEIN

Actually, this all starts with a single idea which is then transformed into a product by the designer.

They believe that it all begins right from the moment when the designers sit down and start planning for the product.

They claim to have the best designers in the world which are working day and night for the best service and quality of their customers.

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SHEIN manufacturing

SHEIN uses some of the very advanced machinery in the world for manufacturing. The machinery mainly focuses on the precision of the product.

The machine and the staff at SHEIN give proper attention to the style and detail of the product as well.

Quality of the product is very important for SHEIN and that is why the product goes through multiple steps before it reaches out to the customer.

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SHEIN assures quality

This is something which helped SHEIN sustain in a world full of competition, they make sure that all the products are given due attention at the time of manufacturing and sewing.

They are proud of their products and just because of their inspection and testing teams they are known as the best in the world for a reason.

In the end, they produce a reliable and fashionable item which is loved by everyone.

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Photography at SHEIN

Photography holds an important position when it comes to the world of fashion. SHEIN collaborates with some of the best photographers in the world and works with the models to capture the detail of every style they are offering to the customers.

You can review the pictures and completely analyze the style before making a final choice of purchase.

These photographs help you preview the styles and see whether they would be a good fit for you or not.

They help you a lot when it comes to the decisions related to the purchase of the product.

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Transportation of products by SHEIN

After the careful manufacturing of the products, the next step is to make sure that they are safely transported to the customers.

These products are then loaded into speedy voyages which are sent all over the world to our customers.

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SHEIN believes in customer service

Obviously, people come with question and problems related to the services but that is not going to become a problem for you because they have covered you in all the possible aspects.

They will answer you every question that too in the best possible way.

A professional customer care team is waiting for you and they can deal with you in multiple languages.

All you need is to inform them about the problem and then leave the rest on them.

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Shipping by SHEIN

SHEIN is working to ensure that the shipping gets delivered to the customer as soon as possible.

Once you place the order on the website, you will receive it within the next 6 to 17 business days.

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Verification by SHEIN

When you place an order at SHEIN, a confirmation email is sent to the user to ensure that was not a fraudulent order. When you authorize the order and it is verified, the preparation of the order starts.

It is very difficult for the company to change or cancel the order but they do try to facilitate the user in every possible way.

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Order processing by SHEIN

Normally it will take 3 to 7 business days to completely process the order. Once the order is processed it is ready to be shipped to the address you provided to the company.

The next step is the shipping of the product.

The complete detail about the shipping time is given on the official website of SHEIN.

Orders to some regions of the world cannot be delivered using the express service so they may take even more time to arrive.

Here you need to understand that the shipping time does not start from the date of the order placing.

Sometimes the orders may take even more time to arrive due to the issues like customs clearance, invalid address or other delivery issues.

In case the order got late or did not come at all, submit a request to the company within the 6 months and our member will get in touch with you and ensure full cooperation in this aspect.

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The return policy of SHEIN

This is something which makes them the best online store in the world. They made it super easy for you to return the product if you don’t like it.

However, keep in mind that the returns are accepted within the first 60 days of the purchase.

The first return to the company will be paid by the company itself but after that, you need to pay $8 for every product you are returning or return it using the post office that too on your own cost.

You also need to provide the reason for the return of the product.

The process to return the product is very simple and you can easily return anything to the company.

You need to sign into your account

Find the product you ordered and click on the button of return item.

Now select the item and provide the reason for the return of the product and simply click on the button of submit.

You will get a return slip, print the slip and paste it on the back of the product and send it back to us using the post office.

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Conditions for return

They made it very easy for you to return but there are some terms and conditions for these returns.

The item which you intend to return must be unused and in their original packing otherwise, they won’t be returned.

Any item which is damaged, worn or altered using any methods will not be returned by SHEIN.

Some of the products like jewelry, bodysuits, sleepwear, and swimsuits cannot be returned.

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Refunds by SHEIN

Once the return is accepted by SHEIN you will be refunded. The return is refunded back to the customer within the 7 days of the acceptance of the return.

The return is sent to the SHEIN wallet. You can also request the payment in your payment account.

The shipping charges are not refunded to the customers and the insurance of the product is also not refunded.

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How to order from SHEIN

SHEIN made sure that the complete experience of the user at their portal remains as simple as possible.

The shopping is very easy for all the users and they have to simple few steps and checkout for the product of their own choice.

  • Firstly browse all the products and add the product of your choice into your shopping bag.
  • The next thing is the color and size of the product.
  • Then select the quantity of the item you need.
  • You can also check the size on the portal by visiting the link where SHEIN suggests the right size for you.
  • After adding the product in your bag the next step is to check out.
  • Now click on the button of VIEW BAG and review the item which you selected, make changes if necessary, check the color, size and the quantity of the product once again.
  • If you are done, click on the button of “CHECKOUT SECURILY NOW” and you are done.
  • If you want to add more items in the bag you can click on the button of “CONTINUE SHOPPING”.
  • The next step is to sign-up to your account on SHEIN if you already have one otherwise you can register an account with just a few clicks.
  • After successful sign-in, fill all the shipping and billing details in your account.
  • Make sure you double check the shipping address.
  • Select your payment method.
  • If you have a coupon or want to redeem some points wait for the last screen of checkout.
  • At the last screen insert coupon if you have and click on the button of “PLACE ORDER”.
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Important notes

  • The process of the order will begin after the payment is confirmed.
  • SHEIN will send you an email for further verification and then start the processing of the order.
  • You can also check the status of the order and track when it is shipped.
  • You can check the status of the order by visiting your account at SHEIN.
  • You can track as well using the SHEIN account.
  • If you still need more information about shipping or payment, visit the official portal of SHEIN.
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Payment methods of SHEIN

Payment protection is provided to all the customers of SHEIN.

You can use different ways when it comes to payment. The most common method used these days is the payment using a debit card and credit card.

SHEIN accepts the cards with VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, AMERICAN EXPRESS and DISCOVER NETWORK.

SHEIN will never collect the information on your debit card.

You can call your card provider for more details about how these payments are processed.

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Pay with PayPal at SHEIN

You can also pay using your PayPal account at SHEIN. Once you choose this method you will be redirected to the payment page of PayPal.

You need to confirm the payment on the PayPal payment page by logging into your account using your credentials.

Payment with PayPal and debit/credit card at SHEIN is completely safe and you can use either way without any worries.

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Coupon codes at SHEIN

As we mentioned above, you can use your coupon codes at the time of checkout.

Click the APPLY button after applying the coupon and the discount will be adjusted to your payment.

In case you missed the button of APPLY the coupon code will remain unused and the discount will not be added to the order total.

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Terms and conditions for coupon codes

Make sure that you apply the code as received; there are no spaces before and after coupon does. It is good to copy paste the code in the given space to avoid any type of error.

You cannot use more than one coupon per order.

There are some products which are not eligible for these coupon codes and the discount will not be applied to such products.

You can read the terms and conditions at the official portal of SHEIN for more details.

At most, you can pay 70% of the price using the coupon codes.

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Bonus point program at SHEIN

SHEIN introduced different schemes which can be used to earn bonus points from them.

Once you confirm the registration of your account at SHEIN, you get bonus points from them.

You get bonus points on the completion of your profile at SHEIN.

If you review any of the product at SHEIN, you will get bonus points for it.

Share the products on social accounts and get bonus points from us.

If you save and buy products from SHEIN, you can get bonus points from SHEIN.

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Usage of these points

Well, every 100 points earned at SHEIN equals 1$.

The bonus points awarded to any individual are valid for the next 3 months only.

If a product bought using bonus points is returned, the points will not be redeemed.

There are no bonus points for the products bought using bonus points.

The bonus points awarded on buying and saving are calculated using the actual price.

SHEIN completely holds the right to amend the rules for the points at any time.

You can easily access your bonus points by logging into your SHEIN account

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SHEIN provides some of the very best product to its customers all over the world. they are slightly new in the market but even then they made a big name in such a short span of time.

They are known for their quality products and excellent customer care.

The easy scheme offered to facilitate all kinds of returns shows their commitment to resolve all the issues of the users.

The reward and the point system of SHEIN are also attracting a lot of users on the network.

The delivery all over the world is a bit slow and they need to increase their logistic system to make sure that customer gets the product as soon as possible.

The other way is to make new warehouses all over the world if they are looking to target the whole world.

A single warehouse in the US cannot complete the needs of the world and even if it does it will have shipping problems. They need to expand their system to attract more clients from all the parts of the world.

Overall they are a good choice for all those looking for quality items to buy at affordable rates.

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