Ryan’s Toys Review

The history of the channel is very amazing. The channel was started by Ryan’s  mother in 2015 when Ryan himself asked that why he is not making videos like other children on YouTube.

Her mother who was a chemistry teacher planned to quit her job and started making videos of her son and uploaded it on YouTube.

Ryan's Toys

Ryan’s Toys

This paid them well right from the start because they were working consistently and making very awesome content.

Kids all over the world loved the work of Ryan and that is what made him a star in a very short period of time.

Within a very short span of time, he made a big name on the industry and started receiving offers from some of the biggest brands of the world as well.

Ryan parent then signed a deal with the Pocket watch a children media company to start marketing and merchandising the videos and all other stuff related to the channel.

App and televisions series

Ryan with the help of his marketers and another company successfully launched an app as well for both apple and android users.

They did not just stopped at the app and made a TV series as well for the kids. This series was named Ryan’s Mystery Playdate and contained 20 episodes in it.

This series was made for the pre-schoolers and got acknowledgment from the children’s.

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Ryan a star for kids

If you have kids and that too the ones who love to spend their time online then you must be aware of the Ryans toys channel which is on YouTube.

He is known in the world as the youngest Youtuber who earned 22 million dollars in a single year. He earned this money when he was just 5 years old.

He is one of the most watched kid in the world who comes in the videos with his father, mother and a twin sister.

The story of his YouTube success is a masterpiece for each one of us who are looking to start a career on YouTube in the coming days.

He clearly shows us how YouTube can help us earn a lot of money that too without investing much in it.

The best thing which makes his channel the best is the consistency in the work. The video is uploaded on his channel on daily basis.

A video from his channel related to huge eggs channel got 1.7 billion views which are not a small figure when you look at the kid.

This means that the video by Ryan made it to the list of the most watched videos on YouTube. It is ranked on 38th number in the most watched videos on YouTube.

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Unboxing a Vlogging

Ryan channel is categorized in the unboxing and vlogging category on YouTube. It presents a different type of situations to the kids which mostly contain games and challenges as well.

They have all the types of unboxing videos as well of the toys. Different toys are unboxed in the videos and then Ryan plays with them in the video.

Different tricks are shown to the children and they are instructed about how to play with those toys.

The channel is a mixture of both unboxing and vlogging. The innocent activities of the child are liked all over the world.

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Revenue and acknowledgment

The channel is very famous in the world and since the last few years is making to top ten lists when it comes to viewership and revenue as well.

According to the Forbes, Ryan channel was the 8th highest paid channel in the year 2016 and 2017 by YouTube which shows the popularity of the channel.

He achieved even more in the next year and made it to the top of the list when it comes to the revenue and earned 11 million from youtube and the product line which was supported by Walmart.

These figures for a kid Youtuber are more than enough and he is directly challenging all the other Youtuber out there at such a young age.

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Influence in industry

Ryan is not just a kid anymore; he is more than a brand and working with some of the biggest companies in the world.

The complete toy industry of the world is influenced by this little kid. The videos made by Ryan get millions of views for sure and that seriously impact the sale of those toys.

During a funfair in 2018, Ryan announced his own line of toys which will be branded by his marketers with the help of another toy company.

They are expanding day by day and are not limited to YouTube only. These toys which were named Ryan’s world were first released by them on Walmart only.

Later these toys were released on some other stores like Amazon and Target.

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The secret of success

Ryan is just a kid but still very successful in the competitive world of Youtube where thousands of people are fighting for views and subscribers.

There are few things which make Ryan the best among all of them and one of them is authenticity. Everything displayed in the videos is real and authentic which encourages people to watch his channel over and over again.

Almost all the kids out their respect and love this little star. Kids love to watch him and try to relate themselves to Ryan in their real life as well.

Another catchy thing on Ryan’s channel is all the catchy toys which every child out their love to play with.

Most of the kids out their think of him as their friend and try to play with him in their real life as well.

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The fame and all the success came due to the support of his parents. His mother is seen in all the videos of the Ryan and now his little sister and father is also part of the videos.

Obviously, a kid with such a young age cannot succeed for himself on such a big platform but the parents keep on helping him with time to time, in the end, he was the one featuring in the videos and making everyone his fan.

His parents try to keep their identity secret due to many reasons and they are very keen on maintaining the privacy of their family in this matter.

The channel actually started when Ryan was just three years old but now Ryan himself is a star known around the world for his toy reviews.

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Why YouTube?

Most of the people ask a question about how his mother came with the idea of starting a YouTube channel that too with his toddler.

The story told by his mother is very amazing. According to her she tried her hand on YouTube during her college days as well but could not succeed.

However, when she had Ryan she planned to do it once again. This time it was a great success as we all can see it. Ryan who is just a kid made it to the top of the list when it comes to revenue from YouTube.

She also revealed one more thing about the start, initially, she started uploading videos just to keep them safe for their own family but things started to change very soon.

She saw that many people are interested in the content she is uploading and that is when she left the job at the school and pursued it properly.

The good thing is the audience of Ryan videos is of the same age as of the Ryan. They are mostly within the age of 3 to 6 and their parents are also watching with them.

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Ryan is now beyond YouTube

Who stops when the success is coming at your door? Same is the case with Ryan who didn’t stop when he saw things becoming good for him right from the start.

He is not limited to YouTube now and has many other things to do.

The most recent venture by Ryan is the collection of toys which discussed above as well. This collection is in the market now and with such a big fan following it is a sure success.

The collection contains the toys which are used in the videos by this young star.

There are many things of Ryan which are making a big name in the market but the best of it is the golden eggs which are often used in the videos of Ryan.

These eggs are considered the hottest toys when it comes to the international market of the toys. There are a lot of people looking to buy them in online stores.

Ryan team of marketing things that the ability of children to relate with each other is something which is bringing him above all.

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Relation of viewers with Ryan

Kids love to watch his videos and relate to them. They then ask their parents to buy them the same toys. This is the marketing of many different things using a single channel.

The kids see themselves in the videos and that is the reason for the success of the channel.

They watch fictional characters as well on TV but they cannot compare themselves with those fictional characters and that is the main difference.

He is a celebrity for the kids with whom they can easily relate themselves. He is a regular kid for them but very close to all of them.

Ryan is also the pioneer in his own field that made such a big mark on the international market and got success very early in his career.

Another reason for the success of the channel is that people moved from the ordinary TV series to YouTube for entertainment where they can see their favorite young star doing different things.

It is due to him that now people are marketing different things using the techniques of Ryan. There are many other people who are marketing their products using the simple and ordinary ways used by this young kid.

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Many to follow

This will not be limited to the channel of Ryan rather many other people will follow the techniques and ways used by this young kid to market their products.

People are promoting their products by keeping in mind the techniques used by the channel of Ryan.

We have seen many kids in recent times copying the style of Ryan and uploading similar videos and they have many plans for the coming year to come in the limelight.

These channels are not small rather they also have millions of views on some of their videos and are continuously growing.

Ryan introduced a totally different approach in the YouTube world which is liked by almost all the coming Youtubers.

They can earn from many sides using the techniques used by Ryan in his videos.

The kids who are trying to compete with Ryan are coming with their own products. This healthy competition is very good. Let’s see who dominates the market in the coming days.

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What’s new?

As we told you in the beginning as well that Ryan is coming with new ideas every time. According to some sources they are working on a new video game as well.

They are not limited to that rather they are also coming with some new collection of toys for the kids to make sure that they don’t see the same things on the channel every time.

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YouTube family

What started with Ryan and his mother is now a complete YouTube package for all the viewers. We all have seen that Ryan’s father and her twin sisters are also appearing in the videos with him.

According to some, there are plans to introduce his twin sisters through a separate YouTube channel. They are very much interested in the videos and can be part of a new venture by the family.

However, this is not confirmed yet and according to the family if it happens they would carve out a proper plan and then launch the new channel for the kids.

They are very much open to this idea and can work on it in the very near future.

They are keeping in mind the future but at the same time, they are keen to make sure that Ryan remains the leader on the toys industry for the coming year and enjoy being a kid.

According to parents Ryan enjoys becoming part of the videos and that is something very good for the channel as well.

He isn’t bored at all from the activity rather very much interested in the complete activity.

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Ryan’s hobbies

Ryan is not busy working on the videos only rather he does many other things as well. these things are different and all of them are very good for the kid.

According to the parents, he is very much interested in swimming as well and goes to the pool every week.

He loves piano lessons as well and plays tennis and soccer at home with some friends and his father.

According to the family, he is interested in the gymnastics as well and may start going to a teacher for it.

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Ryan’s school

Ryan is attending school as well and is surrounded by people who know that he is a big star on YouTube.

However, the parents want that their kid must learn new things and make sure that due to YouTube his studies are not harmed at all.

The teachers and the other community around him are very helping and making sure that nothing goes wrong in the classes of Ryan.

He is a millionaire for sure but the parents say that he faces issues like all other children and they have to correct him and take care of him all the time.

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Ryan is very picky when it comes to the food and parents are somewhat worried about this aspect of his life.

There are very few things which Ryan likes. The parents want him to try each and everything which is important for a child.

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Future of Ryan

According to the parents, Ryan will continue with the videos and make sure that it remains fun for the whole YouTube community.

They also told that it is Ryan who decides the type of video they shoot. They actually give him certain options and at the end, he is the one who picks it from the choices and then works on it.

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Ryan is giving the very fine entertainment to the kids out there and at the same time enjoying the status of a millionaire at a very young age.

The idea to review the toys is very great and attracted a lot of kids right from the start.

The tricky thing was to keep the things on track and that is where his parents helped him and make sure that everything remains as they plan.

They are leading the world right now when it comes to YouTube and set many new trends for the competitors out there.

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