Romwe Review

There are a lot of brands in the world and they are presenting new products to their users now and then and making their life easier.

Romwe comes with an awesome collection both for men and women and makes sure that you have new designs now and then.

They present different promotions and offers as well to the customers which can be easily redeemed. These offers are limited and you need to avail them before they end.

Romwe Review

Romwe Review

They have an offer for the first order as well and you will get a 5$ discount for the first order which you order from them.

They have different types of sales which allow you to buy products at a discounted price. They have all types of accessories as well for different things.

You cannot ignore a brand like this which is providing they’re outclassed services to the customers and winning their hearts.


They were launched back in 2010 and since then they are considered a market leader in many things and they have covered a lot of things in the world.

They are working intending to provide classy things to the customers at all times. High-Quality service is provided to all of its customers irrespective of their location.

The best designers of the world are working with them to provide you a relatively better service. They source the design and then market it as well. They are selling the clothing in all the parts of the world.

They have multiple accessories as well and other home products which are also of the latest designs and cover a lot of new things.

Their target market is the young audience which is available all over the world and they induce a local touch in all the markets and give the things which are trending in their market.

They have multiple warehouses in the world which are located in China, the US and Europe and they are facilitating the customers in all conditions.

Promise of Romwe

They work with a promise to the customers. They are dedicated to the work which they are providing to the customers.

The production covers all the humane things in it and they never compromise on the company ethics and that is their strong point so far.

They don’t tolerate any problem in their product and that is something which brought them to this place in a short period.

They gave multiple suppliers all over the world and all of them sign an agreement to which they all are bound and cannot break it no matter what happens.

They assure them of their highest standard and they make sure that nothing comes to them of low quality. These standards are in short enforced on the suppliers and they always produce the best for Romwe.

The word compromise is not part of their dictionary and they do things by keeping in mind their customers. Even if you face any issues at the time, they will correct it to make sure that you get the best in the end.

The goal is to provide fashionable wear and make sure that well-priced things are given to the customers.

Shipping from Romwe

They provide shipping for the products which are offered by the company. They make sure that most of the items are shipped to the customers within the 3 to 7 business days.

All you need is to order the product and you will get it as soon as possible from them. Keep in mind that they are not counting the weekend and the holidays in it.

They believe in their customers and if a product is not available, they will inform you straightforwardly and make sure that you are not bluffed no matter what happens.

One more thing that this is not compulsory that things orders at once come in the same shipment, they can dispatch it later as well and don’t panic if you get one thing and the other is still pending.

They don’t charge anything extra for such things and make sure that you are the winner in the end.

If a product is not in the stock they will ship it later but they will inform it as well about the availability of the product.

You can also cancel the orders as well by submitting a simple ticket to the company and they will get back to you within the next 24 hours.

Shipping time and prices

Their ultimate goal is to provide the best service to the customers for which they are doing different things.

The shipping price is different for different parts of the world and you can read about it on the main page of the brand.

The times for the international destinations are also different which you will know when you get in touch with them.

The shipping rates are changed in the peak seasons so you have to take care of it as well. The issues can be due to the address problems. Make sure that you are providing them the right address in conditions.

They have fixed rates for all countries above which the delivery is completely free for the users.

Status of shipping

A good company will always provide you the status of the shipping as well and stay in touch with you wherever you are. They will always provide you all the important information.

Check your account and you will get notification about the status of your order. If the orders do not arrive during the 6 months then you can submit them the ticket and get more information about it.

The representatives will get back to you within the next 24 hours and track your order and give you the required compensation as well.

They will not accept any overdue respect so keep this thing in your mind as well, you can know more about the tracking from their official portal.

Address of Romwe

They have office address as well where you can get in touch with them and they will give you detailed information about it.

They do not ship anything to the PO boxes. Addresses which are generally are not accepted, so you need to provide them the exact address for getting the order.

Make sure that you provide them the detailed shipping address so that the order is shipped to customers on time.

The problem can be due to the invalid address so in that case that won’t be a problem for the customers.

Return policy of Romwe

They have a good return policy as well which make sure that if the product is not as desired so you don’t have any issue at all. In short, you comply with it and get new things from them.

Conditions for return

They have different conditions for the return which you need to complete to make sure that your application is accepted for return.

The return date is having a period of 60 days and after that, they will not accept the return from you. You have to decide in this period whether the product is good for you or not.

They are happy to accept the items which are still unworn and unwashed as well. Any item that is affected in your custody will not be accepted by them so keep this thing in your mind.

If the piece of cloth which reaches you defects, they will accept the refund for it from you.

The return policy is simple and gives you a lot of leverage and make sure that you control all the things.

Non return items

There are some items which cannot be returned so keep that in mind, these products include the bodysuits, sleepwear, swimwear, health care and other accessories about which you can get detailed information when you are purchasing from the website of the company.

The gifts and the free sale items are also not eligible for the return so make sure that you are fully aware of the things you are buying from them.

You have to check about the return address and then send the item to it and that is nit same to that mentioned on the package.

If you are sending the package on the address mentioned on it then it will affect the return and may take a lot of time.

How to return

There is a return procedure as well which you need to follow to send them back the product. The first step is to submit them the ticket after which they will require a valid reason for the return as well.

Make sure that you have a valid reason for the return of the package before you are sending back the package.

While returning the product, the pack it securely and make sure that nothing goes wrong during the return of the product.

They will also provide you an authorization number when you will get in touch with them so make sure that you are presenting that information to them while you look for the return of the product.

The carrier through which you are sending the package should be traceable as well.

Refunds from Romwe

They also provide a complete refund to the customers. Most of the returns which you order from them will be sent back to you 5 days after receiving the product so remain patient during that time.

If you are using the Romwe wallet the refund will be sent to that wallet. You can receive the refund in your account as well in advance.

They will provide you the return at all costs and make sure that things are in your complete control.

The balance if in your wallet can be used for the next purchases as well so that is a good thing for you.

You will also get a notification for the refund and an email as well.

The returns shipping charges are non-refundable so you must keep this thing in your mind before proceeding for such an order.

The shipping fees and the insurance amount are also non-refundable.

Exchange of Romwe

This is something where you will find that the company is not working as you thought it would. According to the note on their official website, they apologize for this no exchange policy so far.

They may review it in the future and give a better policy but so far they are not accepting any type of exchange from the customers.

They will only exchange items which are not defective so keep these things in your mind. You have to send them the request and they will get back to you in the next 24 hours and solve your issue.

Payment methods

This is something about which the users are worried about. There are different ways through which you can pay them and that is something encouraging. They are currently supporting the credit and the debit card as well.

They have PayPal support as well and you can use it as well to pay them. they also have an e-wallet which is also used for the payments at their locations.

They have some local payment methods as well which can be used for the payments. You can check their official page for more details about the payments which they are accepting.

Romwe Point System

They have a point system as well which is used by them to give rewards to the customers. You will get points for every order and the 100 points when earned from them means that you have earned 1$.

You can get a good amount of discount from them. The postage and the insurance and the taxes are not included in it.

The points are valid for 3 months and after that, you won’t be able to use these points. Make sure that you use these points before they expire automatically.

Romwe Cash on Delivery

They provide cash on delivery service as well. The cash on delivery service is available in a few countries only that include Qatar, Bahrain, Saudia Arabia, UAE, India, Hong Kong, and some other countries.

For the rest of the countries, you need to pay them beforehand and only then they will proceed to the order to the customers.

Even in the countries where they are accepting the cash on delivery, they have some maximum and minimum limitations which you need to keep in mind.

There is a service fee for the cash on delivery as well and for more information, you can check from their website that how to pay on the website.

Wallet balance

They provide you the offer to use the wallet balance for your shopping. There is an option on the right side of the page.

You can use the balance for different purchases all over the website and sometimes you can get a return as well.

You can also get the payment back from the wallet in your bank account, but for that, your account must be active in which you want that balance.

Click on the option of my wallet and you will withdraw your balance there. This does take some time before sending back the money to you but it will get in your account ultimately.

Billing address

The billing address can be changed anytime so you don’t need to worry about that. The address is automatically generated when you are trying to get something from them. You can click the edit button and change the address.

The billing address and the shipping address can be different and there are no issues in it.

Order cancelation

They provide you the option to cancel your order as well. You can easily cancel the order whenever you feel like. There are two types in which you can cancel the order.

The unpaid orders are also canceled and that is automatically canceled as well if you did not pay anything in the next 24 hours.

Secondly, you can visit your account section and there cancel the order by visiting the MY order section.

The paid order can be canceled as well but in that case, make sure that you haven’t received any notification so far.

The orders which are already shipped from the warehouses cannot be canceled so make sure that the orders are not shipped yet and you did not receive any notification.

In this case, you have to wait and receive the order and then apply for the return or the refund from the company.


Romwe is indeed one of the best platforms for all those who are looking for new stuff now and then and want to remain trendy and fashionable all the time.

They have a good return and refund policy because they believe in good customer care. They don’t offer exchanges right now but that can be offered shortly.

They have ranked a good brand with some of the best collections in the world.

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