Rogersville Review

The Rogersville Review publishes its newspapers twice every week and they are in Rogersville, Tennessee. You can visit their website and sign up if you are not yet a member. If you have already subscribed, you can simply log in and you will get the latest news both local and international.

The Rogersville review has a news section, sports, obituaries, art and entertainment, classifieds, community, worship, kids scoop and so much more. If you are looking to advertise with Rogersville review, you can do so and you can also promote your event. The review comes with a lot of advantages and you will never be left behind.

How Did It All Start?

Rogersville Review was founded on July 23, 1885, by Will Robertson. Cradle of Tennessee Journalism is the name of the company that first published the state’s first newspaper. The newspaper was initially a weekly publication but later changed to publishing twice a week on Wednesdays and Fridays. Robert Ferguson and George Roulstone were among the first publishers in Rogersville newspaper publisher.

Rogersville has been publishing different newspapers over the years and the first newspapers included the Rail Road Advocate, Holston watchman, and The Calvinistic magazine. Other papers that have also been published include Rogersville Spector, Rogersville Gazette, Hawkins county free press, The weekly reporter, and many more.

Eleanor Sheets was one of the most celebrated publishers and editor who worked for the Review till her death. She was among the first female publishers who was recognized in the industry. Her keen publishing ability ensured that went to the White House in the 1960s. She was among the first woman publishers to dine with John F. Kennedy.

Rogersville Review

Rogersville Review

The Review provides online features, business features, national entertainment, columns, A&E, sports, and coronavirus news. You can trust all the information you get from the Review as they are genuine and up to date. There is a section where you can contribute to support local journalism because the universe needs trustworthy reporting.

The Future

Rogersville Review has expanded its coverage to communities such as Hawkins County, Grainger, and Hancock. The Review has expanded from publishing newspapers to publishing Discover magazine series, Hawkins marketplace, and Hawkins county great home search. Rogersville Review is also planning to offer reader commentary on Facebook and daily news updates.


The Rogersville Review is located on the East Main Street Rogersville, Tennessee. They have different sections such as weather, multimedia, columns, photos, online features, entertainment, business, local news, and opinions. If you want to get the most trusted local news and updates, just visit the Rogersville review website for more insight.

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