Protonmail Review

Protonmail Review

Communication in the world is changing with the passage of time. There are a lot of things in the world which will help you stay connected with the world.

The ordinary system of the mails is not functional anymore and even if it is, the only limited number of people is using it.



The good thing about this new system is that is fast and gives you quick access to your friends and family. You can also deal with all of your commercial dealings using the mail services.

These applications and systems can be used to send and receive files as well. in short, this is a complete package which can help you sort out most of your problems.

There is nothing important than the conversation and the communication which helps us stay connected and above all solve most of our problems.

Although Google is the leader in the email services of the world however, there are things which can be used alternative to Google and they are giving pretty nice features to the people.

You may not find them as advanced as the world leading apps but they are really good as far as the necessity of a person is concerned.


Protonmail is one such service which is giving the option to the user to use its secure email services which are actually based in Switzerland.

There is no doubt at all that you will easily secure all the information and your communication using the mail services of the Protonmail.

The email account of the Protonmail is encrypted and that is why you don’t need to worry about the security at all because that is the guarantee of the company.

The good thing is that the application of Protonmail is also available worldwide which decreases the problems of the people and they can easily access it anywhere in the world without any problem.

You can either use the web version of the Protonmail or also access the application from the android store of the iOS store and use it for your daily communication purposes.

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Protonmail is neutral

Well, we used the world neutral in the sense that they are completely in your favor when it comes to security and privacy.

All the servers of the company are located in Switzerland from where they are operated and are completely secure to use for everyone around the world.

The Swiss security and the privacy laws are very strict that is why the data is completely secure and is under the legal protection making it even safer for all the users.

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Protonmail gives an end to end encryption

You must have heard about the end to end encryption before as well which gives complete protection to the user and make sure that their data is not accessed by any third party no matter what the reason is.

This modern privacy feature is used by the advance companies to gain the trust of their users and let us inform you that Protonmail is using the same advanced system to give protection to their user.

The end to end encryption also means that your data is not even accessed by the company making it even more secure.

Your data or the activity online is never compromised or sold to the third party for any purpose.

Some companies in the world present different reasons for spying the data, they are trying to use the data to enhance their features and some are even using it for advertisement purposes as well.

When the company is not having the access to it how can they sell it to a third party, so you don’t need to worry about it at all because it is totally in the safe hands?

The company will never decrypt these emails and make sure that it is not shared with the third party as well.

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Protonmail gives you an anonymous email

The main goal of Protonmail is to protect the rights of the users. They do everything in their domain to protect the data from the third parties.

You don’t need to provide them any personal information to create the account and that is another awesome feature of the Protonmail.

They keep you anonymous and at the same time make sure that you are having full benefits of the mail service.

These are some of the things which make it one of the best services in the world and for the right reason.

Other companies keep complete track of your IPs and all other things to make sure that they are controlling and monitoring you but Protonmail will never keep the details of your IPs and the login address.

Your privacy is the only option and the priority of the company and their decisions and actions are right supporting it.

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Protonmail is easy to use

Protonmail is very easy to use for all the customers making it one of the most user-friendly applications in the world overall.

The good thing is that you can easily use it on any device without the complete installation process. You don’t need to worry about the other services you are using for the email because they can totally comply with the other systems as well.

It is fully compatible with the other mail systems and makes sure that you easily receive and send the emails to them without any problem.

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Protonmail has a modern design

The design and the interface of Protonmail are very modern and catchy, the users are happy with the overall design and the working of the application so far.

The productivity of the Protonmail keeps it ahead of most of the other services and it is fully optimized and can be used to cover all the aspects of the mailing.

All the details inside the system are fed in a way to make sure that the reader easily organizes, send and read the emails.

The email system is one of the best when it comes to the design and that is why people find it very easy and convenient to use.

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Modern design plus security

The modern design is not the only thing they have; there are proper and modern security features as well which keeps you safe from all kinds of threats online.

All you need is to install the application and start using all the perks of the Protonmail.

The next generation inbox of the mail is beautifully designed and then protected as well by the company to make sure that there is no issue in it.

The encryption method used by the company is completely invisible to the third parties and that is why they can never access it without the permission of the company.

It is completely invisible to the hackers and the third parties thus making it much easier for the company to protect your interests.

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Physical security of Protonmail

Protonmail is completely secure to use without any second thought and then the there system is developing day by and day and they are continuously taking steps to make it even better.

Their commitment to protecting the rights and the privacy of the users makes them unique in this advance and technological world.

The physical infrastructure of the company is also completely safe and you don’t need to worry about the security feature at all.

The physical infrastructure of the company is under the most secure place in the world. It is beneath 1000 meters of rock that too solid making it the most advanced and secure data center in Europe.

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How did it start?

The story of the Protonmail begins a few years back. They thought of the idea right from the beginning of the web in the world.

The developers of the company include some of the very best engineers and scientists in it which made sure that nothing less than perfect is given to the customers.

It was actually founded by a scientist in 2013 and since then the idea became popular every passing day making it more secure for everyone around us.

The vision behind the creation and start of the Protonmail was to provide more private and secure internet services to the customers thus making it one of the best and secure services in the world.

It is now thought as a global effort as well which is started to secure the internet and at the same time give the due rights to the users.

They have their own research institute which makes sure that everything given to the user is first thoroughly researched in their own system and when they are sure about the best performance of the update, only then it is given to the customer.

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What do they want?

Even today Protonmail is committed to providing secure internet service to the customers and making sure that nothing comes in their way.

They term it as the basic right of the customer to have full access to all of their information and no one else has the right to use it for any purposes without their permission even if they are for research.

They look to enhance their services in the future and make sure that a state of the art facility is given to the people without risking their data to criminals and the third parties.

According to Protonmail, privacy is also a basic human right and must be protected at all costs. The company says that the support of the users is making them more positive about the contribution to the internet world and a safer one.

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Protonmail launched proton VPN

Protonmail has also launched the VPN services for the customers making it easier for them while they are browsing online.

The VPN services are already open for the public and will help them stay private during their online activity.

The company terms it as a milestone in the field of privacy because ultimately it is going to help people all over the world.

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Why use Protonmail?

There are many things which completely justify the use of this modern and yet secure service provided by the Protonmail.

It gives you complete privacy which is a big thing in this modern world full of hackers and criminals waiting for a small opportunity.

They are always looking to get something out of you and that is why the Protonmail is giving you the options to stay secure all over the world.

Your data is completely secure against all kinds of hackers once you will use the Protonmail service. The good thing is that it will also help you to keep important records that too for many years making it easy to keep your history and at the same time private from everyone else.

The edge to their services is the encrypted technologies and the systems used by them. Their systems totally comply with the Swiss laws as well which means you can punish them anytime if you think they are using your data or making any other mistake in it.

You have the complete protection in the name of the laws which are there to defend your rights at each and every cost.

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Easily send and receive

It is very easy and convenient to send and receive emails using the advanced systems of the Protonmail, which makes it easier for you to do everything that too in a limited time.

As we explained above as well that the complete system is encrypted and will never be decrypted by the company and keeps you secure and every cost.

You don’t need to worry about these things while using their services. They are only read by the receiver and no third party including Protonmail has to access to them.

They will give you the option to encrypt the email when you are sending it to someone and you can select a password as well at that time which will help you keep your message safe.

The recipient will then get the message and the password. Only he has the key to use the message and then delete it or keep it for future use.

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Protonmail gives full control

You are given full control when you use this modern system of the world and that is the best thing about them.

The reply of the message is also in the form of the encryption and follows the same protocols making it nearly impossible for any third party to access your data no matter what system or options they are using to decode it.

The complete process is transparent and you can fully trust the company due to its reputation in the market. They are working day and night to protect the rights of the users and nothing is more important to them aside from the rights and the privacy of the customer.

You are the in charge of your account and only you have the permission and options to do certain things in it and that is what makes them the most secure email provider in the world.

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There are a lot of mail and communication services out there but it is not easy to trust them because of their reputation.

Most of them are selling data to third parties for the money and then these third parties use this data for different purposes.

No matter how advanced and the best service are, there are some flaws in it.

Sometimes the systems or the applications are working in the right direction but there is little vulnerability in it which makes it difficult for them to keep your data safe.

These vulnerabilities are used by the hackers and they get access to your complete data without much defense from the system.

This is where Protonmail comes in to rescue you from this whole mess. They are giving a perfect solution so far for all of your problems in the face of an encrypted system which can protect your rights at all costs.

You will be given full access to your account and no one else has the permission to use or manipulate your data in any way and that is something positive about them.

They are actually fighting in the market for the protection and the privacy of the user and no one does that in this advanced world where data is considered the most important thing.

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Your say

You must be using some other applications for the mailing and communication for sure, did you ever had the fear of the data theft or spying using your devices?

What do you think needs to be done to protect the rights of the customers by these companies? Do you think that the efforts by Protonmail are enough to protect the rights of the customers?

If yes, would you use this mailing service to make sure that your complete data remains secure from all types of the third parties?

Let us know about your views in the comment section below.

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