Price County Review

The Adams Publishing Group (APG) is a publishing service company that publishes newspapers, websites, magazines, periodicals, printing, and events in the USA. The Price County Review operates under APG and it always provides up-to-date news, sports, obituaries, classifieds and so much more. You can become a member by subscribing to their website.

APG Price County Review was founded in 2013 and the headquarters can be found in Greenville Tennessee. The company has more than 2300 employees. APG owns more than 127 newspapers in the United States. In case you want to follow the APG Wisconsin price county review, you can do so using their social media handles found on their website.

What is APG Media of WI?

APG is a media coverage company that operates in northwestern Wisconsin. It provides operations to press such as Sawyer county, Rice Lake Chronotype, Spooner advocate, Eau Claire Leader-Telegram, and the Price County Review. All these companies can be found online. All the information found on their different sites is current and up to date.

Adams Publishing Group has three different divisions: APG East, APG West, and APG Central. The east wing has states like Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, Delaware, Ohio, Michigan, and North Carolina. APG West has states like Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. APG Central operates in Wyoming, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Price County Review

Price County Review

About the Family

Mark Adams is the CEO of Adams Publishing Group and he is a third-generation media personality. Cedric Adams was his grandfather, and he was active in television, radio, and newspaper. The Adams family has a network of over one billion dollars. Their company is still growing, and it is one of the most recognized media publishing companies in the United States.

Price County Review provides different kinds of news from local, regional, community, schools, and even business. You will also get the latest trending news stories and they also provide special publications. Make sure to sign up on their E-newsletter for the latest updates. Some of the services provided by Price County Review include classifieds, weather, place an ad, online features and you can also advertise with them.


The Adams Publishing Group homepage is well designed and has all their review journals and you can easily select the one you want. Make sure to sign up and you will always get the latest news both local and international. In case of any queries, you can simply contact the company by visiting the contact us page.

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