Paribus Review

There are a lot of services in the world these days which are providing services to the customers and making sure that they are having savings in all the parts of life.

This is a service which provides comparisons of different products to the customers and makes sure that the users are buying things from the right retailers.



This shows that the innovations and the ideas all around the world are making sure that more comfort can be bought to the customers.


The service which is under discussion today is named Paribus which provides services to the customers all over the world.

Actually, the service compares the prices of the products and then provide you with the lowest possible rates and the good thing is that if you find anything anywhere in less price, they will refund you the difference of the price.

In short, they try to make sure that you get the best price on any commodity in the world. It is comparing the prices of some of the biggest retailers in the world and makes sure that the cheapest and the most reliable product goes in your hand.

However, there are few misconceptions about the Paribus that it provides a guarantee to the customers. They don’t provide any kind of the guarantee or endorsement for the third party products.

They will provide you the information and then make sure that you make the best choice in the world.

All the third parties available on the website of Paribus are not liable to the policy and the company does not have any claim for them.

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What do they do?

Paribus is relatively a new website when we compare it with the others but the good thing is that they have made a good name in the market in a less span of time.

This shows their good service and the commitment to society and their will to change and provide the best things to the customers.

Those third parties or the companies are solely responsible for their products or the prices are given for them.

The trademarks of the other companies on Paribus are on their own respective owners and they don’t have any claim for it.

In simple words, they monitor all of your purchases and make sure that the price drops anywhere in the world; you get the refund for sure.

There are few people who think that Paribus is a scam but this conception is totally changed but most of these complaints are wrong.

The in-depth research and some shopping using them show that they are working legitimately and giving cheap products to the customers.

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History of Paribus

The Paribus as explained above is relatively a new company which was formed in 2014 and the parent organization of Paribus is named Capital One.

The people who want to use this service must be over 18. There is no pricing of the Paribus and you can totally use it for free.

The founders of Paribus are named Karim Atiyeh and Eric Glyman. However, now the owner of the Paribus is Capital One in 2016.

The application of Paribus is available on the android and apple store. The website can be accessed all over the world on the computer.

The working and the methodology of the Paribus is explained completely in this article.

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Sign up for Paribus

The process is very simple and makes sure that Paribus will give you the chance for the signup and make sure that the store will give you the refund in case of the price change.

You can use the email address to sign up and then enjoy the services for a lifetime. They will scan all the receipts you receive from the companies and the retailers.

The good thing is that you don’t need to worry about your data as well because they will never sell your data to any third party or company.

Your data is completely protected under the Paribus organization. Make sure that you learn and read the terms and conditions of the company and get to know all the details about them.

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Working of Paribus

The working of Paribus is very simple, the only thing you need to do in shop from the online store and then plan your vacations as a normal person.

Paribus will then monitor the prices of the brands all over the world and make sure that the price change is given to the customers.

They will then track your email to make sure that the price remains the same and when they find out about the price change, you will get the notification about the refund from the company.

When they are sure about the potential saving and the change in the price, they will let you know and then help you get the refund from the company from which you made shopping.

The people who think this is a scam should look at the number of people using the services of Paribus. There is a potential saving of more than $29 million so far by the customers and that is something more than enough to use this service.

This data is evidence that the company is working for the service of the people.

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Paribus retailers

The good thing is that it is not supporting only small brands but the biggest brands in the world are listed on the Paribus.

More than 25 brands in the world are listed on the store which includes Target, Amazon, Walmart, Macy’s, Gap and Nordstrom.

They are not limited to the stores only but also assist and compare the rates of the hotel rooms to the people.

Some of the biggest hotels or the brands in terms of hotels are available on their network and they will provide you with the comparative data to make sure that you get the best price from them.

Some of the most prominent hotels on their list are, Priceline,, Marriot and Hilton.

In short, they are looking to assist and help people save while touring the whole world and staying in luxury places all over the world.

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What does it offer?

There are a lot of things offered by Paribus. They will assist you in the price drops which are the first thing in the mission list.

They will help you in getting the money back from the brands if the price changes or drops.

They will also compensate for the late deliveries to the customers. They are tracking the products while they are on the way and make sure that if they are late, you get compensation from the company.

The hotel refund is also given to the customers to make sure that they travel the whole world in the minimum possible price.

Once they will know that you have booked a hotel, they will keep an eye on the price and make sure that you get the refund if the price gets dropped at any time.

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Paribus user’s reviews

The reviews of the users about the Paribus are good so far and they have received positive feedback from the people so far.

You can visit the social media handles of the Paribus and read the reviews of the customers who are mostly happy because of the refund they got from the company due to the price change.

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Why Paribus?

Most of the people ask the question that why should they use the services of Paribus? As we informed you that Paribus will track the prices of the brands and make sure that your online purchases are refunded.

You must be worried about what is the outcome to the Paribus; they don’t actually pay from their own pocket because most of it is coming from the company itself.

All the brands and stores in the world are providing the price adjustment feature to the customers and all you need is to file a complaint to them when you see the price change and they will only complain to the brand on your behalf.

This filing of the complaint may seem bit hectic but they are here to do this work for you. They are actually helping you to save time and energy.

They will track the orders as well and assist you and inform you about the price changes as well. It can help you save a lot of dollars and increase your savings.

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Late deliveries

The late deliveries from brands all over the world are compensated by providing $10 to the customers.

What else do you want, if they are also willing to pay you for the late delivery as well?

This whole thing shows that this is not a scam at all and actually they are helping the customers and are not wrong. They are totally and neat in the business.

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What is in for Paribus?

The Paribus demands the read, delete and send access to your mailbox which means that you are giving them the full control of your mailbox.

There is an option to connect your Amazon account or the credit or debit card with the Paribus in order to make sure that the change in the price is detected.

They will send you the online receipt as well when they detect the change in the price.

All you need is to give them the access to your mailbox because they need to scan it to keep the comparison updates and inform you whenever there is a refund.

If you are willing to give this permission to the Paribus, you are actually agreeing to save hundreds of dollars.

If you are more worried about the privacy of the security of your account then the suggestion is to stay away from Paribus because they need full access to your account in order to scan it for the comparison time and again.

They have a nice rating in the overall business world as well because the services provided by them are liked by the people as they are saving money.

The better business bureau ranks them in the B grade and that is something great for a website like this which is not old in this type of business.

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What is Paribus payment method?

How do they pay is something each of the customers is worried about but this is not something tricky at all because they are ready to pay you in your bank account.

However, you can only get the refund in your bank only if your card is linked with the Paribus account.

The good thing is that there is no threshold or any other limit system in the payment method and you can receive the refund for a single product as well.

When the price match is approved by the Paribus, they will send you the amount and you don’t need to do anything at all.

They also give the option of PayPal to the customers for the refunds from the company.

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Complaints regarding Paribus

Nothing is perfect in this world and nothing can be perfect ever in this world, there is room for important in everything around us and the same is the case with the Paribus as well.

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Working problem

There are few customers who face few problems while using the services of the Paribus. Most of the users complain that the Paribus is not working in their account and they are not getting any information regarding the price change or the match.

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Refund problem

Some of the people also have the complaints that they never got the refunds from the company which is another major issue for sure.

There can be several reasons for the above-mentioned problems but mostly it happens because there is no price match or change for your purchases so far.

When your purchases and shopping is not eligible, they don’t send you notifications. They will only inform you once there is a price match for something which you bought.

If you are not receiving the refund then there is no fault of the Paribus because they are just the facilitators in the whole process and actually the company needs to pay you to refund.

We can actually call them the middle man who does all the dealing for the customers and actually the company from which you did the shopping needs to pay you the refund.

The problems sometimes can be due to technical issues which may be the hindrance in the refunds or the delays which are solved by the company upon your request.

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All you need in all these cases is to get in touch with the customer support of the Paribus and they will try to solve your problems as soon as possible.

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What are the doubts about Paribus?

There are few doubts in the minds of the people about the Paribus because they have extensive access to your mailbox and have the ability to delete different emails at times.

However, they do not have any such goal or aim in their mind so you don’t need to worry about this thing at all.

They only look for the receipts in your account that too for the comparison purposes. They will check all the files and send the refund request if there is a possibility.

Even after the price is matched, you have the final decision whether to file a complaint to the company or not.

One last thing about the service that they are not available in the whole world, rather the service right now is available in the countries like the United States and Puerto Rico which means the worldwide customers cannot use this facility.

However, there are multiple other services which are somewhat related to it and can be used to get the benefits and discounts from the brands.

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One thing is very much clear about Paribus is that they are not a scam at all rather providing fair services to the customers.

The access to the email address is a bit harsh for the people worried about privacy and they should not choose this service at all.

However, if you are fine with the access to the mailbox, this is a cool way to save some that too without any effort.

There is nothing on your part and you are just the one to give them the permission and then leave the rest on the company.

There is no big science in the working method of the Paribus and all they do is to provide the service to the user and make sure that they get the best price in the market without any effort.

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Your say

Now that you have read about the services of the company, do you think that this is a good option for the people out there?

Should they trust Paribus and give them access to the data and the mailbox and remain sure that their data is not shared with any third party?

What all do you think is good in this service and what all can be added in it to make it even better?

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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