Naked Wines Review

Naked Wines Review

There are many joys in the world but the best of them come in the wine. It gives you a separate kind of delight and peace at times.

These days no party in the world is complete without wine. You cannot even think of attending a functioning without consuming wine.

Naked Wines

Naked Wines

There are many brands in the world and you can choose any of them as per your taste and budget.

Naked Wines

Naked Wines is actually a platform which gives the wine to the people and can be called an online retailer for wine.

The service was launched by Rowan Gormley in 2008 and started its operation in the United Kingdom.

They are very careful when it comes to the customers and they call the customers Angels and have the wines from all over the world.

You can get the wine from all over the world using their service and the good thing is that they will provide you, independent winemakers.

The pricing structure of the Naked Wines is very economical and they present you the wines at wholesale prices and what all you can expect from a wine retailer.

There are few reports that the wines sold by the Naked Wines are not available in the open market which means that they are having special contracts with the retailers.

This is something bad because you won’t be able to compare the prices because these wines are nowhere in the market.

They have a wide range of wines in their stores and most of them are shipped in the USA, UK, and Australia.

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Naked Wines model

They are working on the model of the social network. They are very good when it comes to the interaction with the customers and encourage them to leave the reviews as well.

These reviews of the customers make it even easier for them to judge the product. A percentage of the happiness of the customer is available under the product which helps them decide whether to buy it or not.

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Naked Wines Awards

The service is liked by the people and received a few acknowledgments as well in the form of awards. They are named Business of the Year during the National Business Awards in 2011.

There are few other awards as well which means they are performing well in the market so far and would work in the same way in the future.

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Naked Wines Acquisition

The service was so famous that it was acquired by Majestic Wine in 2015 and the founder Rowan Gormley was appointed as the CEO of the whole group.

This was a great achievement for the group in a short span of time.

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Financial bond of Naked Wines

Naked Wines also raised money for the fine wines in the shape of a financial bond. They raised a good amount of money in just a month.

The bonds of the Naked Wines were offered 7% interest in the form of cash and some credit as well in their Naked Wines accounts.

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The marketplace of Naked Wines

The marketplace of the Naked Wines was changed using the direct approach. They also allow the wine retailers using their platform that too at the discounted price.

They also give them the option of the proposed case using the bidding process and the Naked Wines will keep the commission in their account.

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Naked Wines ordering

The ordering at Naked Wines is very easy for all the users. all you need is to visit their portal, add the desired wine in your basket and then go for the option of checkout.

There is the option of live chat for all the customers which can be used to place an order. In this, you ask the customer care to place the order for you and they do the rest.

Naked Wines will ship the order to the customer in the cases of 6. The good thing is that you will not be charged with any delivery charges if the order is above $100.

The free delivery option is not available for the customers who are using the vouchers of the Naked Wines.

There are times when the order gets delayed due to a large number of orders and the company will not ship anything less than 12 cases.

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Naked Wines payment method

Naked Wines accept cards as well. You can use Maestro, American Express, Visa and Mastercard on the Naked Wines.

The billing address and the address on the card should match for the transaction otherwise you won’t be able to make any purchases.

The company finds it difficult to verify the address so make sure that they are same.

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How to pick a wine at Naked Wines?

There are many questions in the mind of the customer at the time of purchasing. They wanted to choose something which is near their heart and would be tasty as well.

There are a few ways which can be used to pick the best wine from their stores.

There are recommendations on the cases of the wine as well and they can also help you choose the most suitable wine for you.

You can also use the search box on the website and mention your taste or style and get the suggestions and recommendation from the company about a wine.

There is the option of filters on the page of the Naked Wines. You can use these filters to sort out the best and most suitable wine for yourself.

The rating of the wines and the reviews by the customers are also helpful and will help you choose one of the best wines for sure.

If still confused, get in touch with the customer service and get the suggestions from them about wine.

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Why 2 prices for each case?

They have introduced the concept of angels and non-angels on their store which means that the 2 prices are functional at the portal.

The angel price is actually the price which is decided after the angel funding and can be slightly lower than the normal price of the wine.

The angels also have an account with the company in which they invest and also get cash back from the company and low prices as well.

If you are looking for the discount, the good way is to invest in the Naked Wines and get the most out of it.

As we told you in the start as well that the wines available at Naked Wines are exclusively available on this portal.

So you won’t be able to recognize any branding of other companies on them.

These are exclusive wines which are funded by the angels and are specially made for them.

Their investment surely gave fruitful results and the company made some of the very best wines for the customers.

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Bottling of Naked Wines

Most of the bottling of the wines of Naked Wines is in Germany. The wines as ordered by the Naked Wines are sent to them in large shipping containers.

This shipping will not affect the quality of the wine at all.

The tankers and the containers use the most advanced technology and will not change the taste of the Naked Wines.

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Money back guarantee by Naked Wines

The good thing is that if you don’t like the wine, they will give you a money back guarantee as well. There is nothing for you to lose in this whole thing.

The process to arrange a refund is easy for all the customers. You can ask the live chat as well to arrange a refund for you or get in touch with the customer service of Naked Wines.

The phone lines and other services of the company are also always available for the customers.

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Delivery of Naked Wines

The Naked Wines gives some of the very best delivery options to the customers. They give a lot of options and the pricing is also easy and economical.

The standard delivery system of the company is on the very next day if it is the working day and the address is of the United Kingdom.

However, make sure that you are ordering the wine before 5 pm.

The standard delivery charges of the Naked Wines are £4.99 and then if you are looking to get free delivery the order must be above £100.

You also have the option to deliver the wine the day after the next day as well. The delivery option can be up to 5 days in the Naked Wines.

There is a signature delivery service as well of the Naked Wines which gives you the wine before noon as well and they will charge you £6.99 for this service.

There are a few cases in which you don’t have to pay anything for the delivery of the wine. In case you are using the voucher then you have to pay the delivery charges to the company.

There is another service named Click and Collect as well which is available on the 213 Majestic stores in the UK.

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How to check delivery areas?

The delivery of Naked Wines is available in most of the areas of the UK. The delivery is not available on some of the postal codes so that can be a problem at times.

They can access all types of the addresses and locations and deliver you the wine on it using the parcel mote, AddressPal, and DPD Parcel.

The next day delivery service is also not available in some of the postcodes. The list of the exceptions is given on the website of the Naked Wines.

There is no problem even if you are not available at the locations because the company will deliver it to some places safer.

If the wine gets damaged or anything else happened the company will replace it for you that too without charging anything from you.

Use the live chat services of the company to get the solution for all of your problems.

The good thing is that you can track your order as well when it is under delivery. When the order is confirmed a link is given to the customer, which can be used to track the order.

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Naked Wines account issues

The payment methods of the Naked Wines are very flexible which can be adjusted as per the needs of the customers.

The money you pay to your Angel account is always yours and you have full control over your money.

You can read the full terms and conditions about the payment method and other things by visiting the official portal of the company.

There is the option to cancel the account as well at any time. In case of the account cancellation, you will get the full money which is unspent.

Your money is completely safe in the account of the Angels.

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Naked Wines vouchers

Naked Wines presents different gift cards and vouchers as well. You can claim the voucher by visiting the link and giving the password and codes to the company.

There are a lot of best deals available on the official portal to make sure that the customers are getting the best thing from the Naked Wines.

Vouchers have a minimum amount as well in the spending and there are different terms and conditions for it which are available on the official portal of the company.

The vouchers are only for the new customers mostly and once you get a voucher it can be used for one time only.

The angels cannot use the vouchers because they are already using the 25% or 50% discount on all the wines and they enjoy all the perks of the company and its wines.

Naked Wines also sells e-gift cards as well which can be bought by visiting the official link of the company.

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Manage account of Naked Wines

Naked Wines account can be managed by the customers by accessing it. You can add your cards, address and other details in the account.

Your complete information is safe in the portal and you don’t need to worry about it.

You need the password to get in the account and make sure that you don’t forget the account. You can always remove the password and update it as well.

You can also add a profile picture in the account as well and all the other people will be able to see your faces and interact with it.

There is an option in the profile which shows you all of your previous orders as well and you can have a complete history about your previous transactions.

You can look at the page and look for some of the very specific orders as well.

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Naked Wines Angels

The members of Naked Wines are considered very special and given the name of Naked Wines. The angels of the Naked Wines also contribute towards the winemakers by donating them and helping them in their production.

In return, the winemakers also give them a discount to make sure that the customers are also fully facilitated.

The angels can save a lot of money by becoming a member of the Naked Wines.

You can easily become Naked Wines and use their wines.

Before proceeding for the next order you need to invest £20 in it. You also have the option to spend any of your wine at the time of your own choice.

There are a lot of options for saving in the Naked Wines. The good thing is that your money is always safe in their account and you can cancel the account at any time.

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Naked Wines present some of the very best and tasty wines to the customers that too by delivering at the address of your own choice.

The pricing structure of Naked Wines is very economical and that good thing is that there are many perks for the members of Naked Wines which are called Angels.

The angels can save 25% to 50% by it. They are giving the next day delivery option as well and above all the delivery is as per your own desire.

The afternoon delivery service is also available to some of the areas of the UK.

The packaging and the quality of the Naked Wines are always the best and they never compromised as far as the quality is concerned.

The good thing is that the wines on the portal have the reviews and the rating from the customers which makes it even easier for you to choose from it.

The ordering and the delivery system of the Naked Wines are also very easy. Make sure that you are reading all the terms and conditions of the Naked Wines before ordering anything from them.

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