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How about MyPillow? Life needs comforts and there are a lot of things which we need to gain comforts. Pillows are something very useful during sleep and if they are not comfortable we find a lot of problems in sleep.

There are a lot of companies which are providing shredded pillows to the customers and make sure that you get a sound sleep after a hectic routine.




If you are looking for the comfort shredded polyfoam are given by a company named MyPillow. The good thing is that the pillows of this company have the ability to refill as well.

You can easily refill them once you think they are not giving the same old comfort.

Three types of pillows are currently available in the market with the name of this company and they all have the restocking ability.

One of the pillows is named the MyPillow premium and offers the best comfort among all others to the customers. The filling of the pillows is luxurious and comfortable for sure but the good thing is that they also have a cover made of the spun cotton.

They give you thicker and supportive feel once you use them in your daily life.

There are four colors currently available in the pillow and they are Blue, Green, White and yellow.

These all are having different features and comfort level but in the end, they all make sure that you get the best sleep after your hectic routine.

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MyPillow testing

Here one more thing is important the pillow and its filling also depends upon the physique of the user. The weight and the position in which the person using it feels good also play an important role.

The yellow color of the pillow is considered good for those people who prefer stomach sleepers. The back sleepers should prefer the white color of the pillow.

The blue color of the pillow and green is considered good for the side sleepers and helps them get sound sleep.

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Classic MyPillow

There are few additional products as well of the MyPillow. One of them is known as the classic pillow and has some very classic features in it.

It has a lot of resemblance with the premium quality of the pillow as well. This is surely not as thick as the premium one and doesn’t have the gusseted sidewalls.

It was unavailable in the market previously but is now again in the market and is available to the users all over the world.

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MyPillow Giza Elegance

This is another limited edition of the company. It has gusseted sidewall and the good thing is that the 100% made of the staple cotton.

There are four colors in this edition of the pillow and they are similar to the other editions and the only addition to it is the Lavender.

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Travel pillow

They have pillows for traveling as well which can be a good partner for you during traveling. It has 12 inches and the length of the pillow is 18 inches long which makes you comfortable after the hectic routine of the traveling.

You will also get a case for this pillow and it can help you go anywhere in the world and can be easily rolled into a portable shape by using the casing.

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Deceptive advertising by MyPillow

MyPillow is also fined in America for false and deceptive advertising campaigns in the media. They were barred from doing so in the future and that was something necessary for it.

A company with such a high profile should never make false claims about its product because they cannot take it anywhere in the world, rather insult them in this shape of court proceedings.

They claimed that the MyPillow can also cure some serious diseases when putting under trial they said it was just their judgment. They were prohibited for making such claims in the future and besides that, they were asked to conduct experiments and then make such claims.

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Advantages of MyPillow

There are a lot of advantages of MyPillow which puts it on the favorite list of many people. the first and foremost benefit of MyPillow is that it helps you during your rest and that is the most wanted thing in this modern life.

It has a firm grip and gives you different firmness options to make sure that no matter what style you use, you have the right kind of rest.

The multiple models introduced by MyPillow are also appreciated by the users and it allows them to choose any of them looking at their need and budget.

The shipping costs are very less of this pillow which makes it easy for you to ask for it anywhere in the world. In short, you have the option to get in touch with your nearest store or look for it online and order it.

The best of all is the fairly and nice sleep it offers to the customers and makes sure that they remain totally cool while using the MyPillow.

You don’t need to worry about the durability of the MyPillow because if you think it is becoming dirty, you can easily wash it in the machine. This is actually a very lightweight and a pillow which can be easily washable in the machine.

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Disadvantages of MyPillow

Nothing comes perfect in this world so how can we expect it to be perfect. There are few problems in each and everything. MyPillow has some odor problems at times which can be problematic for the sleep and an important thing which the company needs to address.

They are very lightweight and that is why they become flat very easily and then they don’t remain the same very comfortable for you. This can be an issue and needs serious results.

The marketing claims of the company once landed them in court as well and still, there are a lot of people out there who don’t trust their claims because they exaggerate it.

They need to conduct proper researches and make sure that all of their claims are as per the experiments and no one can point finger on them due to these claims.

Their rating in the Better Business Bureau is not encouraging at all and they are facing an “F” rating on their portal which does not support their business.

They need to make sure that more customers are happy from their service and ensure complete benefits and services for them.

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Durability of MyPillow

They are durable for sure and that is the most important thing of all. The pillow must be durable at all costs. The average pillow of the company will help you in the coming two to three years which is quite a big number.

They will begin to destroy after that and then you can look for another one. The time to time refilling and washing of the pillow will make sure that they become more durable.

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Firmness of MyPillow

The firmness of the MyPillow is guaranteed for sure but this option is not available for all of them. The firmness setting of all the pillows is not the same.

If you are not buying the luxury category or the premium ones, the durability can be an issue for you and you seriously need to address it.

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Retention of the shape

The shape retention is very important for the pillow and if they begin flatting right away that is not good at all. According to the reviews about the pillows, some of them start to flatten but that too after a long period of time so you don’t need to worry about it.

However, if you are constantly taking good care of it and doing all the fluffing at times they will maintain their shape and would remain supportive for a longer period of time.

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Moldability of MyPillow

Moldability of the pillow is considered really well for sleeping. The pillow with good molding capabilities is good for the users and they can be adjusted in different shapes making it easier for the sleepers to use different positions.

If you are someone who prefers different sleeping positions, this is a good option for you and you must try it for healthy and comfortable sleep.

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Conformity of MyPillow

They are very helpful in relieving the pressure of the sleep and make sure that you are fully conformity. They will totally give rest to your head and make sure that all the pressure is completely relieved from your shoulders and head.

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Temperature Neutrality

This totally depends on the air circulation on the place where you are sleeping. The composition of the cover is an important thing and this can decide whether they stay neutral or not.

Odor issues of MyPillow

The odor of the pillow is something which is disturbing the customers. This is something expected from all the pillows in the world. The strong odor can disrupt your sleep but that is not the case with this pillow.

If you are taking proper care of the pillow it would be good and the odor won’t be an issue.

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Weight of MyPillow

The weight of the pillow is also an issue and most of us prefer something which is very light. There are a lot of pillows which are heavier and they make it difficult for the user to sleep during the night.

The heavy weight of the pillow makes it difficult for the users to move during the night thus give them heavy feelings and comfort issues as well.

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Cleaning is easy

The ease of cleaning is also an important aspect and is noted by many to make sure that the product they are looking for is reliable to use.

The material of this pillow is very user-friendly and makes sure that you can wash them. It is termed excellent in this aspect and you can always use the hand washing, professional cleaning and sport cleaning for the pillows of MyPillow.

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MyPillow is the trend

Most of the reviewers and the users of the product are equally happy with the product. Most of the people prefer the premium version of the pillow as compared to the other ones.

The enhance support in the shape of gusseted walls is liked by the customers. The firmness techniques and the options provided by the customers also make sure that you get the best sleep position no matter what the problem is.

The lightweight of the pillow and its machine washable methods made sure that people all over the world use it. The low maintenance of the pillows shows that they are comfortable yet very reliable for all types of customers.

The odor is an issue in the pillow which needs to be addressed but this is something very popular among us. The flattening of the pillow is also good and make sure that you get full comfort from it.

The durability of the MyPillow made it one of the best pillows in the market and also allowed the users to sleep without any problem no matter wherever they are in the world.

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The pricing structure of MyPillow

The pricing structure of MyPillow is very economical for all the customers and make sure that they enjoy the full benefits of the pillow.

The travel pillow of the company comes with a price tag of 12 inches in width and 18 inches in length and is very lofty. You can get this one in $24.99 and the good thing is that they shipment fee of this pillow is very less and make sure that no overburden is given to the customers.

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Standard pillow pricing

The standard pillow of the company which is also known as the Queen version as well is priced at $79.98 and when you combine the shipment prices it is available to the customer in just $89.98

The good thing is that it is easily adjustable and can be used by the customers without any problem. The dimensions of this pillow of 16.5 inches in width and 26 inches in length which is good enough to support you throughout the night.

The size of this pillow is fine and you won’t find any issue even if you are constantly changing your positions during the sleep.

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King pillow price

The third quality of the pillow is called the MyPillow king. It is also in the dimensions of 16.5 inches in width and 32 inches in length and is adjustable as per your own needs.

The price of this one is $89.99 and when the shipment price is added in it, the price becomes $99.99

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Firmness options by MyPillow

MyPillow offers different firmness options to the customers looking at their needs. It makes sure that the customer has the full authority and can easily adjust everything in the pillow.

A detailed chart of the firmness options of the pillow is given on the official portal of the company which can be used to check the firmness options of the different versions of the pillow.

The sizing in this chart is done by comparing them with the sizes of the t-shirts and keeps this thing in your mind. You can also check about the colors and other options of the pillows from the same very list.

There is another chart which will determine the level of the filling in each of the options of the MyPillow. You can choose the filling of your own choice and make sure that it suits your sleeping needs beside everything else.

There are few limitations as well but they are linked with the travel pillow only because that comes to you in a casing and at times it becomes difficult to adjust it inside the casing.

The features of the travel pillow are limited but they are good enough to support the customer.

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The overall working of the MyPillow is good and there are a lot of users of the pillow all over the world which makes it a good choice for each one of us.

They do provide comfort to the customers that too in an economical price and what else can we expect from pillow manufacturers.

They are giving delivery options as well to the customers thus making it easy for them to get it anywhere by just ordering it online.

They give the option of fluffing as well to the customer and overall their pillows are reliable as compared to other pillows in the market.

You can surely count on them if you are looking for an easy and sound sleep during nights.

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