LG Stylo 2 Review

LG Electronics released its LG STYLO 2 mobile model in April 2016. The model number of the mobile is K540 or LS775 even though it is most commonly recognized in the market by its alias Stylo 2. Advanced technological aspects have been introduced and made use of in this smartphone such as HSPA, EVDO, CDMA, GSM, and LTE technology.

LG Stylo 2

LG Stylo 2

The functions and capabilities of the smartphone are highly useful for the casual users since it provides a long time experience due to its large battery, while the storage and processor speed of the mobile is appropriate as well.  In this article, we will discuss and review all the detail and specifications of the LG STYLO 2 mobile model while we will also look into what customers think about it:

The Specification of LG STYLO 2

There are a number of specifications that make LG Stylo 2 stand out among its competitors. These include the specifications such as its display properties, RAM, Processor, platform, physical body, communication capabilities, etc. Below we will discuss the specific details in order to guide the customers make an informed decision:

  1. Display: The mobile has 5.7 inches or 89.6-cm.sq display, which makes it comfortable for the customers to watch multimedia i.e. pictures, videos, movies, etc. on the mobile. The display is the average size that makes it suitable to carry in the pocket while traveling as well. The video quality results of the smartphone are excellent and high-resolution video quality is possible using the LG Stylo Smartphone.
  2. Operating System: LG Mobile phones are android based and they use the latest android versions as their operating systems. LG Stylo 2 has Android 6.0 version that supports almost all the popular mobile apps and games available in the market. However, higher versions of Android have also been released by LG that makes it slightly old model. Some of the updates of the popular apps may not work on the older models.
  3. SIM: The main purpose of any smartphone is the ability they provide to communicate with people. In order to be able to communicate, LG Stylo 2 allows the use of a Nano-SIM card. Users can use any services provider all over the world in the Nano-SiM slot of the mobile phone and be able to community with friends and family. However, it is not a dual SIM mobile, which is a drawback since there are a lot of mobile phones available in the market today that provide dual SIM functionality.
  4. Battery Timing: One of the most important parameters for judging the performance of a mobile phone is its battery timing. LG Stylo 2 has a high powered battery that can perform for a long period as compared to other many other models available in the market today. The battery timing of the mobile phone is also exceptional, which makes it highly comfortable for consumers to use the mobile and get the benefits that it offers. Usually, the battery timing of a mobile phone is considered highly significant and consumers take it into account before making a purchase decision. Since mobile can be used for different purposes such as calling, using the internet, watching multimedia, etc. The smartphone has a greater standby time that enables people to travel long distances and still be able to use the mobile phone.
  5. High-Resolution Camera: LG stylo 2 has two cameras i.e. the main front camera and the selfie camera. The main camera of LG stylo 2 is of 13mp while the selfie camera of the mobile phone is 5 MP. Both these cameras provide high-quality results make it convenient for the people to take pictures whenever they need and share them with your friends and family on social media platforms.  The main camera of the mobile phone has many other features such as LED flash, which makes it possible for the users to even use the camera at night. There are also HDR and Panorama features in the main camera using which high-quality pictures and videos can be created by the users. Similarly, the sound quality for videos is also high since there are a loudspeaker, a microphone and Jack on the mobile phone. The microphone can capture all the voices with high Precision and high quality of voice is reflected videos.
  6. Bluetooth: LG Stylo 2 has a Bluetooth feature with the help of which the transfer of files between mobile phones with Bluetooth technology can take place. This is a highly useful feature since with the help of this feature users can transfer files without having to worry about the availability of the internet.  Though this feature is present in many mobile phones this is an excellent feature and one of the plus points of stylo 2.
  7. Wifi: LG stylo 2 allows users to use the internet through Wi-Fi technology. Using this feature, they can access internet sites, social media, and communicate with their friends and families effectively. Latest Wi-Fi has been introduced in LG stylo 2, which provides for Greater User experience.
  8. Connectable to other Devices: The mobile phone can also be connected with other devices such as laptop, PC computer, and other mobile phones. This makes it highly convenient for the users to transfer the files, charge mobile phone and carry out other significant tasks conveniently.
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Summary of the specific specifications of the mobile is as follows:

  1. Screen Size: 5.7 inches.
  2. Screen Resolution: 720 x 1280 pixels.
  3. Battery Capacity: 3000 mAh (removable).
  4. Camera Resolution: 13 MP camera for high-quality results.
  5. Processor: Qualcomm MSM8916 processor.
  6. CPU: 1.2 GHz Quad-Core that allows fast operation of the device.
  7. Memory: 2 GB RAM enables fast operation of the mobile for a long period.
  8. Storage: 16 GB internal storage.
  9. External Storage: microSD™ card.
  10. Carrier: A nano-SIM card.
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A General Overview of LG Electronics

LG Electronics is one of the worlds biggest manufacturer of electronic goods and items. We will discuss some of the commonly known facts and figures about the company since for purchasing the mobiles, the brand is one of the most important parameters. The smartphones of trusted brands perform better as compared to low-quality models. The general overview of the company and its mobile business details are as follows:

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LG Electronics

It is one of the world’s largest electronics items manufacturer originating from South Korea. The products of the company have worldwide acclaim and they are used by people all over the world. There are a number of products that have done great business for the company in the world including the LG smartphones. LG was founded by Koo In-hwoi who was the owner of the original company back in the days launched under the name of Goldstar Company. The name of the company was changed to LG and starting from South Korea, it has now expanded to all parts of the world.

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LG Smartphones

LG Electronics has a diverse genre of products including tablets, smartphones, curved smartphones, G flex, etc. The smartphones have kept up with the pace of the time and new models have continued to be introduced by LG. These smartphones are not only popular in South Korea but they have been released in all parts of the world. The curved smartphone of LG that has been given the name G Flex was unveiled in October 2013. LG released first unveiled the smartphone in South Korea in November 2013. Later it was also unveiled in North America, Asia, and Europe. Next year in 2014, LG released its G2 smartphone in the United States. In the year 2015, LG unveiled G4 all over the world. Next year in 2016, two other models of the LG smartphones i.e. V20 and V30 were unveiled.

The above mentioned are some of the signature products of the company, however, over the course of time, it has also released a wide variety of these smartphones that have received high praise from the consumers.

Below are discussed some of the common facts and figures about LG Mobile:

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Facts and Figures About LG Electronics

We will first jot down below useful and popular facts and figures about LG Electronics Company before bringing the reviews of LG STYLO 2 smartphone users from all over the world and experts:

  1. LG Electronics is one of the oldest companies in the world since it was founded 60 years ago in South Korea. The year the company was founded was 1958.
  2. The original name of the company was Goldstar. It became LG Electronics in the 1990s.
  3. LG Corporation is the parent company of LG Electronics.
  4. LG was founded by Koo In-hwoi who was the owner of the original company back in the days launched under the name of Goldstar Company. The company started in South Korea but with the passing of time, rising popularity, and profits, it has opened branches and manufacturing plants to all parts of the world.
  5. LG sells its products all over the world and the consumers of the company can purchase its products from their local retailers.
  6. The company started making smartphones, tablets, and computers, after taking a cue from other popular manufacturers of electronics products around the world. Smartphone products of the company have been considered as high quality by the consumers.
  7. LG Electronics is a public Trading Company. It trades on the KRX Stock Exchange and LSE Stock Exchange under the trading symbol of ‘LGLD’.
  8. LG Electronics generates good revenue from the sale of its products all over the world. The revenue of the company from the data of 2017 that is available with us was 6139 trillion South-African Won while the profit of the company reached 1.86 trillion won. The value of total assets owned by LG Electronics is worth 37.85 trillion South-African won. The operating income of the company is 2.46 trillion while the total equity of the company is 13.35 trillion.
  9. LG Electronics has made good use of online platforms and have started to sell its products on the internet. It has a healthy online presence with a website through which users from all over the world can purchase all the products and have them delivered to their addresses.  LG takes orders online and then forwards them to its partners all over the world, which then deliver the products to the consumers in their countries. The Online Website of the company is {www.lg.com}
  10. Smartphones of LG Electronics are listed on the online website of the company where the users can check the specifications, prices, and all other details that have been made available. In this way, users can make an informed decision about the product and can choose to buy online or from local dealers in their countries.
  11. LG Electronics has a major operation all over the world, which also means that it has hundreds and thousands of people working for it in different capacities. An estimate of the people working for the company has shown that there are almost 75,000 workings directly for LG Electronics. It makes it one of the biggest employers in the world.
  12. LG Electronics also has one of the biggest customer bases in the world since the products of the company are sold and used all of them all over the world. According to data available, there are millions of peoples who are using the products of the company
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How can you buy the LG STYLO 2 smartphone?

LG has a worldwide operation, which means that the products of the company are available all over the world. However, the products of the company can also be bought online since LG has a healthy online presence and all the products of the company have been listed on the website of the company. The customers can place an online order and pay online. The products get delivered to the customers within a specified period of time after the processing of the orders.

The user can look up all the items available at LG Electronics on its online website and place orders. The steps involved in placing the orders are as follows:

  1. Looking for the item on the online site. Search for the buyers, which are most comfortable getting your products.
  2. Adding the item to the cart and continue shopping. They can add as many items to the cart as they require.
  3. They have to click on “Add to Cart” in order to purchase the item.
  4. The next step is the checking out, providing shipping details and making payment. Once, all the required shoes have been put into the cart, and then the users can check out.
  5. Here, they have to provide the shipping details. This should be the address where they want to receive the items. This can be a home or work address.
  6. Now, the users have to make payment. There are different options for making payments.
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Online Reviews and Ratings for LG STYLO 2 Smartphone

Now we will discuss some of the reviews that have been obtained by LG stylo 2 from customers and experts on the internet. The two best ways of getting feedback about the performance of the product are by asking the experts and the customers. The customers can give an honest opinion since they have experience of using the product while the experts are more capable of looking into the technical aspects and specifications of the product and compare them with other models and brands available in the market.

Some of the popular review results and ratings are as follows:

  1. LG Website: LG stylo 2 is listed on the website of the company where the customers can place an order in order to purchase the product. They can also leave a review depending upon their experience with the product on the LG website. Stylo 2 based on Reviews from 42 customers have obtained a communicative rating of 3.6 out of 5.0.
  2. PC Mag: PC Mag is another platform where experts can share their opinions about smartphone products. An expert Ajay Kumar has given Stylo 2 a rating of 3.5 out of 5 on this platform.
  3. Verizon Wireless: Verizon Wireless is a popular platform on the Internet where customers can share their feedback and opinion about electronics products that they purchased. Stylo 2 has obtained a rating of 3.0 out of 5.0 based on a total of 275 reviews by the customers on this platform
  4. Amazon: Amazon is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms on the Internet where a wide variety of products is available. Stylo 2 is also available at this platform, which the customers can purchase and leave a review for it based on their experience. Stylo 2 has obtained a rating of 4.1 out of 5.0 at Amazon based on 809 reviews from the customers.
  5. Walmart: It is one of the biggest retail chains in the world and products of all the major brands all over the world can be purchased at the outlets of Walmart. LG stylo 2 mobile is also available at Walmart retail shops and on the online website of the company. Customers can order this smartphone at Walmart online and leave a review for it as well. Based on 80 votes, Stylo 2 has obtained a rating of 3.8 out of 5 at this platform.

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