Kia Stinger Review

Kia is a good name when we talk about the cars as a whole and they have a grip over the auto industry of the world. Kia Stinger is known as a luxury vehicle in the world.

According to some recent surveys Kia Stinger manages to get on the list of top 10 luxury vehicles in the world. This is a relatively small car but still managed to get to the league of luxury cars in the world.

Kia Stinger

Kia Stinger

Kia Stinger comes with a large trunk and lively handling which makes it a good choice for all the customers all over the world.

It has a strong engine and a very long list of the features some of which are unique in the Kia only.

Advantages of Kia Stinger

The good thing is that the handling of this vehicle is very dynamic which means that you can easily handle the vehicle and with the advanced technology used in it can easily manage itself as well.

The trunk of the Kia Stinger is large enough to accommodate a lot of luggage in it which means this would come out a good fit when you consider it for a long ride during vacations.

The infotainment system of the Kia Stinger is another pro function and one of the most advanced in the modern world makes it easy for you to enjoy as per your own needs.

The engine lineup is really strong and makes it a good choice on the hard tracks as well.

The fuel economy of Kia Stinger is a bit costlier which means that it is not good when it comes to the average due to the heavy and strong engine.

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Kia Stinger new features

There are few new things added in the vehicle for the addition of 2019 and that makes it even better for all the customers.

It now comes with the function of blind-spot as well when it comes to the standard of monitoring. The new camera is also added in the vehicle which means that now you can use the surround view camera as well in the new model of the Kia Stinger making it even better for the driving.

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Important features of Kia Stinger

Kia Stinger comes with the seating capacity of 5 people which thinks it is good for the family as well.

The average in the city comes around 17 to 22 and when you are out of the city the average becomes a bit better falling around 25.

Kia Stinger comes with an engine capable of 255 to 365 horsepower.

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Is the Kia Stinger good?

Well, the car is termed as one of the finest ever model by the Kia motors. It is a small car but has all the luxury features in it which is a good thing.

The design of the car is Sportback which means that a lot of cargo can be added in the trunk and it can be useful when you want to go somewhere for the vacations.

The rivals of this addition do not have much cargo space which means this is outclassing them when it comes to the cargo.

The space in the car is also good enough that all the passengers can easily stretch out themselves during the journey.

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Friendly interface of Kia Stinger

Coming over to the interface of the car, it has one of the best and most friendly UVO interfaces which is very appealing to all the customers of Kia Stinger.

It has also won awards in the world for the low price and a lot of luxury features included in it.

We can say that the Kia Stinger comes with the real class and at the same time giving you the right quality in the less amount of money.

It is very easy to drive and dynamic for all kind of roads in the world. the braking system and the steering of the Kia Stinger are very responsive which means that you don’t have to panic during the driving and it will assist you in many places.

The comfort is added in it for sure but some of the tech savvy are also termed it a close to the sporty features as well and the fuel average is something which bothers a lot of people but if you can manage it, that won’t affect you a lot.

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Is Kia Stinger a good choice?

This can be different for all the users depending on their priorities and the choices as well. the Kia Stinger is a very good choice for someone who is looking for a mix of luxury and the sporty at the same time.

The handling is very easy and dynamic at the same time and the engine is powerful for sure which means that it can take you anywhere in the world and beat any competitor when it comes to the roads.

It gives a special joy while driving at roads and that is what each one of us looks for. No one likes a car with hectic style and poor handling.

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Kia Stinger includes all standard features

There are a lot of standard features as well which makes it a good choice for all the users.

When we talk about the affordability of this vehicle, it is much better than many competitors available in the market including the BMW and Mercedes.

You can count on the previous model of the vehicle as well because that also has all the features but of course the new model of 2019 comes with a lot of modification especially the camera features are increased in the vehicle and some new sensors are also added in it.

However, if you are fine without these updates than choosing previous models is not a bad option at all, so go for it and get the best of the driving on the roads with complete luxury.

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Cost of Kia Stinger

The base price of the Kia Stinger is $32,900. Isn’t it affordable when we compare it with the other rivals in the market? Yes, it is because the number of features and options it provides are unmatchable with this price tag.

All the other vehicles with the features as Kia Stinger comes around $50,000.

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Interior of Kia Stinger

As explained above as well the Kia Stinger comes with the seating capacity of 5 passengers. The seats are having the fine leather which makes sure you don’t get tired at all.

The front seats of the vehicle can automatically adjust the powers and the steering of the vehicle is also very comfortable which makes it every for the driver to have the grip on the vehicle.

The good thing is that the steering has the leather cover in it which further enhances the grip and gives you a strong and smooth touch.

The front seats of Kia Stinger also contain the ventilation as well which means that you won’t have issues like heating in the vehicle.

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Spacing of Kia Stinger

The leg room is very important in the vehicles and the good thing is that both the rows provide enough leg room that you can easily adjust yourself with it.

There are few issues with the headroom but they are also good enough to accommodate the passengers.

It is not in a very bad condition because according to some, it is more than enough when it comes to the headspace as well. Overall the seats are very comfortable but they can create issues for taller guys but not that much.

Kia Stinger also comes with a pair of child seat connectors in it which can be adjusted in the rear section of the car. This is a good thing because many modern cars are not having this function in them.

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Quality of Kia Stinger

When we look at the price and the feature many may think that it will compromise on the quality of the interior of the car but that is not the case at all and they make sure that everything in it as good as given by any other competitor.

The quality of the seats especially is good enough to term it one of the best available in the market.

They have the very fine quality of the leather seats and having the right finishing touch as well and give you the full charm and the quality.

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Kia Stinger cargo

Technically this model of the Kia is a hatchback and also known in some circles as the Sportback but it comes with a really big trunk which is a treat for many users.

When we fold out the rear seat space becomes even more and you can easily adjust a lot of things in it.

It outclasses all the rivals when we talk about the space of the vehicle.

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Infotainment of Kia Stinger

The infotainment and the navigation system of the vehicle are also the best in the market. Kia Stinger comes with a standard infotainment system also known as the UVO infotainment system which also has a big 7-inch screen in it.

The speaker stereo system is also included in the vehicle with the connection to the radio of the local place and the satellite as well

It has 2 USB ports in it and a Bluetooth connection as well and if you are an Apple user you can use the Apple CarPlay in it and the android system as well.

The smartphone integration system of the vehicle is a good thing which makes sure that you enjoy everything as you wish.

It also has a good sunroof which means that it has all the important and the advanced features included in it.

Especially the infotainment system of the vehicle is much better than many other competitors and makes sure that you get the full enjoyment on the road.

The good thing is that the infotainment system is fully responsive and make sure that you get to know each and everything and then play accordingly.

The Android and Apple support is an additive feature which means that you can get a lot of extra features in this vehicle.

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Performance of Kia Stinger

The performance is obviously one of the best in the market. Kia Stinger comes with a turbo engine which is powerful enough to compete against any card in the world.

A 225 horsepower c=engine makes sure that you get the most out of it and it has a good output on the roads.

It has the option of transmission as well and makes sure that you can easily access the eight-speed automatic system.

The engines of the Kia Stinger are very punchy and deliver that best in every condition. The good thing is that it can be used in rough situations as well.

It can give you the right acceleration at the right time giving you the full command over the vehicle and the pick of Kia Stinger is good enough that you can get to 60 mph in less than 5 seconds.

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Gas mileage of Kia Stinger

Here comes a disappointment for some of the user because it is not as good it is with the other fuel.

It can get you 22 mpg in the city and when you are driving on the highways it will give you something around 30 which is good but many users may expect more.

You can save some money if you are using any of their competitors.

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Handling and ride of Kia Stinger

Handling and riding are one of the best in the world. it can be called the sleek driving because of the smooth touch it gives to the user.

The comfort of this vehicle is something making it sound odd in the market. Its performance is very engaging and makes sure that it absorbs all the problems on the road.

You can easily drive it on the twisty roads as well with the best and most comfortable rides. The suspension system of the Kia Stinger is good enough to catch and manage anything in the world.

It gives you the option of all-wheel driving which is another good thing about this vehicle.

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Reliability of Kia Stinger

The Kia Stinger is a reliable car as per the experts and the users all over the world and it can deliver the desired results to all the customers.

The good thing is that the vehicle comes with the five-year warranty and 60,000 miles basic warranty as well. That is a way more than all other luxury vehicles of its class.

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Safety features of Kia Stinger

It has been tested in the crash results on the highways and successfully passed all the tests, which means you don’t have to worry about the crashes as well and they can easily be tacked by a vehicle of such a good class.

Some other standard features of the Kia Stinger includes that it has the rearview camera as well which means you won’t find many issues for the parking of the vehicle.

It also has the parking sensors at the front and end of the vehicle to assist you during the parking and all other things.

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Sensors of Kia Stinger

There are many other sensors in the vehicle which includes the sensors for the lane alert during driving. The new model of the Kia Stinger comes with the advanced safety feature of the blind spot as well.

It will give you the complete alert of the rear traffic as well.

It will assist you to stay in your own lane on the highways and give you a warning at the time of lane departure. It has the best cruise control in the world and gives you automatic detection of the pedestrians over the road.

A monitor for the attention of the driver is also added in the vehicle with the warning of forwarding collision in it to make sure that the braking system works as instructed by the driver.

The feature of surround view camera is also added in the new model of the Kia Stinger.

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There are five levels of the Kia Stinger in the market which comes with different price tags and all of them are having all the basic features which mean it is a good choice for all the Kia lovers.

All the GT models, however, come with more power and have the standard wheels as well.

The performance of the vehicle is par excellence which means that you can easily count on this vehicle for future use if you are looking for comfort and class as well.

Kia Stinger also offers a premium model to the users which come with a much higher price but then several advanced features are also added in it.

As a whole Kia Stinger is a good car which comes with the best class of BMW and Audi but has a low price as compared to them.

The feeling during driving is also very joyful.

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