Kia Niro Review

How aboutKia Niro? The automobile industry of the world comes with new sensation every year and they are totally changing the concept of transport in the modern world.

They are not only trying to change the concept of transport but also bringing in the luxury with a new style.

They have given so much hope to people all over the world that we are expecting flying cars in the very near future.

Kia Niro

Kia Niro

Many companies are trying to produce self-driving cars as well which will take away the need of the driver and make it further easy for all of us.

One thing is very clear that some of the promises made by the auto manufacturing companies are coming true and we are finally having the cars which are affordable to maintain and run on the roads.

Now we have a variety of vehicles which can give us easily 50 mpg on the motorways.

Most of the people look for the safety features of the vehicles alongside the luxury and affordability. Most of the companies are working to make sure that safer cars are delivered to customers.

Kia Niro

Coming over to the Kia Niro, which is a beautiful addition to the already available list of affordable and desirable vehicles in the world.

The good thing about Kia Niro is that it is available to the customers in all three variants like a hybrid, all electric EV and plug0in hybrid.

The seating position of the car is also very comfortable and feels very special to most of the users. The ground clearance of the vehicle is much better when we compare it to some other models in the world.

The hold for the cargo is not bad at all and then if you need all the above-mentioned things in a single vehicle, Kia Niro is the car you are looking for.

When it comes to affordability there may be very few cars in the world giving tough time to it because it can give you 52 mpg in the city, isn’t that cool enough?

Some may criticize few features and the base of the model but there are many things in it which are making it worth a buy this year and let’s discuss them in detail for all those who were waiting for their favorite Kia Niro.

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Kia Niro 2019

Kia Niro is regarded as the perfect budget vehicle which is very friendly when it comes to driving and has a stylish look as well.

This particular lineup was already a hit in the market but the addition of all-electric EV in it further increases the demand and the love of the people for this particular version.

The driving range of the vehicle is boosted and that is what we are looking for in the vehicles these days.

The changes this year are very little and only a few color and trimming is done in the new model yet it is liked by most of the people around the world.

The navigation system of the model is also upgraded which further helps you in finding your ways.

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The pricing structure of the Kia Niro

Kia Niro comes with different versions and the price of all the versions vary. They all have unique features and you can choose the one which suits your needs.

They are offering Kia Niro FE with the price range of $24,430. The next one is Kia Niro LX which is coming in the market with a price tag of $24,740. Kia Niro EX is having a price tag of $27,240.

The next is the plug-in hybrid LX version of Kia Niro, which is having a price tag of $29,640. Kia Niro S Touring version is priced at $29,640. The simple Touring version of Kia Niro is priced at $33, 090 and the last version which is called Kia Niro EV is coming with a price tag of $38,000.

Looking at the price of the vehicle and the mpg it gives, this should be the choice for all those who are looking for a quality vehicle with all the advanced features.

With the change in the price tag, these versions of Kia Niro have different features as well.

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Performance and charging of Kia Niro

As the vehicle is designed in such a way to make sure that it remains as a fuel efficient vehicle in the market with very light steering in it.

It is very stable as well and can give you a very nice ride.

Obviously, you cannot expect all the advanced features with this price tag so the Kia Niro provides you with only front wheel drive.

The over bumps of the vehicle are also very noisy at times and mat itch you. The acceleration of the vehicle is not getting positive reviews and some regard it as not the thrilling acceleration.

It comes with a 1.6-liter cylinder gasoline engine with the addition of electric motor in it. It also has a six-speed dual clutch which has an automatic transmission system in it. These things are present in the non-hybrid version of the Niro.

There are few bad reviews about the acceleration but it is not as bad as people think of it, the Kia Niro actually produces 130 horsepower’s and it can accelerate from 0 to 60 in the 8.6 seconds.

That is actually very close to some of the latest models in the market.

The same is the power when we come to the plug-in versions of the Kia Niro.

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Kia Niro is good for uneven roads

Kia Niro is very good for the uneven roads as well and can easily tackle them and give you the much-needed control and stability.

The roads with a lot of bumps result in some noise in the cabin which is a negative thing in the vehicle.

The response of the steering in the Kia Niro is very accurate and swift. The car can easily track the straight on the highways. The steering of the vehicle includes no dead zones in it.

If you are using the sports mode in the Kia Niro it will further increase the grip of the steering and it will become even more firm.

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Kia Niro fuel economy

The efficiency of Kia Niro is increased and the aerodynamics is also enhanced with the inclusion of grille shutters in it which help in the smooth airflow flowing through the short nose of the vehicle.

The fuel economy of Kia Niro is also compared to the Prius which means this is the best choice of the people looking at the price of the vehicle.

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Cargo and interior of Kia Niro

The rear seats of Kia Niro are very easy to fold and the vehicle includes very easy to use software for infotainment as well.

The overall interior of the vehicle is also very spacious which makes it a good car.

The cargo space is sometimes criticized that too when compared with the rivals of the car. The navigation system is good but not as good when compared to the rivals of the vehicle.

The features included in the base model are also not very advanced and are criticized by many people.

Further discussing the interior, it is very clean and is covered up with clothes and plastic mostly. The leather seats increased the comfort for the driver and the passengers but they are not available in all the versions of the car.

The leather seats are starting from the EX version of Kia Niro.

The automatic climate control system is part of the vehicle. It has the controls for the front seat and the driver seat.

In case the passenger seat is not used, the driver can turn it off as well. This way they can save energy especially during the hot weather of summer.

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Kia Niro infotainment

Well-equipped Kia Niro also comes with an advanced infotainment system for the users. It includes a touch screen and hard buttons as well.

The system is easy to use and very simple; the good thing is that it also contains the Apple CarPlay in it. Android Auto is obviously a part of the infotainment system of the Kia Niro.

The base model of the Kia Niro does not have all the infotainment features but even then they are having good things for the users when compared with some other rival models in the market.

The navigation system which is advance for sure but not that much when we compare it with few rivals uses the GPS data to predict all the demands of the vehicle. It can predict different things while driving and help you save energy.

The actual aim of the vehicle was to make sure that it is completely hybrid and not a gasoline vehicle.

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Cargo space of Kia Niro

It has a lot of cargo space in it and can easily accommodate a lot of cargo in it because you can also fold up the seats of the vehicle.

The battery pack is not affecting the cargo seats. The seats are not fully folded, they cannot form a flat surface when folded and that is where it lacks behind some of its competitors but still, it can accommodate a lot of cargo in it.

A user reviewed the cargo space of the vehicle and claimed to inset 18 suitcases in it with folded seats and that sounds more than enough looking at this vehicle.

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Safety features of Kia Niro

The vehicle is successfully tested by the highway safety authority as well. They are on the list of the top picks when it comes to the safety and security of the passengers.

They are also acknowledged when we consider the features related to the assistance of the driver.

The good thing is that the driver assistance feature is available in all the models of Kia Niro.

If you are looking for some of the very advanced features such as blind-spot and rear-traffic alert than you need to buy EX and higher models of Kia Niro.

All the versions of Kia Niro include the much-needed emergency braking system which is fully automatic.

Some models of the card also have cruise control in it which is very helpful.

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Maintenance and warranty of Kia Niro

When it comes to warranty no one can cross Kia which is known all around the world for its warranty.

However, the bad thing in this aspect is that they don’t offer scheduled maintenance to the users which is very much needed for all the vehicles these days.

They have different warranty types which are given to the customers; the first one is the limited warranty which covers 60,000 miles and the 5 years.

The second one is called the powertrain warranty and it includes 100,000 miles or 10 years from the date of purchase.

Similarly, the hybrid units of Kia Niro are having a warranty of 100,000 miles or 10 years. During the warranty period, the complimentary maintenance of the vehicle is the responsibility of the user itself and not of the company.

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Ride of Kia Niro

The vehicle has all the things needed for a hybrid car but still, the performance is not that much great mainly because of the low experience in this field?

It has tried to chase a lot of things which just a single vehicle.

They are looking for efficiency and performance by providing a lot of refinements to this model.

They are handling dynamism with their single car and that becomes too much for it.

The grip of the car looks fine but most of its models come with 16-inch wheels which are obviously not that much good for the perfect grip.

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Dual clutch of Kia Niro

One more thing about it is that when it goes through a tough climb or gets in full power, automatically dual-clutch of the vehicle is activated which does not work as it should be all the times.

The problem with the car is that they tried to insert everything in a single model which did not result in what they wanted from it.

They wanted to make it more engaging and sophisticated but it became something else.

The steering also produces some heavy sounds when it corners some force and does not convey the message properly if the grip is becoming lost.

It has a very firm suspension and that too becomes a problem for the car at times and become very noisy for the user. Especially when it encounters bumps the sound is very irritating.

The car is open to sliding as well, never try to run it out of its comfort zone because it can create some serious problem for the driver of the vehicle.

The crossover and the hybrid versions of the car are facing the same problem thus the testers are not fully satisfied with the efforts of the manufacturers.

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Kia Niro a family car

It is surely a good choice for the people who love to drive slow and need a perfect vehicle for their family. We can regard it as a family vehicle.

Kia Niro also comes with ESC in it and it is very much effective in it but electronic stability control of the vehicle does not work that much quicker to save you from a disaster if you are driving rough.

However, it includes a hesitant gearbox and non-linear gearbox in it which can help you drive fast and safe.

It has automatic stopping distance as well but looking at the grip of the vehicle one cannot totally depend on this safety system.

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Kia Niro is regarded as one of the most stylish cars available on the planet with a very best fuel average as well. It is available in hybrid and crossover models to the customers.

There are few things which this vehicle is lacking and the topmost among them is the aggression which it needs to put in.

If you need a serious car to fill in the family and all the cargo this is a good choice for you and affordable as well when it comes to the fuel average.

No one can beat Kia when we talk about warranty and that is their beauty but what about the maintenance of the vehicle during that time?

They are not providing the maintenance to the users and this is something they need to provide to their customers for more trust.

Overall it is a good choice for a lot of users and most of all it is economical to the majority of the class. Fuel efficient vehicles are demanded these days and this can be a good fit in the modern world because it has the right design with much-needed advance features as well.

We recommend you to go for it if you are having a budget of around $40,000.

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Your say

Now that you have read all the major features of this vehicle, what are your views about it?

Would you buy a Kia Niro for yourself? If not then what else do you expect in a vehicle in this budget?

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