Ibotta Review

The field of technology comes with new and innovative ideas now and then. There are a lot of things which are making the lives of people easier by providing them easy alternatives for payment.

Ibotta is one such technology-driven innovation which uses the coupons and with the help of the mobile applications pays at different places.

The company was founded back in 2011 and since then have made good progress and made a handsome number of the customer base as well.

Ibotta Review

Ibotta Review

Ibotta was founded by Bryan Leach in 2011 and the current headquarter of the company in Denver, Colorado. Jim Clark is the main investor in the application and also a member of their board.

The services provided by Ibotta are mostly available to the people living in the United States. The major services provided by the company include cash back, brand discovery, analytics, consumer marketing, and engagement.

As per the data available of 2016 they have more than 300 employees who are working to provide all these services to the customers.

What does it do?

Ibotta is a mobile-based application which is using advanced technology to provide all the important things to the customers.

They help them getting cash back from different stores. They are also offering purchases from the mobiles and making the payments easy for the customers.

They will give you the verification as well for the services which you are using. The model used by them is quite famous in the market and it has received a record funding of $73 million so far which has helped them grow at great speed.

The app is downloaded almost 30 million times in 2019 which is a great figure and shows that they are successful in the market.

They are working for the customers and providing them rewards and gave away $500 million to the users as a reward.

Partners with brand

They are partnering with the brands all over the world and retailers as well which helps them give a discount to their users.

These discounts are offered to the customers on the packaged goods, retail purchases and another dining in different restaurants across the country.

You can consider them a coupon which can help you get a different kind of discounts at different places in the country and decrease your spending’s by giving you cash back more often.

Ibotta provides cash back to the customers on different brands of the alcohol as well and you can easily purchase these types of alcohols from the retail stores which are available all over the country.

They will not provide cash back to the customers on alcohol if you are not of the legal age of drinking beer.

Available on OS and Android

The application of Ibotta is available on the apple and android stores and the users can download it from there and start getting cash back by paying through them.

This is surely a good application but it would be of no use if most of the stores are not accepting it. Luckily, they are accepted over more than 500,000 locations in the United States which makes them a popular choice of the customers.

Cash back on everything

Ibotta provides cash back to the customers on all the things which they are buying. All they need is to make the purchases using the Ibotta application.

Visit your favorite retailers and we are sure that most of them are affiliated with Ibotta and will provide you cash back on shopping.

Multiple brands are featured on their application and you can get a discount on all of them from Ibotta.

There is no limit on Ibotta when it comes to the saving and you can save as much as you can think of. All you need is to buy everything available online using the services of Ibotta.

Ibotta is accepted at multiple locations including some of the leading stores of the country like Target and Walmart.

They think a lot of their customers and constantly adding new products for them to make sure that they can earn awesome rewards from them.

You can buy all the products including products related to grocery, travel, apparel and many more at these stores.

Discover new retailers and products

New offers are added consistently on the Ibotta application to make sure that customers have everything in their control.

Some other companies give you points and credits which is converted into the cash later but that is not the case here and you will directly earn cash by using their services.

You can easily withdraw your savings as well on Venmo, PayPal or even get the gift cards from them which can be used later.

Refer to your friends

They have also introduced referral programs for the customers, which can be used to refer friends to the application and earn cash as a result.

Show them the code and inform them to save as much as possible using the services of Ibotta.

Working procedure of Ibotta

The working process of Ibotta is very simple and it gives an easy to use interface to the customers.

You can earn cash reward in-store as well as using this application. All you need is to add the offer and then start using it and add the photo of the receipt which you get from that store.

The customer doesn’t need to wait for long and he will get the cash back from the company within the next 24 hours and that is the best thing about them.

You can also link your loyalty account with them for more savings on all the grocery items automatically. When you will link the loyalty account, you don’t need to provide them any receipt and the cash back will be added to it automatically.

Shop more after adding the loyalty account and just see the boost in your shopping.

All the shopping is then analyzed as well and then they will determine whether it is eligible for the cash back or not. Most of the purchases are eligible for the cash back so you don’t need to worry about it.

The ways to earn with Ibotta

Ibotta is more than just a cash back app and it provides you different ways to earn money as well. You can save money on all the famous stores and get cash back from them.

The cash back is also available for different online purchases if they are partnering with Ibotta. The online portals like eBay, Groupon and Amazon are working with Ibotta to provide you cash back.

What do you earn from them?

This is another question raised by many people who are using the Ibotta application that what do they earn from them, do they also provide the points and the credits like other cash back applications.

Well, the answer is complete no because they provide cash to the customers which they can withdraw in their accounts.

You can also buy a variety of gift cards from the cash back which you receive from them.

How to earn in-store

This is very easy and almost all the customers can earn in-store by shopping for different products from the affiliated stores.

After shopping the product, you have to upload the receipt as well to get the confirmation from them about that purchase.

The cash back is transferred to your account within the next 24 hours and that can be withdrawn anytime.

Add your loyalty account

The earning becomes even better when you attach a loyalty account with them. Adding the loyalty account makes it easy for you to earn whatever you like that too without adding the receipts on the application.

As the account is linked they can confirm the purchases and give you your cash back. You can easily connect your loyalty account by visiting the settings.

However, even in your loyalty account, you need to add the offers before you are trying to shop from them and then they will be eligible for shopping.

The cash back will be transferred to your account within the next 48 hours.

Earn online using Ibotta

Ibotta gives you the option of online earning beside offline earning where you need to upload your receipts as well. You have to select the portal and shop from them and then Ibotta will confirm the purchase and provide you the cash back.

Their process is very simple and once they confirm that you have made that purchase the cash back is automatically transferred to your account.

Different offers of Ibotta

Ibotta has different offers for the customers which can be used to get real cash back from them. They have multiple offers for all the in-store purchases which can be used to get cash back.

They provide offers for small products like cheese, bread, and milk as well. The offers of Ibotta are also available on all the leading retailers including Kohls.com and Hotels.com

You have to check the details of the offers and make sure that they are eligible for the cash back as well before you proceed with them.

There are few items which need to be bought in specific quantity to make sure that they qualify for the cash back offers.

Some of the cash back offers are valid for combining different combinations and then get the cash back from them.

What is the bonus with Ibotta?

Ibotta provides different bonus offers to the customers and help them to get extra cash from the brand’s retail stores all over the world.

These bonuses are offered to the customers by referring to their friends and ask them to make purchases using the Ibotta application and redeeming other offers as well.

They have a complete bonus page available on the site which can be checked for more details about the bonuses.

How to make the most from Ibotta

As the application is giving you different options for cash back, it is your choice to make the most from it. they are always adding new offers for the customers so you can check it more often and save more.

They introduce different bonuses now and then which can be used to save a lot of money.

Subscribe to their email as well and get all the latest offers in your inbox. They will send you all the fresh deals and make sure that you are aware of all the new retailers which are added to their platform.

There are a lot of fun opportunities for the customers which can be used to earn extra cash from them that too without much hard work.

Help center

They also have a dedicated help center to solve the complaints of all the users and solve their queries related to different problems which they are facing in the stores.

How much you can earn?

Ibotta is known in the market to help you save money and earn something from it. Most of the people have this question in their mind that how much one can expect from Ibotta?

This depends on how much they are using the app. There are offers sometimes which can increase your earnings so it is better to use the app often.

Especially if you are going for the leaves you have the opportunity to earn a lot with the help of this app. So choose Ibotta instead of other apps which give you a few coupons only.

Ibotta has a lot of other things to offer which makes it a lot better than those coupon offering sites.

Ibotta will give you a lot of cash back if you have a big family because then you often need to shop grocery items and get cash back from Ibotta. This can be huge when compared with someone who is buying for a single person.

In short, Ibotta provides an opportunity for everyone to earn from their application, you can expect a few dollars every week from them by buying simple grocery items.

If you shop a lot you can reach closes to $100 in a week and that is a huge amount for cash back from any app in the world.

Maximize cash back

There are a few ways which can help you maximize the cash back from Ibotta. There are preferred partners of Ibotta, shopping from them increases the chances of the cash back so choose those partners.

They also allow you to link your loyalty card with it and get great returns from them. The good thing about this cash back is that you don’t need to take the pictures of the receipts, you just need to check the deals and go for the shopping and they will send you the cash back.

Another good way to get cash back instantly from them is to send them the receipts right after the shopping, you don’t need to wait for the next receipt, and they do accept receipts after 7 days of the purchase as well.

Look for a limited time bonus

Ibotta provides many limited-time bonuses to the customers; look for those bonuses because they give you more cash back as compared to other offers by the company.

Ibotta has a lot of limited time offers you just need to keep yourself informed about it, you can maximize your cash back with them and score some really big deals.

You don’t need to rely on digital coupons, there is a lot more than that when you are shopping through the Ibotta app. Try all the new products and the services offered by Ibotta.


Ibotta is indeed a great platform for all those who love to shop different items online and then wish to get cash back on those items.

Ibotta provides multiple offers to its customers and makes sure that they get cash back for most of them that too without any delay.

They are different from others in a sense that they don’t offer coupons they provide you cash in your account.

They are using the most advanced technology in online shopping and provide cash back to almost all customers.

They are having a partnership with some of the best brands in the world so you don’t need to worry about the quality as well because they don’t compromise on it.

Their application is available both on android and iOS which means you can easily download it and start using it.

They don’t have categories for cash back; they offer cash back to the customers on all the categories. A lot of retailers are working with them and the good thing is that you can refer your friends and get cash back for it.

They have a simple working process, follow it and start earning cash back from them.

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