Hubble Contacts Review

Hubble is the new name in the market when we talk about the lenses but in a short span of time, they made their name in the market with the right quality.

Hubble Contacts was founded with the objective of providing affordable yet very high-quality lenses to the customers which they deserve.

Hubble Contacts

Hubble Contacts

Eyes are a blessing of God and they need proper care no matter what the situation is. There are times when they are exposed to the atmosphere which damages their visibility but that is not an issue at all because Hubble contacts will provide you the much-needed care.

You must be familiar with the name because Hubble contacts provide the most affordable contact lens to the customers that too of the fine quality.

If you never used them and visiting them for the first time, that is even better for you because you can get the first box for free from them.

Hubble Contacts have quality design

Hubble Contacts is known in the market for their quality designs. The lenses are specially designed to make sure that you experience sharp vision with all day and night comfort.

It also makes sure that you don’t feel anything awkward at all. You will feel a lot more comfortable in those lenses.

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Hubble contacts working process

Hubble Contacts is very easy to deal with and they believe in their customers that is why different offers are provided to the customers which ensure that everything is fine.

You can get 60 lenses from them that too within the price tag of $15. Isn’t it very economical for all the users?

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Start for free with Hubble contacts

Hubble Contacts is known in the market for their customer satisfaction and that is why they give the free offers to all of their customers enabling them to become a permanent client.

The first shipment from the company will have 15 free pairs for all the customers.

All you need is to pay the shipping and handling charges to the company. The handling and the shipping cost is also very low and you have to pay $3.

These things will keep coming to you in the coming months as well. All you need is to pay the monthly subscription fee to the company which is just $30 a month for the users.

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Hubble Contacts gives you complete control

Hubble Contacts ensures that you have the upper hand and fully control your all subscriptions and all other needs.

If you are not satisfied with the service of the company you can easily modify and cancel the subscription and adjust it as per your own needs.

Hubble Contacts will facilitate you in every possible way.

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Hubble Contacts eye exam

Hubble Contacts is fully facilitating the customers with full care and facilities. They can even set up an eye exam for the patients that too by providing you a doctor within your area or someone near you.

All you need is to visit the doctor and discuss your condition with the doctor in complete detail.

The official website of Hubble Contacts provides a form, you need to fill the form and then they will provide you with a detail list of doctors in your area.

The next thing is simple, visit the doctor and complete your exam by trying Hubble Contacts and get the prescription from the doctor you visited.

As we told you earlier as well that you can start here for free and if you plan to visit Hubble Contacts, they will provide you the first box for free and only charge the shipping and handling charges from the customers.

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Hubble Contacts for doctors

Hubble Contacts is not working to help the patients only if you are a doctor and wish to get in touch with Hubble Contacts and help them in their mission, write to them on the email is given below.

[email protected]

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Hubble Contacts is the name of quality

Hubble Contacts will never compromise on the quality of the products which they provide to the customers all over the world and that are what makes it one of the best in the market.

Hubble Contacts also believes that the comfort and the ease for the patient are equally important and is working day and night to provide all the facilities to the users.

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Hubble Contacts are manufactured with care

All the lenses at Hubble Contacts are manufactured with great care and that is what keeps them ahead of all others in the market.

St. Shine in the partner of Hubble Contacts in manufacturing these lenses and they have the vote of the majority of the market due to the precision and 20 years’ experience in the market.

They are also approved by the FDA which means they are manufacturing the products as per the guidelines of the government and maintain all the safety measures.

St. Shine is not a domestic dealer of the lenses rather it provides lenses all over the world. The good thing about them is that they are using state of the art equipment for the manufacturing of these units.

Several tests are performed on the lenses which are produced at their units to ensure further safety and quality of the products.

In short, all the necessary steps are taken by them to make sure that the user of the lens never experiences any problem.

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Sharp vision with Hubble Contacts

They will provide you the lens which gives you sharp vision and all-day comfort as well. the lenses at their units are made using a hydrogen material named as methafilcon.

The material makes sure that the lenses don’t create any problem at the time of the insertion. The vision becomes very clear and guarantees all day care to all the users of the Hubble Contacts.

This material contains 55%s water content in it and has a thin edge. It also contains the material which protects yours against UV rays.

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See green with Hubble Contacts

A healthy environment is the right of each and every individual and Hubble Contacts makes sure that you have healthy eyes to witness the healthy environment around you.

Keeping this thing in mind the lenses and the boxes of the Hubble Contacts are completely recyclable.

They will help you see the world which you dreamed of and is clean from all sorts of pollution.

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Hubble Contacts are expensive?

Some people have the view that these lenses are expensive and not in the reach of every common man. Mainly this is due the less competition in the market and overall control of the market in a few hands.

The prices are set by these majority market holders so it is very difficult to challenge them when it comes to the prices of the lenses.

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Pay more to avoid risks

This high price brings all the users on the tough edge where they have to select one thing, either to pay more or wear the same lenses which can cause infection to their eyes.

Money is important for sure but not more important than your eyes to make sure that you get new lenses to keep your eyes secure from any type of infection.

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Hubble Contacts is an affordable choice

Hubble is here to break the ice and make sure that you don’t have to risk your health for the money.

Hubble Contacts ensures that the users don’t have to pay much when it comes to their lens if they are using the monthly subscription which costs them barely a single dollar for a day.

In short, finally, you are not compromising your health and can afford the lens for the better health of your eyes.

The daily lenses also ensure that you can wear new lenses every day and keep your eyes fresh as well.

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Hubble Contacts is the people choice

The reviews from the customers all over the world are very positive so far and they believe in the service provided by Hubble Contacts.

There are more than 300 reviews on the official portal so far and they rated the lenses 4.6 out of the 5 stars.

This is a really good score for someone working in the category of lenses and is new in the market as well.

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Hubble Contacts help

They are working to ensure the safety and the satisfaction of users all over the world. If you ever face a problem using the lenses, you can easily get in touch with them on the email given below.

[email protected]

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Hubble Contacts subscription

The subscription with Hubble Contacts is very easy and affordable for those who wear it on a daily basis.

The good thing is that you can get a free box for the first time when you subscribe to them and only have to pay the delivery charges to them.

Once you successfully subscribe for the lenses, you will get 60 lenses a month and they will charge you $30 for these lenses excluding the handling and delivery charges.

The key to cancel the subscription is in your hand and you can cancel at any time. the payment is charged every month when they are shipped to the customers.

You can also change the shipment duration as per your needs and don’t have to get it from them every month.

The good thing is that they will stay in touch with your doctor as well and make sure that your prescription is not expired.

When the prescription is expired, they will get in touch with the doctor and get new from them to ensure the smooth flow of lenses to the customer.

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Hubble Contacts return policy

Well, this time we have bad news for the users because they don’t accept any kind of returns from the customers.

However, this does not mean that the incomplete orders or orders with issues are also neglected. You can get in touch with them if there is some problem in the order and they will make sure that you get the best thing in return.

You can get in touch with them using the phone and email services and they will try to sort out the problem right away.

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The first order from Hubble Contacts

As we told you the first box is free for all the customers who subscribe to the service.

Two weeks after the free delivery they will verify your prescription from your doctor and then send you the order.

Sometimes the order can get late due to the approval of the doctor which at times get delayed due to their weekdays.

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Fraudulent orders at Hubble Contacts

There are few cases where fraudulent orders are placed, firstly we ensure that such activities are not done on our servers but even if it happens you can get in touch with the help desk and they will solve your problem.

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Change in Prescription

There are a few cases where the prescription changes at a time. This won’t be a problem at all because we will get in touch with your doctor and re-verify your prescription from the doctor.

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Changing subscription at Hubble Contacts

It is very easy to communicate with the team of Hubble Contacts and you can easily get your subscription changed at any time.

You can change the frequency of delivery or even contact their help desk for more changes in the subscription.

And lastly, you also have the control to cancel your subscription whenever needed. You can call at the number given below and cancel your subscription.


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Shipping by Hubble Contacts

Currently, the shipping is not available worldwide but Hubble Contacts is shipping within the US, UK, Netherland, Germany, and Canada.

The shipping by is standard and it can take up to 10 business days. If the shipment is out of the US, it can take even more days.

Make sure that you are setting the shipment schedule well before the end of the previous shipment.

The shipment and the handling cost are very low as we discussed above as well and they only charge $3 from the customers.

However, once the orders are sent the shipping address cannot be changed.

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Hubble Contacts payments

Hubble Contacts accepts all the major types of payments used around the world which include both debit and credit cards.

Hubble Contacts also accepts all types of FSA and HAS payments.

However, the company does not accept any kind of insurance like some other providers. They provide the receipt which can be used at the insurance provider.

You can get more information about this issue from the help desk of Hubble Contacts.

FSA and HSA work with Hubble Contacts but you need to make sure that they are attached with some credit card.

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Finding a doctor with Hubble Contacts

Hubble provides you with the name of the doctor in your area which can examine your eyes. You can get in touch with that doctor and get your prescription from them.

Keep in mind that you have to pay the fees of the doctor as you use to pay it on a regular basis. The total cost of that appointment is on you and we are only the facilitator in this whole process.

These doctors will examine your eyes and recommend your Hubble Contacts only if they think they are suitable for you. No compensation is made to these doctors by Hubble Contacts.

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Hubble Contacts Prescriptions

Prescriptions are very important when you are dealing with Hubble Contacts because every order requires a prescription.

No order is delivered to the customer without a prescription. It must include the name of the patient and the date of expiry of that prescription as well.

It must have all other details as well as the power, diameter, material and the base curve of the lenses.

If these lenses are not tailored as per the lenses of the Hubble Contacts then we won’t be able to provide you the lenses.

Even if you don’t have a physical copy of the prescription, you can reach our database and select the doctor and we can get in touch with the doctor to confirm your prescription.

Make sure that the prescription is from the doctor working within the US because at times the prescription from doctors outside the US is not acceptable.

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Hubble Contacts is the best choice in the market for all those who are worried about their eyes.

They use the best quality material and provide the lenses with full care to the customers that too as per the prescription.

The good thing is that these lenses are affordable to each and every customer and above all the first shipment is free to all the customers.

They do not accept returns which is not something good but besides this, they are very much cooperative when it comes to customer care.

You can surely trust them and use their products because they are using the standard equipment and shipping the whole US without any delays.

In the end, the eyes are very important and someone compromising on the health of the eyes is actually compromising life because we believe there is no life without eyes.

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