Glock 43 Review

Glock 43 Review

Glock 43 is known in the world as a legendary weapon for its long service and quality. This is actually a 9 mm Luger caliber pistol.

The good thing about this weapon is that it is not dependent on the hands of the shooter rather it gives you the accuracy and is fantastic to use and ultra-concealable.

Glock 43

Glock 43

The grip of Glock 43 is good enough and gives the right kind of boost to the shooter and make sure that they stand tight while shooting.

There is a built-in beaver as well on the grip of the gun which further enhances the accuracy by giving more grips to the shooter.

The grip of this gun is considered very aggressive and gives the right kind of energy to the shooter.

The operation and the comfortability of the gun are also very good when we compare it with other such tools.

It has a large six round magazines and it is very easy to remove and use over time.

It has passed some of the very hard tests of the Glock family and still covers the point of one of the best pistol in the world.

Technical details

The caliber of Glock 43

The caliber of Glock 43 is 9×19 millimeter.

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System of Glock 43

It has a very safe action system and gives the right kind of environment for shooting.

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Capacity of magazine

The standard magazine of the Glock 43 has 6 bullets in it and you can also have an optional magazine with a capacity of 6 bullets.

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Length of barrel

Glock 43 has a barrel length of 86.5 millimeters or when we consider it in the inches, it is 3.41

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Weight of Glock 43

The weight of the gun without magazine is 460 grams or 16.23 oz. The weight of the magazine with an empty magazine is 510 grams or 17.99 oz.

Similarly, the Glock 43 when fully loaded has a weight of 585 grams or 20.64 oz.

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The trigger pull of Glock 43

The trigger pull of Glock 43 is 24 N.

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Length of Glock 43

The overall length of the Glock 43 is 159 millimeter or 6.26 inches. Similarly, the slide length of the gun is 154 millimeter or 6.06 inches.

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Width of Glock 43

The overall width of Glock 43 is 27 millimeter or 1.06 inches. The slide length of the gun is 22 millimeter or 0.87 in inches.

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Height of Glock 43

The height of the gun including the magazine is 108 millimeter or 4.25 inches.

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Line of sight

The line of sight of the gun is 133 millimeter or 5.24 inches. The trigger distance of the gun is 65 millimeter or 2.56 inches.

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What is Glock 43?

Glock is a big name in the weapon industry and almost all of us are quite familiar with it by name. The reason for the popularity in the whole world is that these pistols are also used by the paramilitary forces in the world.

This shows that they are good enough to be carried by forces like police and army as well.

Glock is the perfect concealed carry weapon which can answer all of your queries and help you during the attack and defense as well.

It is the weapon which can be carried with yourself in your everyday routine.

The good thing about Glock family is that it has the weapon of all the ranges for the users but this Glock 43 has made a big name for the family and is used all over the world due to the awesome features of the gun.

The gun made such a big name that different versions of it are coming in the market and even the Glock family is coming with things which are quite similar to this one.

Glock 43 is considered the best when we are talking about the small weapons because it has everything one can hope from a gun, starting from the polymer frame of the gun.

The slide of the Glock 43 is made of steel which gives a very normal slide to the user.

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Glock 43 has Single Stack

The other gun of the Glock family comes with double stacks but this one has a single stack.

The single stock is very much needed by the gun because in this way it helps in decreasing the size of the gun that too by a very large margin.

Decreasing the size of Glock 43 makes it easy to conceal and people can hold it with full comfort.

The small size of the gun is something very good but then at the same time, we have the option of very fewer bullets in our disposal at one time.

A standard Glock 43 single stack magazine can hold only 6 rounds in it giving you the overall capacity of 6+1 rounds.

The plus round is the one which is in the chamber. If the gun comes with double stack the capacity of the bullets will be doubled for sure and that can be really good for the gun.

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Where is it made?

Glock has made a big name in the market thus making a big name for the country of the origin as well. Glock is actually designed in Austria and also made there.

We mentioned earlier as well that Glock is a good weapon for sure but the thing which increased its reliability in the world is it’s used by the militaries all over the world.

It has some of the best features in the world which helped it made to the pockets of police and military all over the world.

Let us inform you here that Glock 43 is also a bombproof weapon which can be used in any condition.

The packing of the Glock 43 is very good and you will get it in the strong case with 2 magazines in it.

The price range of the gun is different all over the world but the average price of the gun is somewhere $450 to $500.

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Range of Glock 43

Glock 43 can be a good weapon for sure and is used all over the world by some of the best forces but someone looking for the range should not opt for this one.

It actually falls short when it comes to the range, it can be used to protect your family from small problems but it is certainly not the right choice when it comes to large ranges.

Even then a lot of people prefer Glock 43 because of the reliability it gives to the user and the ease during the usage of the gun.

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Glock 43 is safe?

Like all the other Glock weapons it comes with the internal security and safety feature. Actually, the good thing is that you don’t need to look for an external safety button in the gun.

Some people label it unsafe due to no external safety option but that is not the case and they are very much safe due to the internal safety measures taken by the Glock.

There is not even one rather three internal safeties in the Glock 43 which makes sure that it is completely safe.

It ensures that the trigger only goes out when it is actually pulled.

It is really easy to shoot with a Glock 43 without worrying about the safeties and other things. All you need is to rack the slide of the Glock 43 and pull the trigger.

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Glock 43 rear sight

The rear sight of the Glock 43 is something which needs to be discussed for sure due to the love and hate people have with it.

The U shaped rear sight of the Glock 43 is another controversial things and people have different views regarding it.

Some people are worried about the physical look of the gun as well and according to them the U shape at the rear of the gun is not as good as few other guns have.

Otherwise, there is no problem with the usage or the reliability of the gun; just a few people consider it a bad aspect of the Glock 43.

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Triggers of Glock 43

The trigger of the gun is one of the most important things which people are worried about. The Glock 43 has one of the best triggers and that is why it became this much famous.

There were times when the Glock 43 was bought just because of the easy to use triggers of the gun.

The triggers of the Glock 43 are easy to use for sure but not for everyone. Only the trained people can use it with ease and that is why Glock 43 is considered a safe weapon because it cannot be used by an ordinary man.

Glock 43 is actually designed for the defense and duty, so the heavy trigger is actually a part of the planning of the company.

Now things are very much changed and the Gen 5 models have much better and easy to use triggers. You can opt for them as well if you are not easy with the hard triggers of the usual one.

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Benefits of Glock 43

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Glock 43 is improving

The new version of the Glock 43 is much better than the previous one for sure and the engineers at Glock are working day and night to bring even better weapon for the users.

They are considered reliable and there should be no second thought whether to use a weapon like this or not because they are something each one of us need for the attack and defense.

The trust of the law enforcement agencies in it is enough to give it due importance because they are actually good enough that these agencies choose them.

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Glock 43 is concealable

The concealability of the gun is something which makes it even more unique and appealing to users all over the world.

It is surely a fantastic choice for all the users if they are looking for a concealed weapon.

Glock 43 can easily be kept in the side pocket or you can hide it under your vest or in the waistline as well.

Even if you are meeting people at the functions, you can easily hide the Glock 43 under your clothes and that is the best thing about it.

No one knows that you are carrying a gun but still, you have one and that is where you stand out from the rest of the people.

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Glock 43 is 9 mm

Everybody loves 9 mm for sure because of their size and the other options they provide to the users.

You can also count on Glock 43 just because it’s a 9 mm and can meet all of your desires without any problem at all.

The good thing is that you can easily find the ammunition for the 9 mm anywhere in the world with full ease.

You have more options to use a 9 mm and that is what makes it even more interesting.

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Glock 43 has good resale

If you have a Glock 43 in your pocket and you need to resale it, no issues at all. You can easily get rid of it without much effort.

Another good thing about Glock 43 is that there is a lot of material related to the Glock family in the market which means you can easily upgrade your weapon at any time.

There are a lot of things related to the Glock 43 available in the market and the good thing is that the upgraded version will give you even more choices and improve your command over the pistol.

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Glock need little care

You don’t need to worry much about Glock 43 because they need very little care. You don’t have to worry about the maintenance of the gun every now and then.

Most of it is made of the plastic so they work in the fine condition even when they are dirty and you don’t need to worry about the cleaning.

This is actually good for someone who is new with the guns and don’t want to spend much time in the cleaning and maintenance of the gun.

They can opt for this one and get rid of all such things.

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Glock 43 is affordable

The price tag of the gun is also in the range of normal person and the features are good as we explained in the article above.

Someone looking for a gun with good features and the reliability at the same time should choose Glock 43.

There are many upgrades for sure but even without them, you can use this one and have the full command over it.

However, make sure that you have the complete training before opting for it because of any gun no matter which it is not safe for someone who is not untrained.

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Glock 43 is reliable

The reliability of Glock 43 which stands out everywhere and if you don’t find anything good in it, this features is alone enough to make you opt for this gun.

It is used all over the world just because of the reliability it gives to the user.

You can take it anywhere in the world and the good thing is that you know it will work whenever and wherever required.

Disadvantages of Glock 43

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Glock 43 has little capacity

There are good things and at the same time there are bad things as well, Glock 43 has very little capacity due to the single stack option available in it.

There is a solution that you can keep extra magazines with yourself but still, this is a major concern of the people.

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Few upgrades are necessary

There are few upgrades in Glock 43 which are necessary right from the start. Glock 43 comes with plastic sights which are not good enough and cannot be trusted at any cost.

A gun which is also used at the bedside must have at least tritium installed in it so make sure you do that right from the start.

This upgrade will charge you a bit but then it’s good for the long term usage of the gun.

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The Glock 43 comes with some of the best options in the world and is also considered one of the most reliable pistols in the world.

The reliability of the pistol is the reason that a lot of paramilitary forces in the world are using this weapon to attack a defense.

It is a short range weapon but gives a lot of good things including the grip and other features to ensure the safety and yet the security of the person using it.

The price range is also normal and you can easily afford it.

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Your say

Have you ever used a weapon of the Glock family? If yes how was the experience of using it? Would you choose the Glock 43 for your companion in a different condition?

What are the things you like about this weapon and what all you think is still missing from it?