Gatehub review

There are a lot of wallets in the world and each one of them has their own use and benefits for the customers.

Online trading is becoming the new sensation in the world and with this comes the wallets to facilitate the whole process of trading.



Gatehub is one such wallet which will help in your money-related issues in daily life. Gatehub can actually tell you what a wallet or money can do for yourself.

All you need is to make an account with the Gatehub and enjoy the benefits and perks of the company.

As mentioned in the start, there are a lot of wallets but the wallets with the most security are preferred and this has the most security in the world.

It will always make sure that your money is safe and backed by the powerful computers of the company.

Gatehub give power

The new world is ready to give you the real command and the power in the shape of Gatehub.

There was a time when people use mail services to communicate with each other. Now the mail is overtaken by the email and nobody uses mails for the communication.

Once you will start using this advanced system like Gatehub, you will forget the old systems like banks and other financial institutions.

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Gatehub gives analytics

Gatehub is an advance wallet which will provide you with detailed analytics as well while you are using it.

You must have heard the famous quote that time is money so it will save your time by providing you the much-needed analytics.

You will get the live data from Gatehub which will help you analyze different things about the assets you have in the wallet.

All this data is available to the user on a single page and will help them in making a good decision.

You will clearly see that which all assets are improving and which of them are decreasing with the pace of time and make decisions accordingly.

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Gatehub shows net worth

Gatehub also shows the net worth you have in the wallet in a separate page. A complete asset distribution chart is available for the customers which they can use to make the decisions about their future.

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Gatehub gives instant payments

Getting the payments from these wallets is another issue faced by many users. However, the good thing is that this is not the case with this wallet and it provides instant payment to the customers.

You can get the payment at any time from the wallet and make sure that everything is under your complete command.

It will send you the money like no one else in the market and make sure that your money is on your fingertips.

The good thing is that the method used for receiving payment is very simple and can be used by anyone in the world.

All you need is to type the name of the recipient of the money. You can also get it by providing the email address of the receiver or the Ripple address as well.

They introduced a real and simple way to receive the money that too anytime.

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Easily send using Gatehub

Gatehub also facilitates the customers when they are sending the money to any other user. All the payments are sent easily using the ripple network.

The good thing about their network is that this money can be exchanged as well automatically with any other currency and this is really a big thing for all the users.

You can get the best possible rate from the Gatehub and that is what makes them unique in the world.

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Trade with Gatehub

Gatehub also provides you the option of trading as well in the wallet.

You can easily trade with the Bitcoin and the Gold with just a single click.

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You can easily trade different cryptocurrencies and currencies on this wallet without any difficulty. All these trades are executed using the ripple network.

The good thing about Gatehub is that the interface is very easy to use for all the users and they can easily understand it without any problem.

They have the complete market data under their hand on this network and this is something which gives them an edge over the other wallets in the world.

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Precious metals

The trading is available to the members in the precious metals as well. It means that you can easily diversify your portfolio using metals such as silver and gold.

You are not limited till this one because you also have the option to trade other assets like XRP and Bitcoin as well on this network.

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Background of Gatehub

The wallet was actually created in 2014 by a company working in the United Kingdom. The network when first started was only facilitating the ripple crypto.

With the passage of time, it started supporting other coins as well in the network and now it has made other improvements as well and allows users to trade as well on the network.

Gatehub is a wallet which allows the users to easily trade different cryptocurrencies with each other and also gives the option of storing these currencies.

You can easily send and receive currencies from another user of the Gatehub and all you need is to provide the username or the email address of the receiver.

You can easily access the wallet by visiting their web address or download their app as well from the iOS and the Android store as well.

This is how this platform started which is now a big name in the industry especially when we talk about the cryptocurrencies and the online wallets to manage money.

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Gatehub is good?

So far the reviews about the wallet are very positive which makes it a good choice for everyone who is looking to use this service.

They provide a very user-friendly environment to all the users and the good thing is that the website is simple to use for everyone.

Even better for all the beginners because they will not have any issue at all using the network even if they know nothing about the online wallets.

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Fiat and crypto currencies

The good thing about the Gatehub is that it is not only dealing in the cryptocurrencies rather supporting the real currencies which make it even more interesting for the people who are trading out there.

You can easily trade the fiat currency in this wallet and they will fully facilitate you like they facilitate the crypto customers.

As mentioned earlier as well the network started with the inception of the ripple but is now supporting 8 different cryptocurrencies which are Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, Augur, and Xaurum.

Gatehub wallet is not limited to certain things it also has a payment gateway that too inbuilt which can be used to deposit real money in the wallet.

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Verification processes

There are few verification processes which the user need to obey before starting this process but they are not difficult at all if you are not trying to manipulate the system.

It has really strong checks and balances which makes sure that no such activity is performed within the system.

These things are important because you need the right kind of security while working in these wallets. A wallet with good security checks can outclass all others for sure and this has the ability to do so.

The verification process of the Gatehub includes the uploading of the ID and sometimes it may need your address as well.

The account of the Gatehub is not verified at once rather it may take a few days to activate and verify the account.

Right now the payment gateway of Gatehub supports USD, EUR, JPY, and CNY.

In short, Gatehub is a good choice for all the beginners because it has the right kind of atmosphere to start and has both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.

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Customer support of Gatehub

The importance of customer support can never be negated especially when the industry is related to the services and that too financial.

Most of the wallets do not provide any such thing to the customers but as Gatehub is also facilitating the users in the money exchange so there are few ways which can be used to get in touch with them.

The support team of the company is very slow to respond back to the customers as per few reviews but as this is a good way to communicate so you can write up to them for any query or problem.

The team of Gatehub is also present on social media where you can get in touch with them and discuss all of your problems.

However, before you start on the network, write up all the important data somewhere safe because if you lose these things the account will be permanently blocked.

You must have your password and the authentication key with yourself in order to access the account of Gatehub.

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Fee structure of Gatehub

Before you start using an online wallet, the fee is something which comes under consideration and is surely an important aspect in any online wallet.

If you are using the Gatehub network just to store the Ripple then make sure you have a minimum of 20 Ripple in your account.

These 20 Ripples will not be used in any way because they will remain in your account for a long term and they are just like a fee for the activation of the account at Gatehub.

This is not something new, all the Ripple wallets are using this technique so there is no way to shift to any other wallet for the better storage of the Ripple.

They won’t change anything except this fee of 20 Ripple. You do have to pay the transaction fee for the blockchain transactions which are given in detail at the wallet.

The actual earning of the platform is from the transactions made to and from the wallet which are listed in details on the wallet.

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Is Gatehub Secure?

The security is the major concern when we are dealing with the funds online and should be the priority of every user.

According to the reports by the wallet itself, there are plenty of security features installed at the wallet.

First of all, it will advise you to set up a two-factor authentication which will send you to code every time when you are trying to perform any activity.

The security features of the Gatehub are good enough to keep your funds completely safe. Whenever you try to access them from a different IP they will ask you to confirm your email once again.

The encryption method is also used by the system which further enhances the security and makes sure that everything is safe in the system.

According to the statements from the wallet they cannot access your private keys because they are saved in a separate server for the security purpose.

Gatehub also faced a security issue 2 years ago. The coins were stolen from the few accounts and the response to such situation by Gatehub was poor and they were not ready to return the funds to the users which were stolen from the network.

According to the sources, the main servers of the Gatehub were hacked by the criminals and they managed to take away a large number of cryptocurrencies.

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Gatehub wallet setup

Setting up a wallet at the Gatehub is very simple and easy for all the users.

Visit the official website of the Gatehub and then hit the Sign-Up button. Provide them your email address and don’t forget to keep a strong password, accept the terms and conditions of the company and go ahead.

The next thing is the recovery key of your wallet which will be shown to you. Make sure that you keep the key with yourself because this key will help you if you ever lose your password.

Download the recovery key because it will help you a lot in the future.

Then go to your email address and confirm your email address. You are almost done, activate your account and get started with it.

They will then ask other information which is necessary to set up the account but make sure that you don’t forget to active the two-factor authentication because that is very important these days.

This acts as an extra layer of security of your account and makes sure that your account remains active and secures every time.

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How to use Gatehub?

Using a network like Gatehub is very simple because it has an easy to use interface which is very user-friendly and make sure that you don’t get puzzled while using it.

Just log in to your account and you will learn things step by step. They will show you the account balance in the wallet.

There is an option of deposit and receive as well which can be used to get funds from other accounts or your own bank account.

In short, it is simple to use the account and they will guide you at each and every step.

You can watch the tutorials available online or even when you log in to your account for the first time, they will give you a complete tour about how to use the account for better results.

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Gatehub is one of the best platforms for the newcomers and comes with the right kind of security as well.

The security of these wallets cannot be trusted because they can be on stage at any time but it takes good measures to make sure that the funds of the users are under protection.

The recent breakdown of their system which resulted in theft is a serious concern of many users of Gatehub. Still, they are doing their best to provide the right kind of information and security to the users.

The fee structure of the network is also very normal as compared to the other networks and it gives you a lot of ease when talking about the sending and receiving of fiat currency or cryptocurrency.

They are diversified as well and deal in both fiat currency and cryptocurrencies which also makes them unique in the market.

It provides a lot of support to the customers when it comes to the trading as well and makes sure that they are fully facilitated in all the possible ways.

The interface of the website is also simple and you don’t need a lot of time to learn it.

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Your say

You must have used wallets before if you are dealing with the cryptocurrencies online. What are your views about the benefits offered by Gatehub to the customers?

Do they have the right kind of perks to start an online career in the crypto industry? What are the things you like about them and what all you think should be changed in this wallet to make it even better?

Lastly, would you use this network for your personal trading?

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