Eli Review

The Eli Reviews an online course tool that is created by instructors for instructors. The main purpose of the tool is to provide critical thinking and promote effective peer feedback. Once you visit their website www.elireview.com, you can sign in and if you want to contact the company, you can easily do so on their website. Eli is there to help frustrated teachers who lack the technology to support their work.

How Does the Eli Review Work?

There are different steps that you need to follow if you want to use the platform. Eli Review is a tool that turns your classroom into a studio where your instructors can easily engage with you in peer learning. Students can easily get feedback, revisions, and more practice and coaching. Once you get to know the tool, you will become a better writer and will always provide better feedback.

Eli Review

Eli Review

The Steps of Eli Review

There are five steps that you need to follow if you want to become better with the Eli review. The steps include assign and write, guide and give feedback, process and debrief feedback, guide and plan revision, and the last step is to analyze and iterate. Let us look at each of the steps in detail.

Step One: Assign and Write Small Bits

Start by creating a bit-sized writing task in the Eli review which will help guide your students in large projects. Try and focus on the specific learning goals and focus on their attention. Students can easily upload or paste different files which will help build a full draft.

Step Two: Guide and Give Feedback

Students can easily share their genuine feedback with the instructor, and this helps students focus on the important learning criteria. You can use rating, checklists, and prompts for better understanding as it will help students focus on their learning goals.

Step Three: Process and Debrief Feedback

When you have the Eli review tool you can see real-time data as it is being projected. You can easily get information that is useful to you and you can also debrief the whole class to get out the main points. It helps you decide on what you can do next.

Step Four: Guide and Plan Revision

Once you are done, you can revise and plan for further revision in case you did not understand something. Make sure that your students can provide a proper guide when revising.

Step Five: Analyze and Iterate

Students can easily make criteria-driven revisions using the Eli Review. Your instructor will be able to guide you on your goals if they realize you are doing well. For more details just visit elireview.com and you will get more details.


When you have the Eli review, you can visit different fields as the tool is flexible and diverse. Eli review helps students get more from peer learning and it can be used from grade 3 to M.A pharmacology. Try the Eli review today and get more insight.

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