Black Desert Online Review

If you are a game lover you must be very much familiar with the name of the black desert game which is also known as black desert online.

We are going to present a review of the game and what all happens in it.

Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online

Who is behind the game?

Well, most people do love the games but they are not familiar with the people who made the games for them.

The developer of this game is Pearl Abyss.

There is more than one publisher of the game. The game is published by Kakao games worldwide.

It is also published in other countries which include Japan, where the game is published by GameOn. The game is published in Russia as well by Pearl Abyss. Pear Abyss Taiwan is the publisher of the game in Taiwan.

Black desert is very famous in South America as well and it is published in South America by Red Fox games. It is published in MENA by Pearl Abyss MEA.

The director of the game is Kim Daeil. The artist used in the film is Seo Yongsu.

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The game is available on different platforms which mean that people can enjoy the game on all these platforms.

It is available on the platforms like Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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The game was released on different platforms in different spans. It was released on the platform of Microsoft Windows in Korea in July 2015. A few months later it was released in Russia in the months of October.

It was also released in Japan during 2015. The game was released in North America in March 2016. Then the game was released in March 2016 in EU.

The game was then released in Taiwan in January 2017. It was released in South America in July 2017. It was then released in December 2017 in MENA and during January 2018 it was released in SEA.

The game was released worldwide in March 2019 on the Xbox One.

The Genre of the game is MMORPG. It is played in Multiplayer mode.

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Start of production

Black desert online is actually a game of Korean origin which made its mark on the gaming industry of the world.

The game is played online by multiplayer and the good thing is that the game is role-based and developed by a good company named Pearl Abyss.

The development started on the game in 2010 and it was finally tested in 2013 for the beta testing.

The game uses the engine of Pearl Abyss to manage all the large scale sieges and other stuff.

The game offers free to play option in some countries while buy to play model is available in countries in the American and European region.

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Now let us discuss the gameplay and all the interesting things about the game.

This is actually an action based game which is quite similar to the games which use shooters that too third person in it.

While you are playing the game, you can activate different types of skills using the attacking, dodging and blocking. You can also use these three as a combo and get more skills to have an upper hand on the opponent.

The game is not limited to the fighting only; it also offers you a different type of housing. You can also do trading in the black desert online.

There is an option of farming and fishing in the game. These things make sure that the game becomes more easy and useful for all the players.

The best thing about the game is the castle battles in it. Most people love this game due to the castle battles in it.

They also give the option of player to the player siege in the game.

A number of other options are given to the players while playing the game which makes it even more exciting for the players to play this game. Let’s discuss some of the features of the game.

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Amazing weather

The changing weather of the game brings further excitement in the game and make it much more exciting for all the players.

There is a large number of events such as typhoons and other weather conditions which directly affect the gameplay.

There are many other weather conditions as well; you can witness fog in the play.

Fog is very helping for the players and it enables them to launch a surprise attack on their enemies. The weather updates and features are a unique option available in this game and make the fight even more exciting for all the people.

You can easily use the fog and attack the guild of your enemy and catch them in this beautiful surprise.

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Day and night effects

Day and night effects are also included in this game and they are very helpful in making sure that the attacks and defenses become more exciting for the players.

The day and night cycle of the game is further beautified with the effects of lightning in it. This lightening makes sure that the attacks are disturbed and sometimes the defenses are also altered due to the condition of lightning.

The night is, even more, threatening for all the players as most of the NPCs go out and are not available for the battles.

This is the time when the monsters come out for hunting and they get more loot from the players making it difficult for them.

The weather and the day-night option in the game are very amazing and based on these two factors different contents are available for all the players of the game.

According to some reviews, most of the gamers love this game due to these amazing effects of the game.

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A new and modern facility of housing is also available for the players in the game. This enables them to design their house themselves.

The location and the sizes of their houses differ from man to man. Players can use their resources to furnish their housing in the game.

They can also buy furniture for their houses, isn’t it great that you can even buy furniture in a game?

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Combat system

The combat system of the game is designed by keeping in mind the high graphics which are the core for every game these days.

The combat in this game is very exciting and require manual aiming by the players that too very precise. It also includes combing and dodging.

Forget about the old tab targeting which was mostly used in the old game. Play this game and get to know the most modern combat system in the world.

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The addition of mounts in the game is another special feature of the game which makes sure that the game remains the best in the world.

It allows the players to how mounted combats with each other.

Players can easily tame their favorite mounts and this way they can get the best for them. They also have some other options when it comes to the mounts and they can match different types of mating and use them to create their own new mounts.

The good thing is that it looks very real as you have to take care of the mounts and have to feed them as well.

The mounts can also get killed and you don’t have the option to save them permanently in your inventory.

The features of the game amaze every time the update comes and brings new features for the players.

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The plot of the game is even more exciting and is loved by players all around the world.

The settings of the game create a very high fantasy in all the players.

The setting is designed in such a way that it is a conflict between two arch rivals which are not ready to accept each other no matter what happens.

There are two states presented in the plot which are named Valencia and Calpheon and they both have their own features which make them unique and add interest in the game.

Different features of presented in the plot about these two rivals. According to the plot of the game, Calpheon is a country which is very materialist while the second one is very spiritual.

You can have a good idea of what it would look like when a materialistic and spiritual country is fighting with each other.

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Background of the game is even more interesting and liked by the people who play the game.

Before the start of the game, there are four main states as shown in the game and they all are at peace with each other.

These areas are named as Mediah, Calpheon, Serendia, and Balenos.

The actual conflict between these states starts when few merchants from the state of Valencia start to spread plague in the Mediah.

The sickness as shown in the game is very severe and many people suffer death due to the illness from this disease.

Some people are also expelled due to the situation of paranoia.

The other three areas then release that Valencia is their enemy and a danger in the place which needs to be eliminated for their own safety and the fight between them begins.

However, they think that they cannot take them individually so they all plan to take them by uniting with each other. They create a strong alliance against the enemy and plan to destroy it.

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This war started by the alliances is not small at all and lasts for more than 30 years which is a big period.

The country which was most affected at the start of the game is now the most benefitted. During the war between these countries, Mediah starts to harvest black stones in their own state and starts it trading with the others.

When the war has finished the alliance of these 3 countries starts to trade with the enemy once again.

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Black stones

Now everyone discovers the importance of the black stones and this is when the tensions increase among these countries once again.

The other states are also desperate for these stones and they start the search in their respective areas.

Calpheon is the only state which has no reserve of these precious stones but they found another solution for it and they started stealing it from their neighbors.

Here again, the tensions start with the Valencia which has a black desert full of these mountains and they know that others are now stealing this important reserve from their country.

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Development of the game

As we discussed at the start of the review, the developer behind this epic game is Pearl Abyss. This is a game developing company which was founded in 2010 by Kim Daeil.

The founder was not new in the field and had previous experience of working in some of the best gaming companies like NHN gaming and Hangame.

Right after the company started its work, the project of the black desert was assigned to it and it started working on this beautiful game.

The good thing is that a separate engine was designed especially for this game. The sole purpose of this engine was to create and render a lot of characters in it.

The game was released at the start in Japan and after that, it made it to the news and other details were also given to the public. The game was also demonstrated at G-Star.

The game was also shown in 2013 at Gamescom.

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Development after launch

Every developer understands that continuous update of the game is the only thing which can help them to stay in the competition and that is what Pearl Abyss understands.

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Mediah Expansion

The game was released with an expansion in the American region during 2016. Some other developments were also made in the game and the versions named Musa and Maehwa were also researched in the April same year.

The European and American version also saw the release of the version which shows the expansion of Valencia I.

The ninja and Kunoichi classes were also given to the players in the July same year.

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Expansions in 2017

The game also witnessed a few expansions in the year 2017.

The expansion of the game was confirmed by the developers and they said it was going to launch on the PlayStation and Xbox One as well.

Europe and North America saw the release of the dark night class in the game.

Then in the April same year, the striker class was also released in North America and Europe.

Microsoft also announced that the game will be launched on Xbox One but in the console mode.

The teaser of the Black Desert Online is released for the mobile users as well in the same year which means we can expect it on the mobiles as well in the coming days.

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Development in 2018

The developers are working to improve the stability of the game. They said that they are working and looking to change the service providers in the American region to make sure that the game is more stable.

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Reviews from the public

The reviews from the public are very encouraging for the developers of the game. The critics are also acknowledging the efforts of the developers.

It is having a good score on almost all the score calculators in the world which means that the game is making its name in the market so far.

According to some sources, the game is very famous in the European and American region and an average of 100,000 concurrent users are available in the game.

These figures are more than enough to rank it as a good game in the market. This speed can give it even more success in the future.

One more claim came forward that the game achieved the milestone of selling 400,000 copies that too in the first month of its release.

The game has more than 10 million registered players all over the world which means it is one of the most played games in the world.

The popularity of the game is increasing day by day as it only had 3.4 million players in 2017 and rose with good speed the next year.

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Publishing issues in Russia

The game was getting a good response from the players and this is why they launched the game in the Russian region as well.

However, due to some issues, the license of the local publisher was canceled and the developers apologized to the players saying that they are looking the game in the region again themselves.

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The game includes some of the best feature ones can expect these days. It is a complete package of entertainment and fight for those who are looking to spend some time in the gaming.

The plot and the story of the game are also amazing. The expansion by the developers in the game makes it even more interesting for everyone to play.


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