Amazon Credit Card Review

Credit cards are the new way of the payment these days and used all over the world to make sure that the payment is made safely and fast.

People are not now easy with the traditional payment methods and that is why we see every day that almost all the online retailers are providing ease to the customers through credit cards.

Amazon Credit Card

Amazon Credit Card

Similarly, Amazon provides a lot of ways to the customers who are looking to shop from their store.

The credit cards presented by Amazon facilitate people from all walks of life.

Amazon Credit Card Sign Up Offer

This is regarded as one of the oldest marketing strategy and almost all the businesses around the world use it to gain more customers.

Once you provide all the necessary information to the Amazon and your account is approved by them, a gift card of $10 is sent to your online account.

You can use this gift card for any type of shopping from the Amazon store.

However, this gift card is subjected to the approval of the application for the account.

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Amazon Credit Card Benefits

No interests for users of Amazon Credit Card

Well, this credit card comes with some very beautiful features. They will not charge any interest at all on the users if they pay the price within the 6 months. What else can we expect from a credit card?

This, zero interest feature is applicable to the products which are above $149.

However, if the balance is not paid in full within the 6 months then you will be charged interest for the product.

Minimum payment during the complete month is also needed to avoid the interest by this credit card.

Further, the users are given more leverage if the product is priced more than $599.

They have the option to pay the complete price within the next 12 months to avoid the interest on it.

If the complete price is not paid in the next 12 months then the users are charged with interest that too from the purchase date of the product.

So make sure that you pay the complete charges within the next 12 months.

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Valid for selected products

There is even further benefit for some of the selected products from the Amazon stores. You have the option to pay the complete price within the next 24 months and stay away from any kind of interest in those products.

The items which are sold on Amazon by third parties do not qualify for this offer at all.

However, if you are not able to pay the charges then the interest is charged from the date of the purchase and that can be very tough for all the people.

Here again, you need to make sure that you pay the price in full and have the option of minimum purchase as well.

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APR for Amazon Credit Card

Amazon credit card also gives multiple options to the users and gives them the option of using multiple financing options for their selected purchases.

They will charge 0% APR from the users until they pay the complete price to the company.

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Discount from Amazon Credit Card

Further, they are also giving 5% back to the prime members of the Amazon. However, you need to qualify for the prime member of the Amazon.

This way you can get 5% back on all the purchase from the Amazon.

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Amazon Credit Card Fee

Most of the users are worried about the annual fee of the credit cards. Here again, we have good news for all the users.

Amazon credit card does not charge any fees at all to the customers. You can use the card with complete ease and get the benefits from it.

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Amazon Credit card fraud Liability

This feature is not available in most of the credit cards out there but we have the good news for you. Amazon credit card provides zero fraud liability to all of its customers.

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Amazon Credit Card Online management

Amazon credit card also gives the option of online management of the credit card to all of its customers and make sure that they easily perform all the important tasks using their mobile phones.

Mobile account management is exclusively introduced for the ease of the user.

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Amazon Credit Card Purchase APR

Different APR values are introduced by Amazon credit card for different things. The purchase APR of amazon credit card is 28.24%.

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Interest Charges

They also provide you with the option of minimum interest charges.

The minimum interest charges are not less than $1.50 for any product bought using the Amazon credit card.

Well, one more thing about these rates is that they may vary with the rates in the market and you need to check it from the online sources every now and then.

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Annual fees of Amazon Credit Card

The good news is that you can use this credit card without any hassle of the fee. They don’t charge anything when it comes to the annual fees.

The annual fee of this credit card is $0.

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Amazon Credit Card Eligibility

The card is issued to most of the users and they don’t have any strict criteria when it comes to the application of the credit card.

However, they need some of the things from the customers and make sure that their previous accounts are completely clear and don’t have any bad reviews from their previous banks.

You need to make sure that your credit history is completely clear if you are looking to get one of this credit card.

Age limit is also given by the credit card and all the users need to make sure that they are above the age of 18 and also have a social security number otherwise you will not be issued the Amazon credit card.

Make sure that your request is not disapproved by the credit card already. Make sure that your application is not rejected by the credit card within the previous 90 days.

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Amazon credit card issuer

The issuer of Amazon credit card is Synchrony bank. This bank is known for its good reputation in the market.

You can trust their policies and get the most out of it.

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Important information about Amazon Credit Card

Well, when you are applying for the credit card, you can also review all the information about the credit card.

You can read all the terms and conditions of the Amazon credit card and decide at the last minute whether this card will come out as a good thing for you or not.

You can see all the rewards and the terms and conditions of the credit card and can compare the rewards with some of the other renowned credit cards.

You need to remember one more thing here that Amazon is not a provider of the financial service.

They will not have any information at all for the situation you have when it comes to financial matters.

The credit history of the user is very suitable for all the customers.

Amazon will not help the customers at all for successfully obtaining the credit card. They don’t give any guarantee at all that you will get the credit card from them.

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Amazon Credit Card gift cards

Gift cards are not new for anyone who is familiar with the credit cards these days.

The gift cards of the Amazon are issued by a renowned organization named as ACI gift cards. They are based in Washington and are there to help the customers get more from Amazon.

The good thing is that there is not service fee for the gift cards and they don’t expire at all.

You can see the official website for more information about the terms and different conditions of this credit card.

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Limited offers of Amazon Credit Card

Amazon credit provides some limited time offers to its customers which can help them right at the start of their journey with the card.

When you get a store card from Amazon, it will have a gift card in it which can be used to get the best from the market.

As we mentioned earlier that these gift cards are actually given to the customers by ACI gifts for the ease of the customers.

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Making a payment with Amazon Credit Card

Making a payment with the Amazon credit card is very easy and convenient for all the customers.

All you need is to visit this link  and enter all of your credentials in it.

They are also giving the option to their customers by submitting the payment using the phone services.

If you are looking to submit your payment using the phone then the following numbers can be very helpful for you and the best thing is that these numbers are available for all the customers 24/7.

You can visit their website for more details about the submission of the payment to them using both the methods explained below.

If you are doing it for the first time, it is good to read the instructions and follow them and avoid any type of hassle.

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Replacement of Amazon Credit Card

You can easily replace your Amazon credit card if it is lost.

They will also make sure that your credit card is not used anywhere else and no theft is done using your card.

You need to call this number 1-866-634-8379 and provide them all the information about your Amazon card to make sure that the card is not misused anywhere else as well.

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Increase Credit of Amazon Credit Card

You have the option of increasing the credit line of your card by calling them. All you need is to call the Synchrony bank and get it done within the next few minutes.

The number for the call is 1-866-634-8379.

There are some other ways as well for increasing the credit line, you can visit their e branch and increase your credit line at once.

You can learn from their website about how to use the e branch system of the synchrony bank.

Visit the e branch of your card and you will get to know whether you are eligible for the increase in the credit line or not.

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Additional Assistance of Amazon Credit Card

These type of cards all over the world are known for their outclass service. You can get in touch with them anytime.

They provide the option of help on their website as well. You can visit the help section of the website and get all the details about the card or get help from them in case you are facing some sort of problem in the working of the credit card.

The phone number of the help counter is also available for the customers to get any sort of help.

The phone number of the help counter is given below. Feel free to get in touch with them anytime and anywhere.

Amazon also has a section of help for the card customers on the site.

In short, you don’t need to worry about the problems because there are a lot of ways out there to make sure that you don’t face that problem again in your online experience.

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Prime store card

There is an upgrade of the Amazon store card which is known as Amazon prime card. However, this card is only available to the eligible members.

This is also subjected to the approval of the credit card.

You can read the terms and conditions for the criteria of this credit card from the website.

Offers and benefits of Amazon Credit card

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Benefits and offers

There are many offers and benefits for the customers which make this credit card lucrative than any other in the market.

The best thing which they provide is the 5% cash back to the customers for their purchases from the Amazon on some selected items.

They also offer different promotional and financial options to the customers this making it easy for them to purchase items from their favorite store, Amazon.

One more thing here is that these two things are not given to the customers at once, if you are getting 5% cash back then you won’t get special financing for that product and similarly of you are having financing then the 5% cash back is not given to you.

The 5% cash back is shown to the customers at the time of the checkout from the store.

Benefits of 5% back from Amazon Credit Card

Amazon provides the products to the customers with a special 5% cash back offers.

However, certain purchases don’t provide this option and will give some other bonuses and rewards to the customers.

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Promotional financing by Amazon Credit Card

Amazon credit card provides special financing services to the customers. However, all these offers are subjected to the approval of the credit card.

If your account is not eligible for the special financing then the standard APR which is 28.24% will be applicable to all the customers.

The minimum interest charge is also implemented by the credit card which was discussed above and is $1.50 for all the customers.

However, do keep an eye on the APR of the credit card because it keeps changing with the new trends in the market.

One more thing is that the special financing is not available for all the products and only the products with a price tag of $149 or higher are applicable.

The company also reserves the right to terminate the special financing offer at any time. However, they will notify the customers which are using the service before terminating it.

They can also alter the financing packages as per their own terms and conditions and no one can claim them again and disapprove their system.

We have already discussed the monthly payment system which is introduced by the credit card. In this way, you have the option to get the best out of the credit card and pay them in monthly installments but it is applicable to selected products.

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There are a lot of things which makes it one of the best ways for all those who are used to of online shopping.

There are different packages for the customers which make sure that you get the financing offers from the company that too for 6, 12 and 24 months.

Most of the other cards don’t provide you this much time for the financing and that is what makes it one of the best choices for all the Amazon shoppers.

They also provide monthly payments system to the users but on selected items which makes it even better for the users.

The most valued thing of this credit card is the free usage of the credit card. They won’t charge any fees at all from the customers making it one of the most attractive cards in the market.

If you are eligible Amazon prime member than the good news is that you can get 5% back for all of your purchases from Amazon.

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